This was one of those times when he was glad he couldn't feel.

The monster's touch left him, although he could still feel its too-hot fingers gripping his arms with unnatural, bruising strength, its teeth scraping his shoulders and throat. Although he was covered in sweat, he shivered uncontrollably and managed to pull his coat back around him, a vain and far-too-late effort to shield himself. His entire body ached, the spots where bones had dug into him beginning to bloom into purple and black splotches.

"You liked it."

He shuddered involuntarily as the Heartless' voice slid around him, and tried not to look at the face that he knew as well as his own. It was his own.

"You would like to think so," he replied in turn, matching his twin's voice with just the right inflections. He was completely numb. One of the others could have remembered the proper emotion, but he couldn't remember what he should be feeling.

"How would you know?" the Heartless purred, taking his chin in his fingers.

It wasn't a gentle kiss. It was hardly a kiss at all. Neither would submit by closing their eyes, and molten orange stared defiantly back into molten orange. He felt like spitting when the monster released him.

"You're despicable," he murmured.

"Who should I thank for that?" his twin asked in reply, finally drawing away from him. He drew a gloved hand across his swollen lips, at last finding the proper words.

"I hate you."

The Heartless smiled, showing sharp teeth whose tips were stained just slightly with his blood.

"You can't."

30. Xemnas/Rape

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