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The Heat of the Moment

Chapter 1

After being gone for two years word had rapidly spread throughout all of Shin Makoku and all her allied nations that the demon king, Yuuri Shibuya had returned to stay. Wolfram was beside himself with joy. At last, his love had come home. Yuuri had grown over those two years he was gone from Shin Makoku. His hair was longer. Not as long as when he was in his demon king persona but the dark strands brushed against the nape of his neck. But his eyes, those beautiful dark orbs were still wide and filled with the joyous innocence of youth. Those eyes were the eyes that wolfram had fell in love with. Everyone surrounded the young demon king welcoming him back and hugging him. But wolfram stood in the background as he watched the warm smile spread across his beloved's face as he returned everyone's greetings. Lady Cecilie was the first to grab a hold of the young king and pressed him against her ample bosom. Yuuri blushed profusely as he felt himself sink into the ex-queen's soft chest. Gunter, as usual panicked and pulled Yuuri out of her hands to squeeze the life out of Yuuri and the younger boy had to pry the man away. Gwendal just grunted and nodded his head. Conrad's smile returned along with the return of his godson. The Great Sage sat on the edge of the fountain they came out of wearing a mysterious smile on his face. One had to be careful when around him. He isn't called the Great Sage for nothing.

Greta leaped into Yuuri's arms burying her tear stained face against his neck. "I told them," she said with her face still against his neck. "I told them you would come back to us." Yuuri smiled and tightened his grip around her tiny waist. He was still holding Greta in his arms when he turned and saw Wolfram standing outside of the group. He smiled at the blonde and was about to say something when Gwendal and Gunter spirited the young king away. No doubt to sign papers since Gwendal has been doing the king's work since he left for earth.

Wolfram sighed as he began to wonder if things would ever be different between him and Yuuri. Who knows, since Yuuri has decided to stay in Shin Makoku he just might have a chance to gain the love of his betroth.

But as usual, things were not getting any better for wolfram. The next morning Yuuri awakened in his bed with Wolfram, and Greta was sleeping in-between them. He smiled at his daughter as her tiny fists were latched tightly onto the leg of his pajamas. And lying beside her with his wavy blonde hair fanned out on the pillow was Wolfram. Raising a hand, he brushed away a few of the blonde strands that fell across the sleeping prince's effeminate face. His cheeks were warm and flush as he mumbled something in his sleep. His hand moved across Wolfram's baby soft cheek to trail down his long slender neck. For some reason his eyes were riveted to those soft pink lips that beg to be kissed. He froze in horror of his exploration of Wolfram's soft skin. 'Did I just think that another guy's lips were soft to kiss? But still. . .' He smiled as Wolfram mumbled something again and his lips were puffed out in a pout. Yuuri could feel his stomach tightening into a knot as those rosy lips begged him to taste them. He didn't know why but he was drawn to those lips. As he leaned over to taste the forbidden fruits of Wolfram's lips. Greta shifted in bed and began to slowly awaken. Yuuri quickly got back to his side of the bed and stared down at his daughter as her eyes fluttered opened. She smiled up at her daddy.

"Good morning daddy," the little girl said throwing her arms around Yuuri's neck hugging him tight.

"Well good morning to you," Yuuri said kissing her on the cheek. "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Yes, it was the best sleep I've had in a long time."

Just then wolfram awakened and was immediately attacked by a happy Greta. "Good morning poppa Wolf."

Wolfram laughed as he wrapped his arms around her. "Good morning to you. My, you're in good spirits this morning."

"Of course I am. Not only do I have my poppa Wolf I have my daddy Yuuri as well."

"Okay, go to your room and get cleaned up. We'll come get you when we're dressed and go down to breakfast," said wolfram. Greta kissed both men on the cheek, jumped out of bed and ran out of the room.

"I've never seen her so happy," said Wolfram. "She really missed you Yuuri.. . And so did I." He added shyly.

Yuuri stared at the blonde as a splotch of color painted Wolfram's cheeks a bright red. "Well, I missed you too," he said softly.

"Yuuri, about our engagement," Wolfram started to say but Yuuri jumped out of bed and tugged at his arm.

"Not now Wolfram, let's hurry and get dressed so we can join Greta and the others for breakfast."

