Penny VS. Penny

It was the very next morning now. It was about 6:30. The sun was rising over 'Da Pines'. The wind was blowing lightly & the clouds were moving away to let the sun break through. The birds were chirping & people was starting their morning commutes. Anyway, the scene is on Lazlo & Patsy. They was just getting up. "Oh god!" Lazlo said as he stretched. "What a night!" "I bet, you're gonna remember that for a while." said a female voice. Lazlo turned to the direction, where the voice came from. The voice came from Patsy. "You know, I will, sweetie." Lazlo said with a smile on his face. "How are you doin' this mornin'?" "I'm doin' fine, dear." Patsy said. "What are you doin' up so early?" Lazlo asked. "I'm always up early." replied Patsy. "Anyway, I ordered room service." "So, how long, until they'll be here?" Lazlo asked. "Right about..." Patsy started, before there was a knock on the door. "Now." Patsy said as the audience laughed. She gets up, put on a robe & answers the door & Lazlo goes to the bathroom to do his duties.

Ten minutes later, Lazlo was fully dressed & so was Patsy. In her uniform, that is. Anyway, they was at the table. The table had silver platter dishes. "Smells good, Patsy." Lazlo said. "What's for breakfast?" "It's somethin', that you're gonna like, dear." Patsy said. "It's bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, & orange juice." "Sounds like my type of grub." Lazlo said as he started eating. "I thought so." Patsy said as she started eating. Soon, they was done. "Full?" asked Patsy as she wiped her mouth off with a napkin. "Yep." Lazlo burped. "So, what time do we checkout?" "At 9:00." replied Patsy. "So, until then. Let's just enjoy this room." "Okay." Lazlo said as he jumped into the bed. He grabs the remote & turns on the tv. "D'you want your newspaper?" Patsy asked. "Yes please." Lazlo answered. So Patsy gave him the newspaper & he started reading. Patsy takes the remote & turns the tv, to what she wanted to watch, until checkout time.

Meanwhile, back at camp. Penny was now up. She was doing her morning exercises. "I wonder, if Laz had a great time wit P last night?" she wondered as she lifted her weight. "Hopefully. Especially, since it's their first time, havin' sex." She then sets her weights down & went to start on her breakfast, which was orange juice, a egg, sausage, bacon & cheese sandwich & fruit slices. After Penny ate her breakfast, she looks at her watch. It said; it was 7:45. "Well, since tha pool room's not opened yet & Laz & P still ain't here. I'll go to my ride & do some repairs." Penny said to herself. "Dat'll be a wise idea." She grabs her cd player & goes outside.

At Lazlo's cabin. Raj & Clam was already up. Raj was upset for some dumb reason. "Lazlo didn't come home last night, Clam." the annoying elephant complained. "So?" Clam asked. "So? Lazlo can be either hurt or even dead and you just sit there & say 'so'?" Raj then turns his head. "I am ashamed of you, Clam!" "Looks like someone needs to get laid." Clam retorted. The audience laughs. "What d'you mean by that? I've gotten laid before, Clam!" Raj sniffed. "When?" Clam asked as he opened a energy drink. "Uh,..." Raj started, before being rushed up by Clam. "Ha! I knew it! You haven't been laided! Ha!Ha!Ha!" "It's not my fault, that I'm not attractive." Raj whined. "Yes it is." Clam said. "You suck, because you always whine like a little bitch or do gay shit! And that accent really turns off the girls." "My accent does not turn girls off!" Raj said offended. "It turns the girls on. I'll show you!" He goes to the cabin window & opens it. "Hey ladies! Who wants to go out with a swingin' single elephant, that spins records?" There was a cricket chirping. Clam laughed. "Ha!Ha! You couldn't get anybody but a cricket! Ha! Ha!" The cricket looked at Raj. "Oh, hey there, boy! I likes the way your trunk looks! Oooh! And the way you look at me with those sexy brown eyes!" the cricket said in Bruce the gay guy's voice. "Ewwwww!" Raj said as he put his head back inside the cabin. "Ha! Ha! You're homophobic!" Clam laughed. "What a stupid cunt! You can only attract gay crickets!" "Fuck you!" Raj sniffed as he stupidly kicked the side of his bed, which was a stupid move, because he was beginning to feel some pain. "OWWWWWWWW!" the stupid elephant hollered as he hold his foot in pain. The audience laughs at his pain & so does Clam. "Ha!Ha! Silly bastard!" he laughed as he went off to get some breakfast.

In Peter's office. Peter was watching the movie; 'Speed' on his laptop on youtube. And he was also eating 20 ft. turkey, bacon, chicken & ham club with a side of chips & drink. The scene is on the laptop.

(Cutaway to laptop)

It's at the scene, when the bus is about to jump the 50ft. gap.

Keanu Reeves: (in surfer voice & turns to the passengers) Dudes & Dudettes. Hold on!

Everyone ducks down for some dumb reason. Reeves looks straight at Sandra Bullock's character. She has a worried look on her face.

Sandra Bullock: Oh god, Jack.

Reeves than ducks on top of her and the bus hits the ramp that leads to the gap. The bus files off of the ramp, but it doesn't make it as a record scratch can be heard. It then falls into the pit.

People on the bus: AAAAHHHHHHH!

Reeves: Dude. I can go for some pot right now.

The bus slams into the ground, thus making the bomb on board explode, killing everyone on the bus.

Then a message comes on & it says;

Everyone on the bus dies, the mad bomber gets his money & gets away

& the LAPD goes back to eating donuts at the local 'Dunkin' Doughnuts'.

The End.

