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Chapter 1 – A long time ago.

The envelope was red with a little seal holding it close. It was nothing special about it; it was just a normal envelope except something was different. It was a feeling and when Harry felt something was different. It wasn't good.

"Grandma told me to give it to you," said Teddy handing the envelope to Harry who took and looked at the front and saw his name 'Harry' on it. Teddy nodded and left the room.

Harry looked at the envelope where his name was on it. The writing looked familiar but it couldn't quiet place his finger on where he had seen the writing before. It turned it over and saw that the seal held a little wolf on it. Harry raised his brow in shock. The only person he knew that liked wolves were Teddy, it didn't help that Teddy was a werewolf. Harry opened the envelope and reached in for the paper and read.

Dear Harry.

If you're reading this letter, this means that I've dead before Teddy's seventeen birthday and for that I'm sorry because I didn't get to see my little baby boy growing up, most likely I've dead during the Last Battle.

If, you hadn't guess who this is yet. It's me, Remus. Harry. I asked Tonks's parents to give you this before Teddy's started his seventh year of Hogwarts; there is something I found out, the other day.

You see, I used to know this boy at Hogwarts, he came in my seventh year and said he was home-schooled and that's the only thing I remember about him…he, also was a werewolf. His name was Teddy Light. But Lily liked to call him Ted for some reason.

I was thinking – which I think you know I do a lot of – this boy told me things about himself and he made me felt like I was responsible for whatever happened to him. It made me feel guilty. I told James and Sirius once they told me I was just listening to my inner-wolf (it happens to be near a full moon). What I'm trying to say Harry is that I think my Teddy is the Teddy I knew.

Harry's eyebrow disappeared into his hairline, sitting down on the Teddy's bed before reading.

I know…I know. Time travel is dangerous. But Harry, there is serious confusedness if Teddy doesn't turn up, maybe Teddy created something that happened and if he doesn't turn up something will happen in the future. I know that you've had other stuff on your shoulder Harry, but I'm just asking…that you need to get Teddy to the year 1977.

Remus Lupin.

P.S Good Luck. Happy Future. Your parents would have been so proud of you, so would have Sirius.

Harry re-read the letter twice before sitting there thinking. How was he supposed to get Teddy to 1977 all the time turners had broken in his fifth year, when they were fighting the Death Eaters. Harry stood up and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Harry entered the kitchen watching Ginny smacking James's hand away from the food.

"James, will please stop doing that," Ginny said angrily

"But I'm hungry mum," complained a seven-year-old James

"James Sirius Potter, that world does not revolve around you and your stomach," Ginny told him. James pouted and walked out of the kitchen, Harry stepped into the room by using the other door on the other side. "Trying to steal food again?"

Ginny smiled around to her husband and said "Yes. I swear to God, he's better off being Ron's son, sometimes the way his stomach is."

Harry laughed and said "Of course, Ron and him would have heaps of fun." He walked up to Ginny and "Teddy just gave me a letter,"

Ginny looked at him in questioned and he said "It was from Remus,"

"What?" asked Ginny confused as Harry shrugged and said "He wrote it when he was alive," pulling it out of his pocket and handing to Ginny, taking over the veggies as she read the letter. Ginny looked at Harry and then the letter.

"What are you going to do?" asked Ginny as she gave Harry the letter again and he shrugged "I have to see Hermione, to see if all the turners were broken that night in fifth year."

Ginny saw the sadness flicked in Harry's eyes and she placed her hand on Harry's arm and said "Maybe, all of them weren't." Harry shrugged and picked up and carrot and ate it. "Maybe." He kissed her hair and said "I'll be home for dinner." Ginny nodded giving Harry a kiss on the shoulder before he left.


Harry waited for either Ron or Hermione to answer the door and when it did, Rose happened to answer the door.

"Uncle Harry," she smiled "Are you here for dinner, we just had it."

Harry smiled as he stepped inside. "No, I'm having my dinner at home, I was just wondering if your mother was home."

