Hot Spring


Chapter 2

They went to bed, and Ichigo tossed and turned, desperately trying to turn his brain off so that he could sleep. And then, he gave up: "Yoruichi?"

"Yes, kiddo?"

"Ravish me," Ichigo said. For a second, there was no response, and Ichigo was afraid that she would renege on the offer, but then suddenly she was on him, pinning him to the ground and kissing him…if "kiss" is what you would call something that violent. She kissed him like she was trying to eat him alive from the mouth out, all teeth and prodding tongue.

"Ichigo, we need to set up some ground rules. For your safety," Yoruichi said.

"Don't worry. I trust you," Ichigo said.

"That's flattering, really, but I'm not omniscient. What if I do something, and you get hurt? Really hurt, that is. We need rules, and we need a safety word."

"Alright, let's see, rules…" It was hard to think with Yoruichi pressed against his body like this, but think he did. "No permanent damage or scars, obviously no killing me, and the safety word is 'fucking stop.'"

Yoruichi nodded. "That covers the essentials, alright. Now…" She kissed him again, while adjusting her grip on him so that she could hold down both of his arms in one hand. Her left hand scratched a trail down the right side of his body, from cheek to crotch, and then she grabbed him and guided him in. Ichigo gasped at the sensation of being inside her. Yoruichi started riding him, and not gently, either—more like she was angry at their gonads and trying to slam them together with as much force as possible in order to punish the misbehaving body parts. And while she was doing this, she was also pulling his arms down behind his back. Farther, and farther… "Are you sure you want to let me do this?" she asked suddenly.

"I didn't say the safety word, did I?" Ichigo retorted.

"No, but this could dislocate your shoulder, and not everyone says the safety word when they should," Yoruichi said.

"Look, Yoruichi, do whatever you want to me, but don't think I'm fragile," Ichigo said. "If an arm gets dislocated, relocate it. Now stop talking and master me."

The fact that that was phrased as an order brought an ironic smile to Yoruichi's face. "Alright. You're trusting me, so I guess I can trust you." She rose the tempo of the hip-grinding and kept pulling at his arms. She also varied the grind by moving her hips in small circles, causing a whole new level of pleasure to build up. Ichigo tried to fight off the orgasm, to extend this as long as possible, but it was all too intense, and so, he came. She let go of him, and Ichigo collapsed against the ground. (He wondered why that hurt when what Yoruichi was doing to him felt so good.)

"I came too soon, didn't I?" Ichigo knew.

"Well, it is your first time, and I sort of threw you into the major league without you ever having even played T-ball before," Yoruichi said.

Story of my life, lately. "You didn't finish, did you?"

"Normally, that would piss me off, but this is your first time," Yoruichi said.

"Well, I demand a do-over," Ichigo said. "After all, what's the point of doing anything if I don't do it well?"

"You're not going to become a master lover in one night," Yoruichi said.

"Yeah, well, they say you can't learn bankai in three days," Ichigo pointed out. "I'm going to try, anyway."

Yoruichi laughed. "You always this studious?"

"But of course," Ichigo smiled. "Why do you think a punk like me gets such good grades?"

"Ah, but…" Yoruichi suddenly pulled his hair and re-pinned him. "What makes you think you have any say in this, slave?"

Ichigo said breathily: "Oh, master, I've been very naughty to think this. You must discipline me." They were both grinning ear to ear, which ruined some of the effect.

"Well, I was going to let you recoup for a minute, but since you insist…" His penis had never left her, and so she just resumed hip-grinding, up-down-up-down-up-down, slapping their bodies together like an applause of bodies instead of hands. A woman was only so deep down there, and he reached all the way to the end; not all women liked having their cervixes bumped, but she did, and so it was not a problem. Meanwhile, she had stopped trying to rip his arms from his sockets and was instead trying to flay the skin from his back with her fingernails, and instead of kissing him, she bit his neck.