(End cutaway)

"Hee!Hee!Hee! That was a great movie!" Peter appauled. "I especially, like when the bus falls into the pit & explodes! Now since, that's over, what should I do now?" He sat there & thought about it. "I know! I'll watch that godawful show; 'The Proud Family', just for laughs & to make fun of it." So Peter turned off his laptop & turned the tv on to 'The Proud Family'. But then he stopped, as Brian walked in with the mail. "Mail's here." he said as he put the mail on the table. "Is there anything for me?" Peter asked. "Yeah, there's some pizza coupons for you." Brian said dryly. "Goody!" Peter exclaimed as he snatched the coupons from Brian's hands. "Goddammit, Peter!" Brian sniffed as he looked at his hand. "You almost ruined a letter for a camper!" "So?" Peter asked. "Who cares? I got my pizza coupons.Yay! " Brian rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Now give me the mic." "The PA mike?" Peter asked. "Yeah." Brian said. "I accidently broke it." Peter said stupidly. "How did you break it?" Brian asked. "Uh,..." Peter said as the audience laughed.


Peter was at his desk, eating & reading a magazine.

Peter:(eating while reading) Oooh! Big-ass tits!

He grabs the PA microphone by mistake & accidently takes a huge bite out of it.

Peter: OW! My fuckin' teeth!


Peter: What did I...

He looks at the half-bitten off microphone.

Peter: Oh. That. Well, might as well get back to my magazine.

He gets back to his porno magazine, like nothing happened. The audience laughs.

(End Flashback)

"I guess, I gotta deliever the letter to Penny, myself." Brian said as he rolled his eyes. "Yeah. That'll be a wise thing, old bean." Peter said as he drooled over his prized pizza coupons. "Fuckin' idiot!" Brian muttered as he went to deliever Penny's letter. "Hee!Hee!" Peter laughed as he turned to the tv. Then he changed his mood. "Oh, come on! This fuckin' show sucks!" he jeered as he threw an empty beer can at the tv. The audience laughs at this.

Penny was at her suv, doing repairs. "A lil twist there." she said as she turned a bolt. "There! Finished!" Then she looked at her watch. It was 8:45. "It's almost time fo' P & Laz to come back. Well, I can always beat dat cunt, Quagmire in pool." Penny said as she closed the hood to the suv. Just then, Brian walked up to her. "Hey dawg. What d'you want?" "I've got a letter for you, Penny." Brian said as he gave her the letter. "I would've had you come down here to get it, but Fat Ass broke the PA mic & he's to busy watchin' that bullshit; 'The Proud Family'."

"Watchin' tv." Penny said. "What else is new. And one of tha worst shows to watch too." "Yeah, I know." Brian said. "It's one of tha worst cartoons on tha fuckin' planet." Penny started. "Dat shit's not even fuckin' funny. Dat damn girl is a whiny bitch. Tha dad's an asshole. Tha mom is a slut & tha grandma's stupid old bitch. Matta of fact, tha whole fuckin' family's stupid & retarded. It sets tha black race 400 years. Tha creator of dat fuckin' show, should be shot in tha fuckin' head! If I ever see dat bitch girl in tha fuckin' street, I would beat tha shit outta her!"

The audience applauses after this. "Well said, Penny." Brian said as he started to walk away. "Well said." "Fuckin' punk-ass pigtailed bitch!" Penny sniffed. But little did the sexy looking Motown mongoose know, that someone was watching all of this.


Somewhere in California. It shows a decent looking house, with a red sports car. Inside, was a 16yr. old light-skinned black girl. Her hair was black, which was made into ponytails. She was wearing a tan t-shirt, black skirt, white socks, & black Nikes. She was watching Penny's rant on tv. The human girl's name was Penny Proud. She was cross & pissed.

Penny Proud: Dat fuckin' mongoose bitch! How dare she talk about me dat way!

Then it shows the tv with Penny talking. A/N: To make this less confusing, the two Pennys will be labeled like this for now on. Camp Griffin Penny/The Proud Family Penny/CG Penny/TPF Penny.

Camp Griffin Penny: Dat show sucks so fuckin' bad! I would kill dat stupid bitch, if I ever see her. Whiny bratty slut!


She then grabs her car keys & some clubs, jumps into her sports car & speeds out to Camp Griffin. The audience ooohs in suspense as suspenseful music plays.

(End cutaway)

"Well, time to go play pool wit dat Quagmire cunt." Penny said as she wiped her hands on a towel. She leaves towards the pool room. "I hope, he's off his game."

Meanwhile, Edward was playing basketball against Ollie Williams. Ollie was winning & was many points ahead of the stupid platypus. He was about to dunk the ball, when he stop dead in his tracks. The ball bounced on Edward's head.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" he sniffed as he rubbed his hurting head. Ollie just stood there. "Answer me!" Edward shouted. Ollie still stood there, all silent. "What's the matter, with you?" Edward asked. "Shhh!" Ollie said, breaking the silence & looking swiftly around. "What? What's wrong?" Edward said, also looking around. "Who do you see?" "Shhh!" Ollie said again as he put a hand on Edward's bill. Then in nearly a whisper said, "Somethin's gonna go down later." "What are you talkin' about?" Edward asked. Ollie looks around, then whispers in Edward's ear. "I just felt a chill. Some one. Some where's gonna come here & beat tha shit outta P-Money." "P-Money? Who the hell's that?" Edward asked. "Penny." Ollie whispered. "Ms. Penny?" Edward asked. Ollie nodded. "Who's gonna beat the shit outta Ms. Penny?" Edward said, getting angry. "D'you know dat girl from tha Proud Family, Penny Proud?" Ollie asked nearly in a whisper. "Is she that bimbo on that shit Disney Channel?" Edward asked. Ollie nodded. "Her?" Edward asked. "Yeah!" Ollie said a bit louder, but not shouting like he usually do. "Maybe, I better warn her." Edward said. "Nawl." Ollie said. "She's not gonna believe you. Someone dat's closer to her should warn her, like Patsy." Edward then thought about it. "Yeah, maybe it'll be a wise thing for her to warn Ms. Penny. So, let's get back to playin' ball." "CAN'T! I GOT PLANS!" Ollie said in his usual tone. "BESIDES, I WON!"