"What would you want with my wife?" asked Ron walking towards his mate in the room with concern on his face. Harry sighed Ron had been protected over Hermione ever since the first kiss in Room of Requirements, but Harry secretly admitted that Ron had been protected even before that. Harry smiled at his mate and said "I wanted to ask her about something she did our third year."

Ron looked confused but knowing Harry had to talk about something important. "She's in the kitchen," he said "Washing up," he shook his head and said "I swear, sometimes, she forgets that she's a witch."

"I do not," answered a new voice in the room. The boys turned in the room to see Hermione standing in the doorway handing Rose a bowl of ice-cream. Both men smiled and knew that at night Hermione could be a little angrier than in the morning. However, she smiled and said "It's good to see you, Harry."

Harry gestured to her and said "You too. I need to you ask you something."

Hermione smiled and said "Is this it's going to need my intellectual capacity?"

Harry and Ron looked at each other smiling before Harry answered Hermione again "Well…yes,"

"Daddy says I have mummy's brain," smiled Rose "Maybe, I could answer it for you." Looking at Harry who shrugged and said "I would, but it's something to do with us at school."

"Oh." Rose's face fell before saying "I'll in the dining room." Walking out the room. Hermione sighed and said "We'll have to tell them someday about what we did."

Harry nodded and said "I know. But now is not the time."

Hermione nodded gesturing to the lounge and to the sofa "Sit down. I dare say this is going to take sometime."

Once, all was sitting down Harry asked "When you used that time turner in our third year did McGonagall asked you to set it or something like that?"

Hermione looked puzzled and said "why's that?"

Harry pulled out a letter and gave it to her while Ron read over her shoulder, once she was finished she said "I don't believe, Teddy going back to past while his father and your parents were alive. That's…"

"Wow," supplied Ron who, also was in a daze, Hermione nodded.

"I know." Said Harry "Except…remember our fifth year…didn't you say that all the time turners were broken and it was in the paper."

Hermione nodded "All of them, smashed."

Ron looked puzzled and said "How does Teddy get to the past then?"

Hermione shrugged and said "He could use my turner," Harry and Ron looked at her. She sighed and said "I told you, McGonagall, had to tell the Department that I was a very responsible girl at times and things like that to get the turner, but Minster Fudge found at what the department had done and gave it back to McGonagall and I believe that McGonagall would still have the turner."

"Yeah." Said Ron "But…didn't that turner only go back or forwards in hours and not years in this case."

Hermione nodded and said "Yes, but like Harry said there was a little thing that you had to set it on though. It got this little twisty thing before sand-glass, it's got a H. M. D. Y. H stands for hours. M stands for months. D stands for days. Y stands for years. McGonagall had set it on H for me,"

"Wicked." Said Ron smiling, his face brightened "Too bad, you didn't like take advantage of it and turn forward a day or something."

"Ronald!" Hermione said "I didn't because I knew better, not like you and Harry."

"Hey," said Harry pocketing the letter "I didn't say anything; don't drag me in this argument."

"Sorry," said Hermione "But…I was-"

"What?" asked Ron concern, thinking his wife was hurt.

"Well…when I had the turner I went back there for a reason and the reason was to take my class and when we – Harry and I – went to S-Sirius, it was because we had because we already had done, kind of thing. Because remember when I turner around and thought I saw something." She said, both Ron and Harry nodded and then she said more to Harry than Ron "Remember when we back I was trying to have a good look at my hair and a stepped on a stick. Or the time were Harry saw his ownself but thought it was his father. That's good because Harry didn't know it was him until it was him."

Ron and Harry looked at each other confused but with amusement, even out of school. Hermione hadn't change at all. Ron mouthed to Harry 'Here. We. Go.'

Harry cleared his throat and Hermione stopped with her 'speech'. "Yes."

"What are you talking about?" asked Harry simply and Hermione made a frustrated noise and said with a sigh "You have to have a reason for why, you travelled. I had reason because my classes were at the same time and I couldn't race back and forth or couldn't be in two places at once – kind of. We went back in time to safe because we already had, kind of thing. Are you getting what I'm saying here?"

