Dear Zuko

Summary: This thought came into my head while getting ready to have down time before bed. It concerns the second episode in the third season of Avatar and some speculations that I have on this canon pairing. It's nothing more than just a short note from Mai to Zuko, but I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Above all to thine ownself be true- William Shakespeare.

Dedication: My friend Angel who isn't buying this pairing either.

Dear Zuko,

The letter on the fire prince's desk began. Zuko shrugged not knowing what the whole thing was about. But he did recognize Mai's handwriting.

Dear Zuko,

By the time you read this it may be too late, but I wanted to give you fair warning. The Avatar has been found alive and Azula is coming at Dawn with guards to arrest you for treason. Your uncle is to be executed for collaborating with you. Sorry that you couldn't stop this. But you know your sister.

So you may wish to hurry if you don't want to end up like your mother.

Oh my, it's nearly dawn now. If you're standing there asking yourself why I left this, don't. Just leave. Now.

Zuko could hear the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the hall. Without wasting another second, the again disgraced prince jumped out the window hoping to evade capture.

The end

Yeah, I know insanely short. And open-ended, which I really hate. But oh well, read and review. Please?