Back at the hotel, Lazlo & Patsy was getting ready to leave. "That was a great birthday." Lazlo said. "I especially, liked my present." "I knew, you like it, dear." Patsy said, zipping up her gymbag. "We, should do that again sometime." "Yeah, that sounds like a wise idea, Patsy." said Lazlo. So the couple, holding each other's hand left the fancy Williams-Johnson Hotel.

Back at camp. Patsy & Lazlo was getting out of her suv. "I wonder, what Penny's doin'?" Patsy wondered outloud. "I dunno." Lazlo said. "She's probably, beatin' some asshole in pool. Well, see you in a minute, Patsy." Lazlo goes to his cabin.

He opens the cabin door, to see Raj high & Clam drunk & shit. "What the hell?" Lazlo asked. "T-T-T-This s-s-shit's so fuckin' a-a-a-amazin'!" Raj said highly. "I-I-It's been s-s-so l-l-long!" "Shut the fuck up, you increasenly annoying small-dick bitch!" Clam slurred drunkenly. "BLLLLAAATTTT!" "Look at these stupid motherfuckas in here drunk & high." Lazlo laughed as he threw his clubbin' clothes into the laundry pile. Raj & Clam turned to him. "W-W-Who the h-h-hell's that?" Raj asked highly. "Shut up, queer!" Clam shouted as he threw a can of beer at Raj's ugly-ass face. The can hit him, knocking him unconcious. The audience laughs. Clam then turned to Lazlo. "That bastard's a cunt, Lazlo. That bastard's a cunt." "Yeah, silly bastard he is." Lazlo said. "Well, I'm off." "See ya." Clam said after him. Then he starts to shiver a bit. "Why am I feelin' cold all of a sudden?" Clam started, before he stopped. "It must be the liquor or the weed smoke talkin', but I feel somethin' major's gonna happen later in this chapter." Then he grabs Raj's unopened beers, opens them & gulps them down in in gulp. The audience laughs at this. "That was good!" Clam burped. Then he yawned. "Tired." Then Clam falls asleep, with his mouth wide open. The audience laughs at him.

Outside, Lazlo met Patsy. "So, d'you wanna go look for Penny?" he asked. "Yeah." Patsy said. "Let's go." But before, they can go find her. They heard a strange sound. "Pssst!" "Did you say somethin'?" Lazlo said to Patsy. "No." repliled Patsy. "Pssst!" came the sound again. "Alright! Who's there?" Patsy exclaimed as she & Lazlo both posed in karate-like poses. "Don't fuck with us!" "Over here." said the voice. "Who is it?" Lazlo asked. "It's me, Ollie." said the voice. Ollie appears from behind the trashcans of Patsy's cabin. "Why are you hidin' behind the trashcans?" Patsy asked. "And why are you whispering?" Lazlo asked. "Can't tell ya, here." Ollie said. "Let's go fo' a drive." So Ollie jumped into his car. Lazlo & Patsy shrugging their shoulders, decided to follow him into the car. Ollie started his car & drove away.

"So, what's up, Ollie?" Lazlo asked. "Yeah. What's up?" Patsy asked. Ollie turned to the couple. "SOMETHIN'S GONNA GO DOWN LATER!" he shouted. "Really?" The couple asked. "YEAH!" Ollie said. "What's happenin'?" Patsy asked. "P-MONEY'S GONNA GET BEAT UP & BEAT UP BADLY!" Ollie shouted. "P-Money?" Lazlo asked. "Who's that?" "That's Penny, dear." Patsy said. "YEAH!" Ollie said. "Who's gonna beat her?" Lazlo asked. "D'YOU KNOW DAT PENNY PROUD GIRL FROM THA 'PROUD FAMILY'?" Ollie asked. Patsy & Lazlo nodded. "WELL, SHE'S GONNA DO IT!" Ollie shouted. "I wonder, what Penny did to her?" Patsy asked. "I DUNNO, BUT IT'S MUST'VE BEEN PRETTY MAJOR!" Ollie said. "DAT'S WHY, I'M TELLIN' YALL THIS, SO P-MONEY CAN PREPARE FO' THA BEATIN'!" "Oh shit!" Lazlo started. "I don't like the sound of this. This Proud girl attackin' Penny for no reason." "Sounds like some kinda of thing, that Charles Manson might do." Patsy muttered. Then she turns to Ollie. "Drive us back to camp, Ollie." So Ollie did the command.

(Cutaway to a Interstate)

The Proud Family Penny was driving at a pretty fast pace. She was rubbing one of the clubs with one hand & driving with the other.

The Proud Family Penny:(rubbing the club) You'll soon taste blood, my friend. You'll soon taste blood.

Then she looks at a small stereo-like device.

TPFPenny: Now, to find this bitch's cell number!

She presses a button & a lot of cell phone numbers scrolled across the tiny screen, until CGPenny's cell number appears with her name.

TPFPenny: Ah! There's dat ho's number! Now time to put tha pedal to tha medal!

She steps on the gas pedal hard & speeds up as suspenseful & gloom music plays. The audience oohs more.