Suddenly, Yoruichi pushed against him, sitting up and looking down at him. The bite mark like the world's worst hickey, the strong, sweaty physique… Meanwhile, Ichigo was staring back up at her, as this was the first time he'd been able to truly drink in the sight of her naked body. The dark, sweaty skin, the purple hair, both above and below, the bouncing, bouncing…Ichigo knew that he couldn't last too much longer, but held on for dear life. And then she was moaning. If he could hang on a little longer, or bring her a little faster…he experimented, moving his hips from side to side and around in an interrupted circle. It worked better than he had imagined—her moans grew louder, and she leaned forward, grabbing his arms, digging her nails into him. And she went. And that made him go. They came together, or near enough to it for government work.

"You're showing marked improvement," Yoruichi said, breathily with exhaustion.

"See? Now aren't you glad that you let me have my do-over?" Ichigo asked, resting his hands behind his head, still staring up at the marvel that was her body. They called her the Goddess of Flash. She was definitely a goddess of something.

Yoruichi laughed. They hadn't yet separated, so the motion tightened her against him. "Oh, indeed! So, tell me, how do you feel?"

"I feel like I could walk up to Byakuya Kutchki right now and punch him in the face. I feel like I could fight every shinigami between here and the white tower, rescue Rukia, and fight my way back, all with one hand tied behind my back. I feel like I could leap tall buildings in a single bound. I feel like the fucking terminator. I feel like Goku at SSJ nine thousand and high on PCP. In short…I'm passable, you?"

Yoruichi laughed again. Oh, god, there it was again. "I don't get that last thing you referenced, though."

"Dragonball Z," Ichigo said. "Just don't tell anyone I watch anime, okay?"

"Your secret is safe with me."

"You were right," Ichigo said. "It's like, I've had to take on so much shit with this whole shinigami business, have become responsible for so much, that part of me just wanted to lose control, and now that I have, I can get an even firmer grasp of my situation. I…well…thank you," he finished kind of lamely. After all, what was he supposed to say? Not I love you; this was not about love.

"Don't worry about it, kiddo. Dr. Yoruichi knows just what to prescribe to her patients."

"Quick! Sign me into your hospital and throw away the key!" More laughter. Ichigo was learning to really like that sound. "These scratches are beginning to hurt."

"We'd best go clean up." Yoruichi stood, much to Ichigo's disappointment, and walked to the hot spring. Ichigo scrambled to his feet and followed. The view from this end was not half bad, either.

"Oh, snap!"


"We forgot about protection!" Ichigo said. "What if you get pregnant?"

"Relax, it's not my time of the month," Yoruichi said.

They got into the water, and bathed innocently…for a while. "Hey, Ichigo, do my back, would you?" Ichigo started washing her midback. "Up a little, would you?" Ichigo did so. "A little more…yeah. Now, out a little from the spine." Ichigo did so. "Out more…more…" a couple of more "mores" and he was no longer technically washing her back; a couple more, and he was touching the sides of her boobs. It did not take a rocket scientist to plot the course from there.

"These seem very dirty," Ichigo said in Yoruichi's ear, grabbing a double handful. "I'm going to have to clean them most thoroughly."

"You're not being a very good sub," Yoruichi said, smiling.

"Of course not. If I were good, you wouldn't have to punish me," Ichigo said, "…and I do so want to be punished."

Yoruichi spun on him. "Oh, my! You're dirty, too!" She grabbed her own handful and began stroking him. Why was it that her every touch was making his sparks fly? Soon, they were making out, in more normal fashion than before, and then… "Sit down," Yoruichi ordered. Ichigo sat, and she mounted him again. "Stand up," She ordered.

"But how will you stay on?" Ichigo asked.

Yoruichi squeezed him with her vaginal muscles. "I'll stay on."

"Are you sure that this is safe? That I won't break off, or something?"

"Yes. Now do as I order, slave," Yoruichi commanded in a tone that brokered no argument, at least not in bed (which, technically, they weren't, but still). Ichigo stood, and Yoruichi had her legs wrapped around him to stabilize herself, but when he was standing, she unwrapped them and leaned back. The entire weight of her body was now focused in that one area of their anatomy, and it built, and it built, and it built.

"Oh my fucking God—they aren't kidding around when they call you a goddess, are they?" Ichigo said, barely managing to get the words out. Just standing still was taking all the effort he had in him—this was the most intense pleasure he had ever felt in his life. This was a night he'd remember forever, that was damn sure. They came. Together. And Yoruichi slid off of him, and cleaned out her privates again. Ichigo did similar. "You are, hands down, the most awesome teacher I have ever had."

