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Battered by Kara Papas

Chapter 1 moris immature

The world was nothing but terrible burden as she stood in the destroyed apartment screaming at the top of her lungs. In the parking lot on her knees was a girl about of 20 years of age. The sky was raging and raining down upon her as her trembling hands covered her broken mask.

A string fate violent pulled upon the two girls. The girl inside apartment picked up her last lamp in her sweat and blood drenched hands and hurled it against the wall. The girl in the parking lot slowly stood and head towards the apartment again as the emergency vehicles drove off. Her heart clamped down as she drew closer to the apartment door. The screams were hoarse and now turning into violent sobs.

"WHY!!!!! …why…why why…" first a scream and then broken whimpers as she fell to ground of the apartment. The other girl had opened the door and shut it and leaned there crying in unison with the girl who was just feet away.

They had done it. They had destroyed her world once before and now they were chipping away what they had tried to have; a normal life.