(End cutaway)

Back at camp. Penny was in the poolroom. She was playing against Quagmire. Quagmire was losing. "Dammit! This sucks!" he sniffed. "Dat's because, yo' a stupid asshole, asshole." Penny laughed. The audience laughs at this. Penny goes up to Quagmire. "Gimme my green!" she said. So while cussing, Quagmire gave her, his money. "This isn't alright!" he sniffed sadly. Penny put her won cash into her pocket. Lazlo & Patsy ran up to her. "Penny! Penny! You're in deep deep trouble!" they both said to her in unison. "Why? Because, I beat dat fucka, Quagmire in pool?" Penny asked as she laughed. "No. It's somethin' worst than that!" Patsy said. "Calm down, P." Penny started. "Take a breath. Whats' tha bad news?" "Well, it's..." Patsy started, before Penny's phone rang. She answered it. "Who dat is?" she asked. "It's yo' worst nightmare!" said the voice evily. "Who tha hell is this?" Penny asked angrily. "I'm dat girl, dat you called; a whiny bratty bitch!" said the voice. Penny stopped & thought about it. "Oh shit!" Penny said. "Yo'..."

"Dat's right!" TPF Penny said with an evil smile on her face. "Ms. Penny Proud. I'm drivin' on tha Interstate right now. I'm comin' to yo' show to kill yo' ass!" "Kill me?" CG Penny said to her phone. "I would like to see you try!" "Oh, I will." TPF Penny said as she swirve to avoid a pothole on the highway. "And it's gonna be so funny to kill you in front of your friends & fans!" "No. What's gonna be funny is; when I kill yo' ass in front of my homies & fans!" CG Penny retorted. "You light-skinned, big headed, dick suckin' ho'!" "Ho'?" TPF Penny exclaimed angrily. "Yo' tha fuckin' ho'! You bitch!" "Fuck you!" CG Penny sniffed. "I'll see you tomorrow, slut!" TPF Penny said as she hung up. "Fuckin' slut!" Penny sniffed as she shove her phone back into her pocket. "Looks like, you have to start trainin', Penny." Lazlo said. "Yeah. If you wanna win against that bimbo." Patsy added. "What do you mean, 'if'?" Penny asked. "I'm gonna win. So, let's start trainin'!"

At Penny & Patsy's cabin. All three of them started the training. The first choice was weight lifting. Patsy & Lazlo was lifting the 20lb. weights & Penny was lifting the 100lb. weight. "Damn! This is too light!" Penny sniffed. "I need mo' weight!" "Are you sure, Penny?" Patsy asked. "Yeah." Penny responded. "I need tha total weight of dat Proud bitch!" "Uh, how much does she weigh?" Lazlo asked. "I think, about 130lbs." Penny said, as she turned to Patsy. "Gimme 30lbs., P!" So Patsy put on 30lbs. on each side of Penny's weight. "There. The weights are on, Penny." she said. "Aight! Time to start liftin'!" Penny said as she started lifting the heavy weight. She lifts it above her head & then lowers it & repeats this action sixty more times within ten minutes, then she stopped. Patsy turned to her. "I think, you need a test dummy to practice your moves on." "Really?" Penny asked. "Yep." Patsy replied. "And I know who, too." "Who?" Penny asked. "You'll find out. You just rest for a few." So Patsy & Lazlo went off to find the 'test dummy' & Penny rested a bit.

Outside, Patsy & Lazlo was looking for the said victim. "So, who was you thinkin' about, to use as Penny's test dummy, Patsy?" Lazlo asked. "I was, thinkin' on usin' some dumb asshole, like stupid Lois or that dumb ole Edward." Patsy said. Just as Patsy got done saying that, the aformentioned redheaded woman walks up. She was carrying some grocery bags. "C-Can you two, help me?" Lois asked as she was struggling to carry the bags. Patsy looks at Lazlo & evil smiles spread across their faces. They turned to her. "Sure. We'll help you, but there's somethin', that you have to do for us." "S-Sure. I-I'll do anything." Lois stuttered. "If you guys help me." So they took some of the bags from her & took it to Peter's house.

At the kitchen. Lazlo & Patsy was setting out the food on the counter, along with Lois. "Doritos. Doritos. Fritos. Krispy Kreme Donuts. Doritos again. Damn! Fatty's got a lot of snacks." Patsy said as she set out the food. "There's a whole lot more comin'." Lois said as she set out more chips & snacks. "Follow me." "I wonder, how much more shit, does she haves?" Lazlo wondered. "I don't want to know." Patsy muttered. "I don't want to know." Then Lois backs up a forklift from off-screen. "Here's it is." Lois said, as she turned off the forklift. "All snacks, chips, meat, & shit like that." Patsy took a deep breath. "Alright, Lazlo. Let's just get this done, quick." "Yeah, that'll be a wise idea." Lazlo said, as he grabbed some groceries. The audience laughs at this, as the trio put away 'Fatty's' lunch, dinner, post dinner snack, post dinner-pre midnight snack. post dinner-post midnight snack. Post Midnight-pre breakfast snack.

Soon they was done. "There! We're finally done!" Patsy panted. "So, what did you two want me to do?" Lois asked. "We want you to be Penny's sparing partner." Lazlo said. "Sparin' partner?" Lois repeated like a fuckin' idiot. "Yeah." Lazlo & Patsy said in unison. "Why me?" Lois asked. "Because, Penny hates you." Patsy said. "Oh." Lois muttered. "Fuck me." "No time for that." Lazlo said, as the audience laughed from this. "Penny's waitin'." So he gave Lois a push & they left the kitchen. Just after they lefted, the fat ass himself, runs into the kitchen. "I smell food!" Peter said as he looked around the kitchen. He looks into the refridgerator & see all of the food. "OMG!" Peter said. "Look at all this delicious, tasty food!" Then he had a thought. "Should I eat all this food now, or should I eat a little bit now, & save the rest for later?" He thought about it. "Eh! I'll eat all of this now!" Then Peter grabs the entire refridgerator & takes it to his office.

