Camp Griffin- A Camp Lazlo/Family Guy crossover.

I don't own squat, except for characters that I created. All the characters & places belongs to their owners.

This story starts in Camp Kidney, Lazlo and his buds was waking up to the morning sun in their eyes. "Ahhh! What a beautiful day!" Lazlo exclaimed. Soon as they were dressed, they went outside to the other campers. "Good morning, Edward!" Lazlo said happily when he saw the platypus. "Fuck off, Lazlo!" Edward said, pissed off. "Oh, Edward." Lazlo laughed. After all of Lazlo's greetings, all of the bean scouts went to the mess hall. Today, the breakfast was awful. "Yuck!! I had it up to here with this place!!" Edward shouted. All of the other campers agreed with him, because they weren't smart enough to not disagree. "We should have a riot!!" screamed someone off-screen. "Yeah a riot!!" shouted Edward. "Let's start breaking stuff!!" So everyone started to turn tables over, and break windows. This little so-called riot ended quickly as Lazlo stood on one of the turned over tables. "STOP!!" he shouted. Everyone looked at him. "We shouldn't be rioting. All rioting is gonna do is basically nothing, and we..." he was cut off as someone threw a metal stool at Lazlo. Lazlo was bleeding, but nobody cared, and continue to riot at the camp.

Meanwhile at across the lake at Acorn flats, the food there was awful, too. Mainly because the chefs were fired, and the squirrel scouts had to cook their own food. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but with the shortage of food and layoffs, they take anything that's laying around and cooked that. Some unnamed squirrel scout was cooking breakfast. The smell of it was disgusting, but the so-called chef didn't notice. Some of the squirrel scouts was already gathered at the tables. "Oh god!" Patsy sniffed. "What the hell's that smell?" "I-I-I think that's breakfast." Nina said sickly. The awful mess was served to them. Patsy & Nina ran away to vomit, but Gretchen was cross. "That's it!" she shouted, as she kicked the plate of the nasty mess on the floor. "No more lousy food! This shit looks worst than da time, I've had food cooked by George W. Bush!"

George W. Bush: Americans, welcome to my white 'ouse B.B.Q. party. Now who's wants some of my hot 'ogs?
Gretchen: I'll try it.

She bit into the hot dog, but it damaged some of her teeth.

Gretchen: AAAHHHHH!! My teeth!! What kind of hot dawgs are these?!
Bush: Why they're my 'W. Bush' dogs, Miss. They're made out of steel, & cement. They're tough, just like me.

Gretchen threw the 'dog' at the president, and everyone cheered.
(End Flashback)

"Now I say we tear this place apart, and kill anybody who gets in da way!" Gretchen continued. The other scouts knew that they had nothing better to do, so they decided to riot with Gretchen. The riots at both camps lasted all day. Lumpus, Slinkman, Jane Doe & Rubella Mucus was away at a meeting while all this was happening. So finally when night fell, the riots had stop. Lazlo had finally came out of his hiding place. He looked around the camp, it was quiet, & messy. Some stuff was still on fire. "Oh my god!" Lazlo exclaimed to himself. "Look what those bastards did to Camp Kidney!" He was soon cut-off as he heard some talking in Lumpus' house. Lazlo tiptoed to one of the windows at Lumpus'. Lumpus was on the phone, and Lazlo barely heard what the moose said. "I'm glad someone else is buying this horrible dump and Acorn Flats, now I can concentrate on something more important!" He pulled out a magazine, and he started to drool. "Damn kids! Ruining my house..." Lazlo was at a lost for words. "Why would Lumpus want to sell this place? I know it's riot-ridden, but with some paint, and help from the other campers, maybe we can,...Oooh! I feel dizzy. I-I better find a quiet place to lay down."

Lazlo stumbled his way deep into the forest, past the torn down trees. It was dark, until he saw a light. Lazlo followed the light until he saw a campfire. There sitting at Lazlo's favorite log, was Patsy. "Hi Patsy." Lazlo said to the woman of his dreams. Patsy looked up at Lazlo with a smile on her face. "Hi Lazlo." Then she looked at Lazlo's head. "What happened to you?" she said. "Oh Edward started a all day riot. I got beaned in the head for trying to stop it." Lazlo said. "You had a riot, too?" Patsy asked. "Yeah...what do you mean 'too'? Did you guys also riot?" Lazlo asked. Patsy nodded. "Gretchen started it because some background squirrel scout cooked some disgusting unedible breakfast. And you know Gretchen." "Yeah." Lazlo said gloomily. "What's wrong?" Patsy said as she put her hand on Lazlo's shoulder. "I was eavsdropping near Lumpus' house, and he's was talking on the phone with somebody, who wanted to buy Camp Kidney & Acorn Flats." "So?" Patsy said. "So? Patsy you don't get it. If that person buys the camps, what'll happen to you & me?" Lazlo asked. "I think I might know." Patsy said gloomily. "I'll have to go back to being a auctioneer!"

(Another Flashback)
Patsy:(speaking real fast) NowwegotherethebestbasketballplayerMichaelJordanhere.Startingat500.600totheguysupinfront.625?625totheJerrySeinfeldlookalike.650?650.675?675.700?700.715?715goingonce,twice?Sold!700totheAfricanAmericanrappernamed50cent!!
(End Flashback)

"No. I don't want to go back there, again." Patsy mumbled to herself. Then she turned to Lazlo. "Well, we just have to wait and see. Now lay your head down, you look tired." "Yeah, I'm tired." Lazlo said. "It's been a crazy day."