Yoruichi laughed that laugh again, and Ichigo wished he could feel it like the earlier ones. "At this point, I should damn well hope so, unless human school is a far more interesting place than I have been given to understand."

"You know, you may well have spoiled me for other girls. That was so utterly amazing…"

"I'm a bit worried about that myself," Yoruichi said. "After all, I have centuries of experience and girls your age, well, don't. I'm surprised you see the danger, though."

Ichigo shrugged. "Whatever the field, I know experience when I, well, experience it." They climbed out of the hot spring and toweled off. "You know, I betcha, if we go again, I can make you come first. And I bet that after that, I can give you multiple orgasms."

"You know, at this point, I wouldn't bet against you. As tempting as that is, though, we do have to sleep sometime this night," Yoruichi pointed out. "Training tomorrow, after all."

Ichigo sighed. "Yeah, you're right." Yoruichi got into bed, and Ichigo got in with her.

"Didn't we just say we weren't going to have sex again?"

"God, why is it always about sex with you? Lecherous woman," Ichigo teased. "I like to cuddle."

"How can you possibly know that you like to cuddle? You're a virgin!"

"Were a virgin. And you're right—so, let's find out if I like to cuddle."

Children, Yoruichi mentally cursed at herself, but she relented. Subs were supposed to do what doms told them. Yeah. And if you believe that one, I have a bridge to sell you.

"So, then, is this, like, a one time deal, Yoruichi?"

"Pretty much. Like I said, there's a war on, and you need to be fit for combat. Otherwise…well, if, ten years from now, you're still interested, we can hook up."

"In that case, I'd rather people not know about it," Ichigo said. "Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm ashamed—"

"I understand; it would make things awkward."

Ichigo nodded. "So, tomorrow we make like this never happened, is that it?"

"That's the plan."

"In that case, I really do want to cuddle. We're not going to have the opportunity to do so any time soon. Good night, Yoruichi."

"Good night, Ichigo." And so they drifted off to sleep, and yet… Maybe the opportunity will come sooner than you think, Ichigo. After all, there are always more wars.

FIN (for real this time)

Author's Commentary:

Yeah, so, it's been, like, however many years since I wrote the original story (that may be an exaggeration, but it doesn't feel like one), claiming that it might be a one-shot or it might be the first chapter of something. So why now, after all this time, then? Well, I reread it for the first time in…quite possibly ever, and I realized something. See, I had always thought the story was asking for a second chapter, but I was wrong. It was not asking—it was begging, on bended knee, like a condemned man begging for mercy from the court, for a second chapter that was chock full of gratuitous sexuality. Well, a second chapter, at least—it was the fans who were asking for gratuitous sexuality.

I believe one reviewer "proposed the lemoniest of all lemons." Well, I certainly tried my best there. Hell, even I was a little bit turned on by what I was writing at one point, and that just doesn't happen to me—I pride myself on being very neutral to what I'm writing. After all, neutrality allows me to write villains who are people instead of being cartoony super-evil (and without me wanting to send them "accidentally" falling off a cliff), and it allows me as a heterosexual male to be able to process yaoi (granted, I can't recall actually writing a yaoi sex scene, but still). (In fact, I actually wrote myself into At World's End as the main villain!)

The better question than "Why now?" is "Why not before?" After all, I just said that I knew that the original story read like a chapter, not a complete story. Quite frankly, I didn't see it happening like this. I saw Ichigo being too stubborn to beg Yoruichi to ravish him, and instead having their sexual encounter be at a later date, but no later date really lent itself to the situation I needed—namely, similar to here: Yoruichi and Ichigo alone (or at least together for an extended period) with some foreseeable crunchtime looming ahead of them like a guillotine. See, I wanted the idea to ferment in Ichigo's head for a while…but there was no usable future date for them to use to finally fuck like bunnies, not in the rest of the SS arch, not in the visard arch, not in the huendo mundo arch, certainly not in the turn-back-the-pendulum arch, and not in the battle for Karakura arch (at some point in there, I switched from watching the anime to reading the manga).

Well, that's that. This time, there will DEFINITELY never be another chapter, barring an act of God. R&R (do it—I require your praise to keep writing fanfiction).