Back at Patsy & Penny's cabin. Penny was still taking a break, when Lois, Lazlo, & Patsy walks in. Penny looked at Lois. "Well. Well. Well. Look at what we got here?" she said smugly. "Stupid-ass, no brained Lois. I see, dat yo' came down here, to get yo' ass whupped by me." "Whupped?" Lois asked. Then she turned to Lazlo & Patsy. "I thought, yall said, that Penny wanted me to be a sparin' partner?" "Yeah. That's right." Patsy said. "You silly cunts!" Lois sniffed. "You wastin' my time. I better be going." Just as Lois is about to leave. Lazlo locked the cabin door. "You ain't goin' nowhere." he said. "Yeah." Patsy said, evily. "You're goin' to be Penny's sparin' partner. Whether you want to or not." "Dat's right." Penny said as she walked towards the stupid woman. She raises her fist & hits Lois in the nose. Doing this action, causes stars to come out of Lois' nose & starts a battle in a Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story.

(Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story-like fight begins)

Penny is in the Bowser fight mode & Lois is the creature/monster fight mode.

Penny: Aight. Let's do this, bitch!

Then above Penny's head were three icon boxes that said; 'flee', 'items', & 'punch'. She punches the 'punch' box & she goes towards Lois & raises her fist.

Penny: Ha!Ha!HA!

The word; Excellent! appears & Penny hits Lois in the face. The word 'Lucky' appears, as the number 60 appears, along with stars from Lois. She rubs her face.

Lois: Oh, you're gonna get it!

Then she raises her fist at Penny. She throws a fist, fortunately Penny ducks.

Lois: Dammit!

Then it was Penny's turn again. The player chooses the 'items' box. The items appeared. They was listed as this:

Spicy Chicken wings-boosts SP.

Fiery Chicken wings-boosts DEF & SP.

Penny Triple Deckas-Restores 120 HP.

Fred G. Sanford Dogs-Restores 250 HP.

Squirt sodas-Restores 30 HP.

Chocolate Brownies-Restores 25 HP.

The player chooses the fiery chicken wings & Penny eats the wings, which made fire briefly come out of her mouth & the words 'DEF' & 'SP', along with a arrow, pointing up appear.

Penny: Aight!

Then Lois decides to power herself up.

Lois: If you can power up. I can power up.

She takes out a Oreo cookie & eats it. The number '5' appears.

Lois:(pissed) Oh, fuck me!

Penny: Don't worry. I will. I will.

Then the three icon boxes appears above Penny's head again & Penny hits the 'punch' box again. She sets her sights on Lois again & rises her fist.

Penny: Ha!Ha!HA!

Then her fist started glowing. Penny noticed.

Penny: What tha hell?

She released her punch & hit Lois in the nose. The word; 'lucky' appears as well as the number 50.

Lois: Holy shit!

Then it was Lois' turn again. Lois decides to do a running kick.

Lois: Time to do my patented Lois kick!

Then she runs off. Within a few seconds, Lois comes running towards Penny. She was doing a war cry.


Seeing this, Penny moves off to the side. Doing this, made Lois kick the wall, which was a dumb move, as there was a cracking sound coming from her leg.

Lois: OW! MY LEG!

She limps back to her position. It was Penny's turn again. The three item boxes appear over her head again. A new attack box appears also. It says; 'bodyslam'. Penny punches the bodyslam box.

Penny: Aight! Bodyslam!

Then she looks at Lois.

Penny: Time fo' you to lose, loser!

Then she did a couple of jumps. When she jumped the fifth time, she she went into the air & spun like a ball. Lois watches the spinning mongoose ball.

Lois: What the hell? What are you doin'? Get back down here!

After Lois, said this. The Penny ball turns back into her.

Penny: Say yo' prayers, ho! Ha!Ha!Ha!

Then Penny slams down onto Lois, belly first. Doing this made Lois disappear. Then Penny's level-up appears.

HP 70

SP 59

DEF 65

'Bling' 45

All of the numbers went up, by 35%.

Penny: Yeah!


(End Mario & Luigi-like fight)

Lois was layed out on the cabin floor. "Damn! You got me good." she said. "You got me good." "Dat was some practice." Penny said. "I'll say." Patsy said. "That last attack you gave her, was totally amazing." "I know, right?" Penny asked. "Yeah." Lazlo replied. "So, are you gonna continue training?" "Yeah." Penny said. "Well, you can do whatever you want, Penny." Patsy started. "But Lazlo & I are done trainin'." "Whatever." Penny said. Patsy turned to Lois. "You can go now." Lois sighed. "I'm gonna go get blitzed." Then she leaves to get high, probably with Raj & Clam. Patsy turned to Lazlo. "So, what do you wanna do now?" "I dunno." Lazlo said. "How 'bout we go fishin'?" "Fishin'?" Patsy asked. Lazlo nodded. "I haven't been fishin' for a while." Patsy said. "Ever since, the time we went fishing with 'Fat Ass'."


Patsy, Lazlo, & two other campers was in a fishing boat with Peter at some lake called; Shit Creek.

Patsy: Why are we here at Shit Creek again?

Lazlo:(turns to her) Don't you remember, Patsy. Greasey wanted to bathe in some soup, so he put tons of soup mix into Lake Griffin. All of the soup ingredients killed all of the fish.

Peter: Yep. That was a good swim. A dream come true.

Patsy: Okay. So answer me this. Why Lazlo & me are here with you?

Peter: Because, you, him, & Ms. Penny are my subsitute friends. When Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe & Brian are busy, I turn to you three.

Lazlo: Okay. So, why the other two campers are here then?

Unknown camper#1: Because, we wanted to go fishing.