Harry and Ron nodded and Harry "So…Teddy just can't go because Remus says so, Teddy has to go because of a reason…"

Hermione nodded smiling that finally both guys had got what she was saying. Ron sighed and said "What the bloody is the reason then…?"

None of them said anything before Harry smiled and said "Well…there would be a couple people who would know…"

Ron and Hermione looked at him, smiling.


"You're not going to work?"

Harry jumped at the voice of his wife that had startled him, he turned around from buttoning up his robe. "No," he said but the look she gave him said he hadn't convinced her. "I've got to see Neville before seeing McGonagall."

"At eight in the morning." She said while Harry hugged and kissed her hair and nodded and she groaned before hearing him say "The sooner I have this over and done with the better." She huffed and said "It's sounds like you're trying to get rid off Teddy," Harry shook his head and said "I could never do that." He kissed the corner of her mouth before saying "I've got to go." Before he could close the door she said "When you get back, you better make it up to me," he turned and winked at her before closing the door.

Harry appeared at a cottage taking it in before walking up to its gate and walking up the path, being up his fist to on the knock the door, it opened.

"Harry…" said Neville who was already dressed for the door, he stepped aside "I saw you at the gate, come in." he said. Harry closed the door behind him and heard Neville in the kitchen "Tea?" Harry laughed. Teacher and their tea. "No, thanks," said Harry "I'm in a little hurry." While he moved into the kitchen to see Neville pulling a cup down from the cupboard "Oh." he turned to Harry and said "How could I help you?"

Harry smiled, ever since the Final Battle, Neville and Harry helped each other a lot and Harry told him that one day Neville would show his parent's bravery. Neville had came a Herbology Professor at Hogwarts after two years from school and dated Susan Bones before founding out that she had been cheating and now he was seeing Luna. Harry and Neville had come close between Hogwarts and now and whenever Harry needed help, Neville was alongside him and vice versa. Harry had told Neville about two months after the Battle about the prophecy and the chance that it could have been him, in Harry's situation. The expression on Neville's face was priceless – well after the frighten expression.

Harry cleared his throat and said "I need to know where McGonagall is?"

Neville poured the hot water into his cup while holding the teabag string. "In her office at Hogwarts," he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He turned to Harry and asked "Why?"

Harry leaned on Neville's kitchen wall and said "It seems that trouble has founds its way through me and into Teddy,"

Neville looked confused as he pressed the cup's brim to his lips and sipped and Harry explained and said "I got this letter from Remus and it says some things that needs urgent attention."

Neville nodded and placed the cup of the bench and said "Well. Her password is Green." Harry rolled his eyes. He remember that Dumbledore's passwords always involved sweets, while McGonagall's passwords were all over the place from her favorite Quidditch team to her favorite colour which, of course happened to be green not red or gold.

Harry smiled and said "Thank you, Neville."

Neville nodded his head in welcome "No problems,"

Neville seen at Harry to the door and asked "When you mean trouble has have anything to do with the trouble you, Ron and Hermione got into?"

Harry smiled and said "Well…kind of…I think McGonagall will explain it to you when you go back to school,"

Neville nodded and closed the door after they said goodbye. Harry smiled at this house before disapparted and appearing at the familiar town with a castle in the distance.

Harry walked passed the town, his head down at the ground for people had already started to get up and started moving around the town. Harry had, somehow, grown more famous after he killed Voldemort and had been hit by the killing curse and had survived for a second time. Word had gotten out about that and Harry was sure that the 'word' happened to be 'Hagrid' and people asked how he did. He just shrugged and carried on walking to wherever he was going.

Harry looked around the castle as he walked inside it. Hogwarts had change just a little, with new suit of armor for the rest had been either been hit by a curse for someone else or kicked by Death Eater in the Final Battle for getting in the way. Harry reached the gargoyle and said "Green" it sprang to life and Harry stepped onto it and moment later, he knocked on the door. Harry couldn't hear anything but then moments later. The door was open and McGonagall stood in sight.

"Harry?" she asked.