Wolfram sighed in defeat and let himself be pulled out of bed. So they got cleaned up and went down to breakfast each boy was holding one of Greta's hands.

As the days went by life at Blood Pledge Castle returned to normal. It was as though the young king had never been gone those two years. Wolfram chased Yuuri throughout the castle trying to get him to do something about the engagement. Yuuri was still refusing vehemently to acknowledge the engagement on the lame excuse of it being an accident.

In a month's time Gunter along with Cecilie had put together a grand ball to celebrate the return of their king. The leaders from all their allied kingdoms were there. As always Yuuri wore his big goofy smile as he greeted his guests. Wolfram watched from the corner of the room as his fiance danced with just about every pretty girl in the room but didn't once look in his direction. He watched in hurt jealousy as his love danced with one of the demon aristocrat's daughter. The girl had long auburn colored hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a gown that was made out of silk that was the color of the moon with glass slippers on her tiny feet. She smiled coyly up at Yuuri and like the cheating wimp that he is, wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close to him.

Wolfram didn't know why. Usually he would have burst through the crowd and yanked his fiance out of the arms of that . . . person. But for some reason, something was holding him back. So he just sat back and watched as Yuuri twirled around the dance floor with the pretty women of the kingdom but not once asked him, his fiance, to dance. Life was just unfair.

It was late into the night when the party ended. With the help of Conrad, Wolfram led a drunk Yuuri to their bedchamber.

"Wolfram, do you need any help," asked the brown hair knight smiling at his brother.

"Of course not, I don't need any help from you. I can undress him on my own," snapped the blonde hair demon.

"Of course Wolfram, I'll see you in the morning." Conrad turned walking out of the room leaving the two boys alone.

As soon as he heard the door close behind him, Wolfram began to unbutton Yuuri's jacket and tossed it onto a chair. As he began to work on Yuuri's shirt, the black hair king wrapped his arms around wolfram's waist, pulling him down to lie on top of the partial unclothed body of the king. Wolfram was surprised to say the least.

"I miss you Wolfe," he said in a slurred tone and nuzzled wolfram behind his ear.

"I missed you also." Wolfram pulled himself out of the embrace and began to take off Yuuri's shirt. Once the shirt was gone, he pulled off Yuuri's shoes, and then undid his beloved's pants taking them off.

Wolfram sighed as he felt the other boy's hand raking through his hair.

"You're so pretty," he said.

Wolfram froze as he stared into the glazed black eyes of his fiance.

"You are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on. Your skin is so soft like silk."

Wolfram shivered as the young king gently caressed his cheek and traced the soft contours of his lips.

"Your lips are so desirable." He raised his head and gently pressed his lips against Wolfram's in a chaste kiss. "And sweet like wine. My Wolfram, how I love you so." He began to hurriedly try to unbutton Wolfram's shirt. His blood began to sing as the blonde writhed and moaned above him. Soft, cool lips touched his heated skin making him shiver in anticipation.

'Did he say what I think he said?'' Wolfram stared down at the young king in shock. 'He loves me. My Yuuri loves me.'' Tears of joy slipped from his eyes as he chuckled at the frustrated look on Yuuri's face as he tried to unbutton Wolfram's shirt.

Yuuri cursed as the stupid buttons seem to not want to come loose. Growling in frustration, he tore open the blonde's shirt and latched his lips onto a hardened nipple.

Wolfram groaned as he stroked his aching length against that of his fiance. He shouldn't be doing this. He should wait until their wedding night but he has waited so long for Yuuri to show him some kind of affection. Besides, he loves his wimpy king with all his heart. He stared down into those dark passion-filled eyes and knew that he would deny Yuuri nothing. Wolfram quickly removed the rest of his own clothes as Yuuri covered the blonde's body with love bites. The only piece of clothing they wore were the black G-strings that they all wore. Flipping Wolfram onto his back, Yuuri kissed the blonde fiercely as he tore the thin material off wolfram revealing the fire wielder'S throbbing erection. And then Yuuri ripped the thin confining material off of his hips. His own erection stood up proudly for his lover to see. Yuuri moaned in bliss as he rubbed his arousal against that of Wolfram's. The blonde opened his legs and wrapped them around Yuuri's waist wanting to feel his love inside of him.

