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It's like what Hermione always said-sometimes; the simplest and not-so-simplest feelings could all be expressed with a hug. [Series of Hug-related oneshots RonHermione HarryGinny and others. DH spoilers)

CHAPTER ONE: The Family Hug.

Harry couldn't see why it was such a beautiful day, when everyone was feeling so miserable. Harry couldn't have supposed that Fred's funeral could have gone any worse.

Mrs Weasley was hysterics and was sobbing into a handkerchief Mr Weasley had conjured for her. George was absolutely silent and blank looking while Ron looked as if he was been recently confounded, as if he couldn't comprehend what was going on.

"I'm serious, Hermione! I'm fine!"

Harry sighed. Ginny had been trying to convince everyone, namely herself that she was ok with her brother's death. Harry knew she wasn't, but Ginny was a stubborn one.

She turned away angrily from Hermione and stormed off towards George, where Bill and Charlie were comforting him, though George looked rather beyond comfort. Hermione wandered back over to Harry side as Ron talked softly to Percy, who had been rather quiet since that morning.

"Maybe it'll hit her later on." Hermione said, plopping into a chair beside him. The sun blazed down over the Burrow, but the gravestone that read "Frederick Weasley" couldn't have been more out of place. Harry had come to the conclusion ages ago that families shouldn't have to be separated.

"Maybe." Harry answered. He felt his own tears on his face. Hermione had been crying since George made his speech half an hour ago. Harry tried to give a laugh, but ended up making a sort of choking noise. Giving up, he conjured a tissue for her. She took it gratefully and blew her nose loudly.

"Thanks." She said with a smile. Harry looked over for Ron and Ginny, and realised that they were with the rest of the Weasley family. All holding onto each other, as if they didn't let go, then they'd never leave.

"It's hard to see them so incomplete." Hermione commented, watching the family too. Ron had his arm around his sister and was saying something. Ginny let out a half snort, half snigger and hugged Ron tighter. All of the Weasley's hugged each other in a hug that seemed like it'd never end.

"Too right." Harry said. He put an arm around Hermione and they watched their favourite family for a while, until Ron beckoned them over.

"Nah mate, it's a family moment." Harry called back. Ron shook his head.

"Harry, you are family." He replied. Harry smiled slightly, and he and Hermione approached the grieving Weasley's.

This is how it should always be. Harry thought the family together. Families should never have to let go.

Somewhere, he just knew Fred was laughing at his cheesy-ness.

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How did i come up with this ingenious idea? Well i was watching "Extreme makeover: Home Edition" (how they make a house in 7 days is beyond me.) and the opening credits involve a lot of happy families running up to hug basically anyone they can reach. And i came up with this.

I know Hermione has never actualy said that anything can be expressed with a hug, but it sounded like some insane thing Hermione would say, so bear with me, eh?

I dunno if Fred's full name is "Frederick" but i must have thought "What the hell?" Most chapters will be about this long or longer.

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