Authors Notes: This is a short story that just had to be written

Authors Notes: This is a short story that just had to be written. It deal with a what if scenario involving Quentin and Maggie. The poem  Crimson Moon is mine and although it didn't quite fit in with the story I decided to use it anyway.

Crimson Moon

Beneath a crimson moon,

When the woods are silent and the night is cold and clear,

I'll take you down,

I'll be all your darkest fears,

The wind blows silently through the trees,

As I watch you now,

You look around but you don't know I am there,

You'll soon find out who I am and what I want and then I'll have you,

I lust for you,

You are my obsession,

My every waking thought is of you,

Every breath I take is filled with longing and desire to make you mine,

I see your face in every dream,

I smell your perfume even when you're not near,

Every thought that you have is mine,

I know everything there is to know about you,

For I am watching all the time,

I creep up behind you now,

As I reach out and touch your skin,

It is soft and my blood fills with heat for you,

You turn around and cry out softly,

You try to scream but you can't,

You try to run but I am faster and you cannot get away,

I take you now my body joining yours,

There is passion, violence and desire,

I reach into my jacket and take out the knife,

The jagged steel blade glitters in the moonlight,

I plunge the blade into your chest,

As I plunge my love into you one last time,

You scream once and then there is silence,

It is finally done,

My blood no longer runs hot,

My hunger for you no longer encompassing,

I weep now as I turn to leave,

But I feel relief for I have satisfied all my demons and made you mine forever.

Obsess: To Haunt or trouble in mind, esp. to an abnormal degree

Obsession: The Fact or state of being obsessed with an idea, desire, emotion, etc.

     The Words were there in black and white and the more he studied them the more he knew it was true. He was obsessed with Maggie Evans. He didn't know exactly when it had started because he couldn't remember a time when she hadn't occupied his thoughts. He thought about her constantly during the day and long into the night. The night was lonely for him because he sits alone in his room and dreams about her. He wanted to possess her body and soul.  He wanted to hold her in his arms and to feel her beneath him as he shudders and moans her name. He wanted to feel her mouth on his kissing away all his nightmares and sins of the past. He knew though that he would never act on his feelings though because of Barnabas. He envied Barnabas because he got the chance to kiss her and taste her blood. He knew from his earlier conversations with him that whenever vampires drank from mortals they could know everything from the blood. He knew her every desire and fear and he could possess her until she thought of nothing else. Barnabas loved her too in his own way but he had to wonder if Maggie loved Barnabas or did she merely care for him because of their blood-tie. He had to hope that she didn't care for him as anything but friends and that maybe she could love him someday as much as he loved her. He gently put the book down onto the bed and just like every night since he could remember he fell asleep with thoughts of Maggie running through his head.

The End