Unknown camper#2: And we really wanted to be noticed.

Peter: Shut up, kid!


Patsy:(roll her eyes) Whatever. Now where's the fishing poles & all that shit?

Peter:(realizing that he forgot them) I knew, I forgot somethin'.

Patsy+Lazlo:(facepalm) Dammit! You fat bastard!

Peter: Not to worry. You can always have fish jump into your lap.

Patsy: You kiddin' me, right?

Peter: No. I saw an episode from your old show; that fish jumped into your lap, Ms. Patsy.

Lazlo: I remember that episode, Patsy. Lumpus was really pissed, when yall passed by on that boat, & the fish jumped into your laps.

Patsy: That's because, the night before, Ms. Doe went to the lake & gave the fish crack. Just like that episode of 'King of the Hill', when Hank accidently gave the fish crack. And then the next day; she gave us a lil' bit of crack & the fish started jumpin' on our boat.

Lazlo: Oh. So that explains it.

Peter: Crack or not. I want some fish!

He grabs Patsy & throws her into the lake. The audience laughs.

Peter: Don't come back, until you get some fish!


Lazlo:(dryly) You're an asshole, you know that?

Peter: I know. I'm clever! Hee!Hee!Hee!


Lazlo then shoves Peter off the boat & into the creek.

Lazlo: Now, you don't come back, until you get some fish!


Patsy swam back to the boat.

Lazlo: Here, lemme help you up, Patsy.

He helps her into the boat. He looks at her. She noticed.

Patsy: What?

Lazlo: I see, that you caught a fish.

Patsy: No, I didn't.

Lazlo: Oh, yes. You did.

He points to her shirt. Patsy looks down to see a fish in her cleveage.

Patsy: Oh, I did.

She takes the fish out of her sexy cleveage.

Lazlo: I guess, that's the one, that didn't get away.

Patsy: That's for sure.


Just then, Peter stands up.

Peter: Look! I got some fish!

Lazlo: So? Who the fuck cares?

nobodys: We care.

Patsy: Fuck you!

She picks them up & throw them into the water & starts the boat & takes off.

nobody#1: This sucks.

nobody#2: Yeah.

Peter: Shut up, cunts!


(End Flashback)

"Hopefully, the boats are in workin' order." Lazlo said. "Yeah." Patsy said. Then they lefted. Penny turned her head. "Hey!" she called out. Patsy & Lazlo stopped. "What?" they asked. "Bring some of dat fish fo' me." "Okay." Patsy said. So, the couple lefted, as Penny continued training for her big fight.

It was sometime later now. Penny had finished training now & was eating herself a soft shell taco. "Oh god!" she said as she took a bite from her taco. "All dat trainin' sho' makes you hungry." Just then, Patsy & Lazlo came back with the fish. "We're back with the fish, Penny." Patsy called. Penny set down her empty plate. "Took yall long enough." "Sorry, but you know, how it is with fishin'." Patsy said. "Yeah. Yeah. I know, P." Penny said. "I know. Just gimme tha fish & I'll start guttin' it." So Patsy gave Penny the fish and Penny go over to the sink & start gutting up the fish. "So. Did you tell everyone, about your fight?" Lazlo asked. Penny stopped gutting the fish. "Oh fuck! I fo'got all 'bout dat!" "D'you want me to spread the word?" Patsy asked. "Yeah." Penny said. "But here's some advice, P." "What?" asked Patsy. "Don't ever say dat again." "What again?" Patsy asked, getting confused. "Tha word." Penny said. Then she whispered in a softer voice. "You know, how 'Greasey' is, when someone says dat line." "Oh." Patsy said. "Alright, Penny. I'll tell one person, who can't keep a secret, & then they'll tell another one, & so on." "So, who's the person?" Lazlo asked. "That perverted bastard, Quagmire." Patsy answered. "Well." Lazlo said. "Good luck with that."

Meanwhile, Quagmire was about to drink some scoutch. "Losin' sucks." he sniffed as he was about to take a drink. "It sucks ass!" Then he sees Patsy coming. Quagmire set down his scoutch. "Well. Looks like, my luck's changin'!" he said as the audience laughed. Patsy saw this scene unfold. "Oh god!" she muttered to herself. "Hey cunt!" "What do you want, Patsy darling?" Quagmire asked. "First of all. I want you to stop callin' me 'darling'." Patsy started. "Okay, darling." Quagmire said. Then he stopped. "Oop! Sorry." "That's okay." Patsy said. "The second thing, I want you to do somethin' for me." "Sure." Quagmire said. "I'll do anything for you." "I want you to make ads for Penny's fight." Patsy said. "What? Penny's havin' a fight?" Quagmire asked. Patsy nodded. "Against who?" Quagmire asked again. "You know, that girl Penny Proud, from that shit show 'The Proud Family'?" Patsy asked. "Yeah." Quagmire replied. "Well, the fight's against her." Patsy said. "I want you to spread the word." "Okay." Quagmire said as he stood up. "Wait." Patsy called out to him. "What?" Quagmire asked. Patsy gave him $700 dollars. "Here's $700. From me." she said. "Alright!" Quagmire exclaimed. "Ads! You got it, Patsy!" Then he leaves to spread the word & to make the ads. "Hopefully, he get things right." Patsy muttered.