"Yuuri," Wolfram husked out as he nipped the dark hair king on the ear. He could feel his blood move like quick sliver through his veins as Yuuri's touches ignited the fire of need in his body. "Make love to me."

Yuuri got up on one elbow to stare down into those deep emerald eyes of his beautiful lover. His hand caressed the blonde's soft cheek as a smile spread across his face. Without further hesitation, Yuuri thrust forward burying himself deep inside his fiancИ. Wolfram cried out as a burning pain shot up his spine. Yuuri sealed his lips against his lover's swallowing the painful cry. He remained unmoving letting Wolfram become use to the feeling of someone inside of him.

Once the pain subsided, Wolfram stared up into those dark, limpid pools. He could feel himself drowning in their depth. "Yuuri," he said in abandonment.

"Mine," was all Yuuri said before he began to move in and out of the blonde with slow deep thrusts.

Wolfram clutched a handful of Yuuri's hair and kissed the king savagely as he began to impale himself onto Yuuri's length. Yuuri's thrusts became quick and more urgent as he wrapped a hand around Wolfram's shaft and pumped him in time with his thrust. Feeling liquid heat pool into the pit of their stomach both Yuuri and Wolfram came at the same time. Wolfram spilling his seeds over his and Yuuri's chest, and Yuuri filling the inside of Wolfram with his seeds.

Yuuri collapsed on top of the demon prince breathing heavily. They remained in that position until their breathing had even out. Wolfram smiled as he wrapped his sweat dampened arms around his beloved.

"I love you, Yuuri," whispered Wolfram.

Yuuri said nothing as he sealed his lips hungrily against those of his fiance and moaned as he felt his groin stir to life once again.

It was early morning before the two finally falls asleep from exhaustion.


Yuuri was awakened from his sleep by something soft, warm and moist against his lips. He moaned as he slowly opened his eyes to stare into a pair of bright emerald eyes. Yuuri's eyes widened in shock. "Wolfram!" he shrieked in terror pushing the blonde away from him. He tried getting out of bed but the blanket wrapped around his legs tripping him and the covers came off covering his head. Yanking the cover from over his head, he glared up at frowning demon. "You . . ." he stared at Wolfram in horror as he realized that the blonde was buck naked. His horror intensified when he stared down at himself and saw that he was naked as well. He grabbed the blanket and covered himself with it. "Wolfram . . . what . . . what have you done?"

Feeling self conscious of his nakedness, Wolfram grabbed a pillow and used it to himself. "I didn't do anything. You were the one who did it."

"That's a lie. I would never . . . do that with you." He said blushing profusely. "You're a guy."


"So, I told you before. I like girls," he said as he could not bare to look the blonde in the eyes. "Besides, if I did . . . do that. It was only because I was so drunk out of my skull that I didn't know what I was doing."

"You . . . you said you loved me." Wolfram felt his heart sink into the pit of his stomach as he turned from Yuuri in shame.

"I never said that. You're a guy and guys don't say stuff like that to each other. I can't believe you would take advantage of me like that. I had expected better of you."

Talk about a knife to the heart. Wolfram visibly flinched when Yuuri accused him of taking advantage of him. So, with what little pride he could muster, Wolfram raised his head high. "I'm sorry if the mere sight of my naked body disgust you. I will leave you alone from now on, your majesty." Wolfram wrapped the sheet around him, got up and went to the closet. He took out one of his uniforms and walked out.

The remainder of the day Wolfram avoided Yuuri like the plague. Yuuri felt bad but Wolfram had to learn that there was no way in hell he was going to marry a guy.

At dinner time, instead of taking a seat beside Yuuri he instead sat in-between Greta and Conrad. No one thought twice about the blonde not sitting beside his fiancИ. It was something everyone had grown accustom to happening whenever Yuuri did something to make the blonde hair fire wielder angry.

After dinner Wolfram did not come into the king's room. In fact, that same day he asked the maids to remove all his clothes from the king's room and placed them back in his old room.