"Professor," he said. McGonagall would have opened her mouth to protest that Harry should call her Minerva or even McGonagall, but Harry had made it clear to all Professors, that even though it wasn't at school he would still call them Professor out of old habit.

"What's wrong?" asked McGonagall

Harry cleared his throat "Nothing is wrong, I would like to just talking to Dumbledore's portrait for a moment, but then, you could help me as well."

McGonagall nodded and stepped aside as Harry came in and closed the door. "Harry" said a quiet voice and Harry turned around to see Dumbledore's portrait was wide awake. "I've been excepting you."

Harry wrapped his cloak around his figure closely, and putting his hands in his pockets and smiled "I thought you might know."

McGonagall looked between to Harry and Dumbledore before going around her desk and continued marking papers.

"I dare say, you're here because of Master Remus's letter," said Dumbledore

Harry didn't raise his eyebrow as normal people or people who didn't know Dumbledore- in surprise. "How do you know this?"

"Remus came to my portrait telling me what he thought and after I thought of it for a while and thought that what Teddy had said added things that have happened here." Dumbledore said

"So…what happens now?" asked Harry shrugging, taking a seat in front of the desk. "Do we send Teddy or do you just leave it,"

"Oh." smiled Dumbledore "I think that Minerva still has time-turner that Mrs. Weasley used to have at school in her third year, we could set it up for Teddy."

Harry nodded and Minerva looked up and said "What are you two talking about?"

Severus, who had been watching the conversation between the two didn't understand it as well, Dumbledore had seen it and said "Don't you re-call, Severus that Mr. Potter and Mr. Black what they did to you and what Mr. Light do for you."

"Teddy Light," said Severus, even though it didn't look like he had said, because his mouth didn't move. Minerva smiled and said "Yes. I remember him."

Dumbledore smiled and said "Just before he left, I modified our memories to why Mr. Light was there. Mr. Teddy Light, happens to Mr. Teddy Lupin."

Minerva put her hand over her chest and said "Time-travel."

"Yes. Yes." Said Dumbledore nodded

Severus shrugged and said "It's tell us why he could battle, look who is godfather."

Harry looked confused and looked at everyone in the room. Dumbledore cleared his throat. "We had a graduation ball in 1977, a young Tom Riddle decided to show himself, we watched – in amazed – that Mr. Light could duel the way he did."

Harry shrugged "Remus and Tonks were good duelers,"

Severus shook his head and said "I admit, grudgily, that both could got fight, but the way he fought was defiantly you, Mr. Potter."

Harry sighed and knew there was a requested in this. "What are you trying to say here exactly?"

"It's about a couple of weeks before school begins for both years. Why don't you help Teddy brush up on his skills?"

Harry nodded "Ok. I'll do that. Anything else." Harry looked at Severus, who looked bored and Minerva who was roaming through a draw and pulled at Hermione's old time-turner and handed it to Harry "This might help you," McGonagall pointed to a little twist thing and turned it to Y. "You'll have to turn about thirty times,"

Harry nodded and pocketed the turner and he looked at Dumbledore who smiled and said "Nothing, that I could think of at the moment,"

Harry nodded and said "Ok. I'll be off." He turned to McGonagall and said "You could tell the staff about Teddy," McGonagall nodded before Harry left.


Harry left it until that night when Teddy was getting ready for bed.

"Harry?" Teddy asked as he came into the home shutting his door behind and pulling a chain out of his pocket and sat on Teddy's bed.

"Could I talk to you before you go to sleep tonight?" He asked

Teddy nodded and said "Yeah, sure."

Harry gave Teddy, the turner and said "Do you know what this is?"

Teddy nodded shocked "It's a time-tuner, I've read about these, but it should in 1995, all of them were broken."