Later, Penny was about to cook the catfish. She was corn-mealing them down. She takes a sniff. "Ah! Now dat smells good!" she said as she dipped the catfish into the corn meal. Then she put the breaded catfish into the frying pan. The frying pan sizzled, as the fish cooked. "I enjoy dat sound." Penny said. Suddenly, Patsy walks in. "I see, that you're cookin' that fish, Penny." she said to her. "Yep." Penny said. "Ya gotta eat somethin', befo' you beat tha shit outta some stupid-ass bitch, P. Cross dat. You always gotta eat somethin' good, befo' you beat tha shit outta a stupid bitch. So, did you spread tha word, 'bout my fight to dat cunt Quagmire?" "Yep." Patsy said. "He's gonna print ads for it." Then she took a sniff. "Damn, Penny! That fish sure smells good." "Of course, it smells good, P." Penny said, putting some more fish into the skillet. "I'm usin' my ole great grandmotha's recipe." "Recipe? Why haven't I heard of it?" Patsy asked. "Because, she was my great grandmotha, P." Penny said. "And it's been on my side of tha family fo'ever. Matta of fact, there's ton of recipes. Even tha original recipe fo' KFC chicken." "Wait. Wait. Wait." Patsy started. "Your great grandmother was the creator of that chicken?" "Yeah." Penny said. "Tha colonel stole tha recipe from her."


Penny's great grandmother, Niecy Smiles-Tyson was frying some chicken in her kitchen for a fried chicken judging contest.

Niecy: Mmmm! Dat chicken sho' smells good! I can't wait, til da folks eat it.

She takes a already cooked piece of chicken & starts eating it.

Niecy: Oh god! All those 11 herbs & spices, sho' brings da flavor in da meat! Maybe one of these days, I'll have enough money, to make my own restaurant.

Later, she & her family was at fried chicken judging contest. Everyone was about to get their chicken judged. Colonel Sanders was the head taster.

Sanders: Okay. I say, okay y'all. It's time fo' the judging contest now.


Niecy along, with her daughter; Lisa Bonet Smiles-Tyson & son; Scott 'Scottie' P. Tyson, was nervous.

Niecy: I hope, my chicken's gonna win.

Lisa: Don't worry, ma. Even if da colonel doesn't think, yo' chicken's good. We still do.

Scott: Yeah. Yo' chicken is da best in da south.

Niecy: Thanks.

Lisa: Even, if you don't win, it's not like 'yo gonna become da world's most popular chicken producer from this.

Niecy: Yeah.

Then she notices Sanders coming.

Niecy: Oop! Here he comes. Smile & look presentable.

Sanders walked up.

Sanders: Lemme, I say, lemme taste some of that chicken.

He tastes the chicken.

Sanders: Oh lord! This is, I say, this is the best chicken, I've ever had! What is your name, Ms?

Niecy: Niecy Smiles-Tyson, sir.



He gives her the winning trophy.

Sanders: Here you go, Ms. Niecy. Here's yo' trophy. How 'bout you work for me?

Niecy: I dunno. Lemme talk about this to my family.

Then she talked to her kids.

Niecy: Should I do this?

Scott: I dunno. He make take advantage of you.

Lisa: Don't listen to him. Go ahead & work fo' him. If things, go bad, you can still become da world's popular chicken producer.

Niecy: Hmmm. You have a good point there. I'll do it.

Then she turned to Sanders.

Niecy: You have a deal, my fine sir.

Sanders: I knew, that you would come to my side, Ms. You're not gonna regret this.

Niecy:(puts on fake smile) I hope not. I hope not.

(End Flashback)

"So, what happened?" Lazlo asked. "Well, tha colonel stole great grandmotha's Niecy's recipe & after all dat; she became tha creator of Tyson's chicken products." Penny said, as she flipped the fish in the skillet. "One of tha world's famous chicken producers." "So you know, the secret ingredients for the chicken then?" Patsy asked. "Yep." answered Penny. "But I swore not to tell anyone."

Soon, the fish was done. "Aight. Tha fish's done. Now we can eat." "Damn! That smells good." Lazlo said as he breathe in. "Tha smell's one of tha good things, 'bout my fish." Penny started, as she cut a piece of her fish. "Tha actual meat is tha greatest part." Lazlo takes a taste of his fish. "Oh my god! This is the best tastin' fish, I ever had, Penny!" he awed as he ate a little more. "Thanks G." Penny said as she ate some of her fish. Patsy watched the two eat their dinners & decided that she might as well eat the fish too.

Little bit later, now. The trio had just got done eating their dinner. "Oh god!" Patsy burped. "That was a pretty fillin' meal." "It sure was." Lazlo said, as he yawned. "Damn! I'm tried." "Dat's what happens when you eat my fish or chicken." Penny said as she threw the bones on her plate away. "Yo'll get stuffed & sleepy." "What time is it?" Lazlo asked. Patsy looked at the clock. It was almost 10:30. "It's almost 10:30." "Well. Time fo' me to hit tha bed." Penny said. "I gotta rest up, so I can be ready to beat dat bitch's head in tomorrow." "Wise idea." Lazlo said, getting up from the table. "I shall be goin'." "G'night, G." Penny called after him. "Good night, Penny." Lazlo said, as he went over to Patsy. He dipped her back & gave her goodnight kiss. "Good night, Patsy darling." "G'night, Lazlo dear." Patsy said. "See you in the morning."