The first week Yuuri was happy to have his room back to himself but the next week, he began to miss having wolfram at his side. He rarely saw Wolfram during the day and when he did see him the blonde hair fire wielder only greeted him curtly and continued on his way. The only time he would speak to Yuuri was when he asked the young king about them getting married. Whenever he mentioned the engagement, Yuuri would flat out deny that they would ever get married.

Wolfram began to have cramps in his stomach. At first they weren't too painful. It was like a dull thud in his stomach but over the course of weeks especially when he tried talking to Yuuri about the engagement and the black hair king would quickly change the subject. The cramps would become painful.

It was after one of his failed attempts to corner the king into making a decision when an intense cramp struck leaving the demon prince bending over in pain gasping for breath. One of the palace guards came upon the young prince and quickly took him to Gisela. The pretty green hair healer checked Wolfram over and was shocked at what she found. She ran her exam again to make sure that her findings were correct the first time. After Wolfram was dressed, he sat down before the healer and waited for her to tell him what was wrong.

"Well Gisela, did you find anything?" asked Wolfram.

"Let me ask you something. Have you been experiencing a fluctuation in your powers?" she watched him closely.

"Well, now that you mentioned it. Yes I have. It started about two weeks ago. One minute I'm normal and the next I can't even call up a spark." He narrowed his green eyes at her. "Do these cramps have anything to do with my powers fluctuation?"

"Yes it does," she sighed. "Wolfram, I'm sure you are having the pain because you are under a lot of stress. I've noticed how you've been trying to get his majesty to make a decision about the engagement."

"Yeah, stupid wimp. He's too afraid to make a decision." Wolfram stared out the window behind Gisela's head. "I wish he would just make a decision so we can end this."

"Why don't you just end it?"

Wolfram said nothing as he just turned away.

Gisela sighed as she continued again. "Anyway, there is another reason besides the stress that is causing you to cramp." She sighed once again and took a deep breath. "The reason why you are cramping is because you are pregnant."

Upon hearing that Wolfram felt as though the ground had fell out from under him. "That's impossible. I can't be pregnant."

"I'm afraid you are," the green hair healer said softly. "Wolfram, I have to know . . ."

"Yuuri," Wolfram said without letting her finish. "I can't tell him this."

"Why not?"

""I know how he's going to react. He's going to be shocked speechless. And once the shock fades, he's going to accuse me of intentionally getting pregnant so he would have no choice but to marry me." Wolfram sighed. "I mean. I knew I could get pregnant but never thought about it. God, Gisela when he was touching me," he said passionately. "It felt so good. It was the first time he had ever shown me any affection. Even though he was drunk and wasn't acting like himself. I just wanted him to love me. And now that this has happened, he will only hate me more than he does now."

"His majesty, doesn't hate you."

"No, he just hates being engaged to me because I'm a boy. If I had been a woman, he would have thought nothing about it." Wolfram rested his hand on his stomach.

"You will tell him, right?" asked Gisela.

"Didn't you hear me? He will hate me for this. You've heard him. He wants to marry a woman. The mere thought of being engaged to me disgusts him." He leaned back in his chair. "Besides, its obvious Yuuri has been skipping out on some of Gunter's lessons or else he tries not to pay any attention to them when your father talked about marriage between men. If he did, he would have known that I could have given him an heir."

"So, what will you do then?"

"I don't know. Maybe I'll go travel with mother or maybe just leave Shin Makoku." He turned his gaze upon Gisela narrowing his eyes. He leaned forward, picked up the letter opener slashing his palm. Then he grabbed her hand and slashed her palm. Pressing their hands together he stared up at the woman. "Swear a Blood Oath to me Gisela that you will tell no one about this."

"But Wolfram, what about your family."

"Especially not them. I know Conrad would not hesitate in telling Yuuri."

"But . . ."

"Swear it!" his grip tightened around her hand.

Sighing in defeat, she makes the oath. "Upon this Blood Oath, I swear that I will never tell his majesty or anyone else about your secret."

"Good," he said releasing her hand. Gisela held onto his hand and healed the cut he hand made. "Thank you."

"When are you going to leave?"

"Maybe in a couple of days." Wolfram stood up and turned his back to her.

Gisela sighed softly. "I still think you should tell, his majesty. Even if he doesn't want to marry you. He has a right to know you are carrying his child."

