Slightly Stupid

By supernaturaldh

Dean Winchester never thought he was the sharpest tool in the shed, nor was he dumber than a box of rocks either. He always thought of himself as 'slightly stupid'; just smart enough to get the job done, just dumb enough to have to work at it. Sam, on the other hand, well he was the smart brother, no if, and, or but, about it. Sam was the reader, the researcher, the thinker of the two, and hell, Dean liked that just fine. Yep, his brother could do all the hard stuff; he was just there for the coffee guzzling, beer drinking, pool shooting, kick ass fun; and of course, the butt whip'n finales that came at the end of every hunt.


Sam leaned back on the bench he was sitting on, the breeze blowing across his face. He steadied the newspaper, shaking it to straighten it out. He watched as his brother Dean, crossed the street, heading toward the local coffee shop. Sam's eyes roved up and down the empty street, ah, small town life, you gotta love it, he thought, his head turning downward and back to the 'Temple City Gazette". He glanced down the page focusing his attention on one small article that stood out among the rest.

Mrs. Debra Bruno was taken to the local hospital last evening, when her car was involved in a hit and run accident. Mrs. Bruno called 911 from the accident scene. She advised she had swerved, and then hit something, just outside of Temple, Texas, at mile marker 131. Mrs. Bruno described the animal as lunging toward her windshield about 11:30 p.m. on her way home from work. The police report states, "The victims car impacted some type of animal on Highway 180". Mrs. Bruno, though shaken up, advised this reporter that the animal was covered with thick wooly hair, around six feet tall, and looked somewhat like a baboon. Police advise that there is no baboon prowling the woods outside Temple. This writer has his doubts, since there have been three such sightings in the last month along the same section of road. If I were you, I would steer clear of that area.

"Here you go Francis, here's your fluffy mocha latte crap", Dean snickered as he handed the cup of coffee to his brother. He grabbed the plastic lid off his own cup and flung it in the trashcan. What do they put those damn things on the cup for, he thought, a man wants to gulp his coffee, not sip it through a hole. He pounced down on the bench next to Sam. His brother absently reached up to grab the cup of coffee from Dean, giving him a 'kiss my ass' grin as he did so.

"Yea, I found something", Sam slid the paper over to Dean's hand as he nodded toward the article, sipping his hot latte carefully. Dean pulled the newspaper beside him on the bench, watching his brother drinking his beverage. Well most men didn't sip their coffee, but then again, most of the time, Sam acted like a girl. Dean snickered silently at his little joke, happily skimming down the article that Sam had pointed out.


The Impala pulled slowly up to the curb, right next to mile marker 131 on Highway 180. The highway was empty, both directions, not a car in sight. The doors squeaked loudly as the boy's exited the car, both turning their heads to glance around the area, nothing looked out of place, unusual, out of the ordinary. Dean whipped out his EMF and flipped on the switch, slowly walking around to the front of the car. The screen was blank, no static, no motion, and no noise. The wind blew lazily across the grass, trees swaying in the cold breeze. Sam stepped up next to his brother, eying the EMF meter.

"Well, guess there isn't anything supernatural here". Sam's mouth curved up in a little grin, faint snicker passing his lips as he stared as his brother. Dean's hand was slapping the side of the EMF meter, eyes all scrunched, cursing under his breath. "Dean, it's not broke…Stop that". Dean rolled his eyes at Sam, stuffing the EMF meter back in his coat pocket.

After walking around the Highway marker three times, Dean heaved in a deep breath; eyes squinted up at his brother. Sam was now leaning on the Impala, stuffing his hands into his pockets for warmth, he looked from Dean out at the trees in the distance.

"Let's get outta here Sammy; I don't see anything worth looking at. Let's go find this witness, what's here name?"

"Debra Bruno". Sam stepped to the passenger door, sliding in the seat, the car engine roaring to life as his door slammed; tires sending dirt and rocks flying, Dean making a U-turn on the empty highway, heading them back toward Temple, the sun sitting over the treetops.

The car skidded in the dirty parking lot, dust whipping up behind the tires as it screeched into the empty spot. Dean laughed out loud as he read the name of the bar flashing in red lights just above the door 'Bum's Tavern'.

"Love the name of this bar", Dean smirked at his brother as he opened the driver's door, tugging his coat on as the door slammed close.

The cold November air whipped around Sam, causing a shiver to rack his lanky form. He grabbed his light weight jacket with both hands, pulling it closer up around his neck. He really needed a warmer coat, but kept forgetting about it, they moved around so much, he barely knew which town they were in, let alone what the weather was going to be.

"It's cold out here", Sam said as he took hasty steps behind his brother's short legs, both quickly heading toward the bar. The sun had gone down on the drive back, their trek to the highway marker a total waste of time. The night air was crisp and clear as the moon shined clearly on the parking lot, guiding them toward the waiting door. They both hoped that the conversation they were about to have with one, Debra Bruno, would help them to figure out what was happening out on Highway 180.

Pushing through the crowded bar, Dean found an empty table and scooted quickly into the chair, nodding at his brother to grab the other seat. Sam glanced around the hazy room, smoke hanging heavily in the air, Hank Williams Jr. playing on the juke box, bear bottles clanging amongst loud talking, rowdy customers. Sam was amazed, this place was hopping.

