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My mother looked guilty as she dropped me off at the airport. I didn't care anymore.

"You're going to have so much fun in Forks, honey," She said with fake enthusiasm. We both knew it was a lie.

Ever since my parents split up 6 years ago, I've been visiting my father every summer in Forks, Washington, where I was born. It was always gloomy and rainy, not something I looked forward to. I would miss the sun and the heat most, now that I was moving back.

My mother looked at me, and sighed. "Look Bella, I'm sorry! But Phil needs me now, honey, please understand." She pleaded.

Oh I understood, alright, I thought to myself. I understood how she loved the attention and money her new husband gave her more than she loved me, her only daughter. Phil was a baseball player and he'd just hit the major leagues. They met at a bar and he's been showering her with presents ever since. That's when my relationship with my mother went from great to miserable. My mother was easily impressed and loved expensive gifts. She compensated for her unsatisfactory parenting skills by buying me things thinking that I'd appreciate it. It only seemed to make me sadder. I'd gladly trade in all my material things for more time with my mom. However, time with me didn't seem to satisfy her anymore. There was nothing I could do. Finally she'd decided move to Florida with Phil… and I clearly wasn't invited. Phil was alright with my mother spending money on me, as long as the main focus was always on him.

Her eyes lit up as she reached into her purse and brought out little cardboard box with a pink bow on it. "Here's something to make your time in Forks a little easier."

I sighed as a looked at her. "Thanks, mom," I said dejectedly. Another compensation gift. Inside the little box was a platinum credit card with my name on it.

"You're going to need winter clothes! Buy yourself anything you want, honey, you deserve it!"

"Mom, you've already given me money to buy clothes, and a new car, and extra spending money. I don't need anything else."

"I know, but now you can get yourself some extra special stuff. Enjoy!" She beamed at me.

I looked at her, my face not being able to keep my emotion off any longer. My eyes slowly got moist as I looked at my mother. Her smile faded as she saw my expression. She looked down at her feet.

"Look Bella, I'm sorry, but it's better this way."

"Yeah, sure," I whispered, my voice thick with tears. "Bye mom." She hugged me one last time before I boarded the plane.