"No, it's better this way."

She stared at the stiff back of the young demon sadly. "At least think on it. And if you decide not to tell Yuuri about the baby and you still decide to leave Shin Makoku. Then at least promise me that you will come back a month before you give birth."

"I'll see." Then he walked out of the room.


Wolfram was tired and decided to take a nap to calm his nerves. When Wolfram awakened, it was night. He was sure everyone was already at dinner. He laid in bed thinking about what Gisela told him. It finally was sinking in that he was going to have a baby. He rested his hand on his stomach staring up at the ceiling. It made Wolfram sad knowing that Yuuri will not only hate him but probably the baby as well. He could not let that happen. Just then his stomach made it known to him that it was hungry. Wolfram sat up and saw that the moon was high in the night sky. It was either midnight or close to it. Hearing his stomach growl in hunger, he got out of bed and went to raid the kitchen. As he made his way through the half-lit hall of the castle, he spotted Yuuri and Conrad out in the courtyard playing catch. Slipping outside, he hid in the shadows and listen as they began to talk.

"I received a message from Lady Madeline von Strauss. She was the girl that wore slippers like Cinderella," said Yuuri tossing the ball to Conrad.

"I know who lady von Strauss is," said Conrad throwing the ball back.

"Well, she says she had such a wonderful time at the ball that she wishes to see me again," said Yuuri excited. "This is the first time a girl has ever said that she wanted to see me." He threw the ball wildly but Conrad was able to catch it.

"That's nice your majesty but I'm sure wolfram will not like seeing another woman all over you." Tossing the ball back to Yuuri.

"I think he's given up. He has already moved out all his clothes from my room and it will only be a matter of time before he quits bugging me about us getting married."

"Yes but . . ."

"No buts. I can at last start dating girls without Wolfram hanging around me going ballistic."

Wolfram did not wait to hear anymore. He ran back to his room and threw himself onto his bed and started to cry. It was a long while before the tears finally stopped. He turned over on his back to stare up at the ceiling. 'If you want a woman so bad Yuuri, I will not stand in your way any longer.'' He had made his decision. He would leave as soon as he was sure everyone was asleep. 'I'm sorry Gisela, but I cannot stay here one minute longer.'

Later that night, a lone figure crept out of the palace and went to the stable to gather his horse, and disappeared into the night.

The next morning Yuuri awakened and found a note on the pillow beside him. Picking up the note, he began to read.

'My Dearest Yuuri,

By the time you read this I will be long gone. I have finally realized that you will never love me the way that I love you. The nighit of your return celebration I could see how happy you were when you were dancing with all those pretty girls. I know I have a tendency to become jealous. It wasn't because I thought you would cheat on me. It was because I was afraid. Yes Yuuri, I admit it. I was afraid that I would lose you to one of those girls I have tried so hard to keep you away from. Just as I lost everyone that was important to me. Father died on the battlefield. Mother only stays around for a few days before she's off on another of her useless trips. Gwendal is so stiff and indifferent. It seems no matter what I do I will never be able to please him. And Conrad's betrayal hurt most of all. I loved him dearly but yet, he did not believe in my love enough to tell me the truth about his heritage. All I had left in this world was you. But I guess in the end, I still lost you. When you were dancing with those women, it was like the weight of being my fiance was lifted off your shoulders. I saw a side of you that I thought I would never see. You were so relaxed and carefree.

At first, I was going to let you do it but it seems you lack the backbone to set yourself free from a situation you never wanted. That is why I do this thing with a clear conscious. I want you to know that I love you Yuuri Shibuya. I love you so much that I want you to be happy even if it's not with me, but I cannot stay here and watch as you take some woman as your wife and take her to your bed. So, that is why I, Wolfram von Bielefeld, being of sound mind and body release you Yuuri Shibuya from our engagement. I hope you will be happy with the woman you choose as your queen.

But I will leave you with this. Just because you marry a woman doesn't mean you will live happily ever after.

Good-bye my heart, my king, my love, and know that I will love you until the end of time.


Yuuri leaped out of bed and ran through the halls yelling for Conrad and Gwendal. They immediately began a search for Wolfram but the blonde fire wielder was no where to be found.