Author's Note: This is the sequel to my story entitled, "Never Alone". If you have not read that, this story will be quite confusing to you. You can read this story easily by clicking my name, ToManyLetters. This will lead you to my profile, scroll down and chose "Never Alone."

For those who are already familiar with Never Alone, enjoy the first installment of Book 2.

The events that had transpired last year, as grave as they were, had passed from Pansy's mind. She now could spend nearly all of her time with the Boy-Who-Lived, her Harry, and was never more glad to be able to do so.

It was nearly an hour before the remainder of the school would arrive on the Hogwarts Express and eat their start-of-term feast, but, all the same, these young friends had met-up with Dumbledore three days early to make themselves at home.

Because of Pansy's continued endangerment, Deputy Headmistress McGonagall had arranged for Pansy and Harry, to share a hidden dorm on the fifth floor. They were not, however, alone.

"Remind me why we're here, again?" asked Ron. Hermione flopped on top of him.

"To keep them in check." said Hermione, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend.

"Hear that, Harry?" asked Ron heartily, "We're here to keep you in check!"

"Why do I get the feeling we'll be keeping them in check?" giggled Pansy, crawling into Harry's lap. Harry kissed her gently,

"'Cause we won't get caught." he whispered, rubbing his nose against hers and smiling.

For a short while, the room was quiet. Then, Pansy spoke.

"So, Sirius Black was innocent." she asked. Pansy had not been with them during the fiasco at the end of the last school year in which they learned Sirius was innocent and Peter Pettigrew was... not. "...and your godfather."

"Yes." said Harry simply, stroking her hair, "He was framed by Peter Pettigrew."

"So, now that you have permission to go to Hogsmeade..." Pansy started, her eyes glittering brightly in the torchlight.

Harry silenced her with a kiss and spoke softly,

"We can go together."

"So, what do you reckon Percy's been going on about?" Hermione asked, Pansy and Harry turned their heads.

"No clue." replied Harry, "Seemed rather excited about it, though."

"Percy gets excited about cauldron bottoms." said Ron, "At least that gives him a bottom to..."

Hermione elbowed him in the stomach, hard.

"Ouch! 'Mione, you've really got to stop doing that." Ron winced.

"Watch your mouth then, or I'll have to clean it out." Hermione hissed, pulling herself away from him.

"Only if you use your tongue..." Ron mumbled. Hermione growled, folded her arms in a very Pansy-like fashion and huffed.

"It'll be your fault if we can't have kids." said Ron, very seriously.

Hermione spun around and delivered a resounding slap.

"Thinking into the future, are we?" giggled Pansy.

"I'm just being..." Ron defended, his hand placed on his cheek where Hermione's hand had just been.

"Your normal, insensitive..." ranted Hermione, again turning away from him.

"And they're a couple?" Pansy asked Harry.

"Yup." Harry laughed, "Madly in love, those two."

Pansy giggled and kissed Harry once more. They would need to leave soon, for the start-of-term feast would begin shortly.