Boys love to tease each other, don't they? Braig had been the most merciless, finding playful ways to torment the others. Ienzo, tiny little Ienzo, had always been his favorite victim because of his age, his size. It had been so easy. Ienzo was so sensitive.

In hindsight, it had been stupid. If Braig had only known that Ienzo would become a Nobody with such an uncanny power… but then, how could he have?

There were often nights when Xigbar opened his eyes to see only darkness, with the feeling of small hands—tiny hands, baby hands, puny hands—with cold, cold fingers latched around his throat, throttling the life out of him-

-until he woke up, alone in his room, gasping for air.

Someday it won't be an illusion, Braig.

Someday it'll be real.

6. Xigbar/Strangulation/Zexion

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