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A happy hug, a sad hug, or hugging someone tall. You may not even need a hug, but any is the best hug of all. :Series of hug related oneshots RHr HG and others postDH:


June, 2003.

"Go Ginny!"

"You can make it!"



"What?! So what if I betted on her? She's going to get it, I know she is!"

Mrs. Weasley and George continued their argument, while everyone else screamed Ginny on. It was the finals for the Europe cup, where teams all over Europe took part. Ginny's team, the Holyhead Harpies were so far leading by 30 points. Ginny who normally played chaser, was substituting for their seeker who had fallen ill just before the game. And both seekers were on the hunt for the snitch.

"Grab it Ginny, GRAB IT!" Ron yelled, leaning out over the railing as far it he could go. Even Hermione, who wasn't much of a Quidditch fan, was screaming after her.

"Go Auntie Ginny!" cried Teddy next to Harry and Harry had to grin. Teddy called many of the Weasley's either Auntie or Uncle. Andromeda next to Teddy's other side ruffled the 5-year-old's hair with a grin.

"Go Ginny, your brother's counting on it!" Harry yelled to his girlfriend, doubtful that she'd hear as many of the fans were screaming out. She and the opposing teams seeker, Collin's of the Wimbourne Wasps dived, looped and spiraled around the pitch in hot pursuit of the tiny golden snitch Harry could just see thanks to his own days as a seeker.

Ginny's long red ponytail streamed out behind her, momentarily blocking Collins view as he flew basically inches from her and had to draw back. Ron laughed next to Harry.

"Ha! That's what you get for basically flying up her arse!"

"Ron, do you have to put it like that?" Hermione scolded. "You do have a five-year-old near-by!"

Ron took no notice of his girlfriend's words, but bent round Harry and picked up Teddy so he could see. Teddy cried happily "Yay Auntie Ginny! Get that snitch!"

Hermione smiled and high-fived Teddy. Hermione had always had a bit of a soft-spot whenever Teddy was concerned. He had changed his hair to green to honor the Holyhead Harpies.

Harry looked out in time to see Ginny whip around and quickly leave Collins far behind her. Harry grinned as she made a grab for the snitch.

Suddenly, a Bludger came hurtling out of no where and smacked into Ginny's outstretched arm. Everyone in the crowd either filched or groaned and Harry distinctively heard Ginny cry out-it was a cry he knew well. Collins sped past her and also made a grab for the snitch. Unfortunately for him, he leaned to far and almost fell off his broom. In his haste to regain control, the snitch slipped through his fingers.

Ginny had come back now, possibly ignoring the pain in her wrist, which looked broken according to Hermione.

"Come on Ginny, you can do it!" Hermione yelled.

"I want my new broom, come on Ginny!" George yelled.

"Go Auntie Ginny!" Teddy cried.

"That's my daughter! Come on Ginny! Come on!" Mr. Weasley yelled, ignoring Mrs. Weasley's cry's of "She's hurt! My baby's hurt! I knew she would, playing this blasted game!"

"She eez gaining on eet!" Fleur cried, who hung onto Bill's arm for support as she waved a flag with all her might. Bill cheered his little sister on while Charlie had 2-year-old Victoire on his shoulders. She was yelling "Go Auntie Gin-Gin!" while Percy lifted his own daughter into the air and yelling,

"Come on Ginny!"

"Go Ginny, go!"

"Get the snitch or die trying!"

"Don't tell her that!" there was a yelp as George faced the wrath of Mrs. Weasley with a rolled up Quidditch magazine.

"Grab the snitch!"

"It's right there-"

"She's gonna do it, eh daddy?!"

"That she is, go sis!"

"You're just there!"


"Keep going!"

"Don't stop!"

"She's gonna get it!"


"Get that snitch." Harry muttered to himself, no one hearing as everyone cheered themselves horse as Ginny gained on the snitch, threw herself forward-and Harry saw her fingers close around the tiny fluttering snitch.


The stands exploded as Holyhead supporters screamed with delight. Harry yelled with them, and took Teddy from Ron to hug him. Percy was dancing around with his daughter, Molly, and Victoire almost fell off Charlie's shoulder's when he crushed Bill and Fleur in a hug. Ron had lifted Hermione in the air due to the enthusiasm of his hug. She was cheering too hard to notice.

Pretty soon, Harry was in the middle of a huge hug that nearly every Holyhead fan was a part off. Harry even saw Dean and Seamus cheering and Harry slapped high-fives with Neville, who was beaming next to a humming Luna.

Harry found himself at the railings and looked down to see Ginny having her wrist tended to, and with a huge grin on her face. Harry could just make her out through the swarm of Medi-wizards as she looked up and waved at him. Harry waved back grinning just as equally.

Harry joined the fierce victory hug and found himself hugging Ron and Hermione. All three of them were beaming and Hermione seemed quite flushed (she didn't go to Quidditch games often enough).

"We won the cup!" Ron yelled happily.

"Guess we did!" Harry yelled back.

Harry had to hand it to them-this was one fierce hug. Looking back, Harry realised he'd experienced a lot of different hugs over the years, for lot's of various reasons. Whether he was sad, scared or even happy. But he had to admit:

This one was his favorite.

The End.

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