"That's true," said Harry nodding "I was there, when it happened,"

Teddy nodded, knowing that if he asked why he was there, he wouldn't get an answer, but to his surprise Harry said "I was there when it happened because I was the one that made it happened, Me, Ron and Hermione, Ginny and a couple of other friends were fighting bad people and the time-turners broke. However, this." he pointed to the one in Teddy's hands "…was Hermione's." Harry looked at Teddy's face which had surprised and shocked on it. "Hermione had too many classes in our third year and she used this to get to all her classes by the end of the year she gave it back to Professor McGonagall. Anyway that's not what I wanted to talk to you about."

Teddy placed the turner on his bedside table while Harry started talking again "You know what happened about Voldemort?" Teddy nodded, Harry had told Teddy last year about him. Harry nodded and said "Voldemort heard something and found out that he had to kill someone, so he couldn't died and the person he had targeted was me. One night he came to my parent's house and killed them, but, of course I survived the killing curse as you know. And then after that, I went to live with my aunt and uncle on my mother's side, I didn't have a proper bedroom until I was eleven, I forced to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs."

Teddy's eyes widened but Harry kept going on "They treated me….well enough…" said Harry but Teddy knew he was lying "…and sometimes I would dream that either my parents or someone who knew them take me away from there, I dreamed it so badly that it hurt. Teddy," who nodded. "If someone said, if you have a chance to see your parents for only a moment, would you take it? I would have said yes in a heartbeat Ted. I still would if I could but I know that's not going to happen."

"The letter, you gave me the other day was from your father, he wrote it during my seventh year at school and when you were born, it said that – " he paused and pulled out the letter and handed it to Teddy. Harry waited wordlessly as Teddy read the letter, his jaw opening wider and wider as his eyes stopped reading he lifted them to Harry's face "Is this real…?"

Harry nodded "Very real. Professor McGonagall along with portrait Professor Severus and Dumbledore agree that they remember you."

Teddy nodded and folded it and passed it to Harry who shook his head and pushed it back to Teddy "Kept it," Teddy put it in his side table and asked "When do I go?"

"In a couple of weeks time." Answered Harry

Teddy didn't know whether to smile or cry or even laugh. Harry looked at him and said "I know it may be too much meeting your father and everything like that but Teddy you have to be comfortable with this, if you weren't I would to reason with Dumbledore about it and McGonagall."

Teddy looked at his bedside table "I know my heart is telling me to go, but…"

"You don't know if you should."

Teddy nodded "Yes." Harry sighed and said "What if I told you, if you don't go, people could die."

Teddy's eyes widen (a lot) "What?" he exclaimed

"Dumbledore explained to me that in the year 1977 that they had a graduation ball and Voldemort who is Tom Riddle showed up and you dueled with stopping him to kill people."

"WHAT!?" he exclaimed leaning forward to Harry.

Harry breathed a sigh and said "I know. I know it sounds…"

"Impossible." Said Teddy "Unattainable, Unachievable,"

"It's none of those things," said Harry "Trust me, when I heard that I had to kill Voldemort, I knew I was a goner, but here I am, with a wife, three beautiful kids and a wonderful godson," Teddy ducked his head and whispered "It's – I-don't."

"Dumbledore and the whole school watched you do it, Severus told me that your skill was very much like mine,"

Teddy snapped up his head and Harry said "Which means, Dumbledore would like me to train you for the encounter, which I gladly accepted."

"What?" asked Teddy confused looking at Harry who smiled and said "I'm going to teach you, how to duel in about…three weeks before you go,"

Teddy blinked. Looked at Harry, blinked "You're insane. I can not duel,"

"With that attitude you won't." said Harry smiling standing up. But Teddy just remembered something. "Harry?" he asked tentatively "What about…you know…"

Harry touched his shoulder and said "Dumbledore will get McGonagall to write a letter to the past Dumbledore, he will sort it out," he smiled and said "You might actually transform with him."

Teddy swallowed and said "What about Wolfsbane Potion?"

Harry's eyes darted across the room and he said "I'll talk to Dumbledore about it,"

Teddy smiled and said "Thanks,"

"Goodnight," said Harry

"When do we start on the training?" asked Teddy

"First thing tomorrow," smiled Harry as he saw Teddy's face.

"Night, Harry." Said Teddy.

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