Dean watched as the feisty little waitress sauntered toward them, little cut off shorts barely covering her assets, low cut white tee blazing the name of the bar "Bum's Tavern" in just the right places. 'Holy crap', he mouthed to his brother as his wide eyes looked from the skimpily clad waitress to his brother. She stepped up into Dean, pressing slightly into his shoulder.

"What can I get you?" she drawled out in a deep southern accent.

Damn she smelled good. Dean leaned in and gave her his best flirty grin. "Two Bud's", holding up two fingers his grin broadened to a little smile as he nodded at the waitress.

God, his brother was just a piece of work, Sam thought, glancing from the well endowed waitress back to Dean's cocky grin.

She winked at Dean; "Sure", she drawled and turned to retrieve the beers from the bar. Sam shook his head as he watched his brother follow the waitress's backside swinging across the room.

"Okay, we need to find this Debra Bruno", Sam said as he looked at his brother, hastily snapping his finger in front of his face. "Dean…Debra Bruno, focus Dean….remember?"

Dean finally drew his eyes away from the waitress's backside to listen to his brother.

"Okay, Sammy, I get it, We'll just ask this little hot thing when she gets back". Deans' lips curled up at the edges, eyes flashing wickedly at his brother.

"Whatever" Sam shook his head and watched as the waitress shimmed her way back up to their table, two beers in her hands.

"Hey sweetie, Thanks", Dean leaned into her ear and yelled over the rowdy sounds of the bar. "Do you know Debra Bruno?"

The young waitress pulled away, wide eyes looking at Dean. "Yea, I know her." She stated flatly, eyes scrunching up into a questioning look. Sam noticed the waitress seemed uncomfortable with his brother's question, so he leaned in, wide smile on his face. "We're reporters from the Temple Gazette, we wanted to talk to her about her accident on Highway 180".

The young waitress shifted her feet, smiling warmly at Sam. "Oh, well, sure, that's my Aunt Debra right over there, behind the bar".

Sam and Dean followed her finger as she pointed to the elderly woman, big bust squeezed into a "Bum's Tavern" tee shirt, two sizes to small. Her hair teased way too much, heavy make up caked in layers, red lipstick on her overdrawn lips, yellow smoke tinged teeth lingering behind her red lips.

The waitress smiled and turned to wait on another table, while Dean leaned across to his brother. "I'll let you take this one", he snickered at Sam, bringing the beer up to his lips, gulping it down, trying hard not to laugh at the look on Sam's face.

Sam sneered at his brother, snatching his own beer off the table, he walked toward Debra Bruno without hesitating, he wanted to find out what was going on, and if it meant talking to the 'Dolly Pardon Want To Be', then so be it.

Sam grabbed a bar stool right in front of the busty bar maid, leaning across the bar, smiling warmly at her. "Debra Bruno" Sam's hazel eyes looked inquisitively at her.

"Yes Hon, what can I do for you". She leaned across the bar, laying her ample bosom on the top of the bar, cleavage right in front of Sam's face. He felt his face flush as he pulled back adjusting himself on the barstool. He glanced just over his shoulder, he could see his brother, laughing at him, tilting his beer up into a salute, he cackled at his Sam's predicament. Sam turned his eyes away from his exuberant brother, blowing out a long breath of air, causing the smoke from all the cigarettes to wave in his wake.

"Yes mame, my name is Sam Winkler; I work for the Temple Gazette. I wanted to know if you could tell me about the other night, what happened to you out on Highway 180."

Debra brought her hands up to here face, squashing up her own checks between her palms, eyes wide. Could this woman possibly lean any further across the bar, any closer to him, Sam wondered, as he looked her in the face.

"Oh Dear, it was awful. That thing just ran right out in front of me. I did not see it, it was dark, you know I was on the way home form work, and then there it was, right in front of the car. I hit it, I know I hit it, but when I calmed down, it was not there". She spoke in one long breath; Sam could tell she was nerve wracked from the entire experience. She laid a shaky hand down the bar, eyes staring over at Sam.

"What did it look like?" He hated to do it, but the concern for the woman's experience caused him to feel the need to help her. He put his hand down on her shaky hand. She smiled up at him, lipstick smeared on her teeth.

"It was a man, or something like a man. It was just standing in the road; I saw it right before my car hit it. It looked like a monkey, a hairy man…I just, I just don't know".

Sam patted her hand gently with his fingers. Boy, his brother would never let this go, he thought as he tried to comfort Mrs. Bruno. "It's okay, thanks for talking to me". Sam smiled up at the woman as he stood. She smiled warmly at him.

"You should talk to Tom Baldwin; he saw it too, not two weeks back". She nodded as she handed Sam a beer. "Drinks on me", she winked at Sam, her mouth moving but no words coming out. "You can pay me back later". Sam was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to get away from this woman. Her wordless voice scaring the crap out of him, the smile waned on his lips as he took a step back from the bar. Holy Shit, he thought, as he pulled away from her, hustling quickly back to Dean.