It was the next morning now. News about Penny's fight, had gotten around to everyone at camp. Peter was with Penny. They was making preparations for the fight. Penny had plenty of food & drinks, along with a safe, to keep them safe from fat ass. "When is this girl suppose to come?" Peter asked. "Sometime later today." Penny asked, as she locked up the safe. "Why you ask?" "Because, of those tasty-lookin' snacks!" Peter said, as he drooled. Penny was cross. "No! Those snacks are not fo' yo' fat ass! Those are fo' tha fuckin' crowd!" "Oh, dammit!" Peter pouted angrily. "Don't you got those tons of food, dat dumb ass Lois, brought yesterday?" Penny asked. "Oh yeah!" Peter exclaimed. "I forgot all about those!" Then he runs off. "Thank you, Ms. Penny!" "What a stupid piece of shit!" Penny sniffed. Just then, Lazlo & Patsy walked up to her. "So, are you gonna train some more, before Penny comes, Penny?" Patsy asked. "Yeah, a lil' bit, P." Penny replied. Lazlo looks around. "Damn! I guess, you wasn't kiddin', Patsy. You told Quagmire to make a whole lot of ads for Penny's fight." "See? I wasn't lyin', dear." Patsy said. Just then, Clam walks up to them. "Uh, where's the place, to uh, place bets at?" "It's where tha dog is at." Penny started. "In his quarters." "Thanks." Clam said, as he ran off towards Brian's quarters. "Damn! Even Clam's bettin'." Lazlo said, as he turned to Penny. "I bet this fight's gonna be worth it." "Yeah." Penny said. "Time to train some mo'! Let's go!" Then the trio leaves, to train.

Meanwhile, Brian was collecting everyone's bet, when Stewie walked up to him. "So. You're collectin' everyone's bets, huh?" he asked. "Yep." the dog said, as he collected a background loser's bet. "Can I place a bet?" Stewie asked. "How much are you willin' to place?" Brian asked. "I'm willin' to place $70 for Hip Hop Girl to win." Stewie said. "Alright." Brian said, as he wrote down the information. "$70 dollars it is." "Alright." Stewie said. "Are you gonna pay me, when Penny wins?" Brian asked. "Yeah. Yeah. Sure." Stewie said quickly. "I will." Then he leaves.

Then a nobody walks up to the dog. "How much are you willin' to place?" Brian asked. "I'm willin' to place $10." The background loser said. "Ha! $10 dollars?" Brian laughed. "Are you kiddin' me?" "No." The background loser said. "My mom always send me $10 dollars, for lunch." "Well, you better keep your puny $10 dollars." Brian started. "Only big wigs, that bet $30 dollars or more, are allowed to place bets here. So, just spend your puny $10 dollars on some McDonald's. NEXT!" The background loser walks sadly away. "Stupid dog!" he muttered as it was the only swear, that he can say. The audience laughs at his childness.

It was much later now. Everyone was getting ready for the big fight. Patsy & Lazlo was helping Penny prep. "So, is dat bitch here yet?" Penny asked. "No. Not yet." Patsy said. "Good." Penny said. "This gives me plenty of time fo' tha crowd to build & mo' time to prep." "I hope, there's enough snacks." Lazlo muttered. "You know, how fatty can get." "Yeah." Patsy muttered. "Not to worry 'bout him." Penny started. "I've got him enough grub to keep him occupied."


Peter was sitting nearby. There was two truckloads of McDonald's. He was eating.

Peter: Oh god! These McDonald's cheeseburgers are good!

He eats 25 more.

Peter: MmmhmmmMmm! I hope, these last, until the fight's over.

(End cutaway)

"Hopefully, those'll last him, until I beat tha shit outta dat stupid bitch." Penny said. After the CG Penny got done saying that, TPF Penny arrives in her car. The brakes on the car squealed. Everyone in the crowd noticed. "She's here!" someone in the crowd shouted. "So you noticed that, huh?" someone else said to the aformentioned person. "Shut the hell up." said the first person. "Hey, mongoose bitch!" TPF Penny shouted. "Where you at? Come out, so I can rip dat so-called face off yo' fuckin' head!" CG Penny responded to this. "You! You come over here, where tha fuckin' crowd is!" So TPF Penny did. "Well. Well. Well. We finally meet." TPF Penny said smugly to the CG Penny. "Yeah. I've been trainin' my ass off & now I'm finally gonna beat tha shit outta yo' ass." CG Penny sniffed. "I'm gonna wipe up tha floor wit you." TPF Penny said as she pointed in CG Penny's face. "Fuck you." CG Penny muttered crossily. Just then, Lazlo got inbetween them. "Ladies! Save your fighting, until we get to the crowd! So get ready." So the gonna-be fighters, went to the ring.

Lazlo got into the ring. "Ladies & Gentlemen. It's the time, that you all been waitin' for." The crowd cheered. Lazlo turns to TPF Penny's corner. "In the Magneta corner. Weighin' 130lbs & wearin' magneta top & trunks. She's a startin' quarterback for her high school football team. She's spoiled & loves to whine. Penny Proud!" "BOOO!" the crowd hissed, as they threw stuff at her. "You suck!" Peter shouted. "Oh, go fuck yo'selves!" TPF Penny jeered, as she kicked some of the stuff, that the crowd threw at her.

Lazlo turns to CG Penny's corner now. "In the midnight blue corner, wearin' black & dark navy blue top & trunks, weighin' 115lbs., She's the main star of her high school basketball team. She loves to beat up stupid ass people, just for the fun of it. Your friend & mines. Annette 'Penny' Smiles." The Crowd cheered. The two fighters walked to the middle of the ring. "Alright. Remember the rules. The fighter, that's KO's the other first, is the winner & the greatest Penny of all animated shows." Lazlo said, as he moved out the way. "START FIGHTIN'!"


A/N: The fight sequence will be in a cutaway type way.

(Fight scene)

TPF Penny throws the first punch at CG Penny, fortuately; CG Penny ducked, making TPF Penny slam into a wall.

CG Penny: Ha!Ha! You missed you dumb bitch.

Then CG Penny throws a punch into TPF Penny's face. The punch landed on her face. The audience & crowd cheered. TPF Penny held her bleeding nose.

TPF Penny: You broke my nose!

CG Penny: Yeah.

TPF Penny: Now it's time fo' me to break somethin' of yo's!

Then TPF Penny stands up & attacks, well tried to attack the CG Penny. The CG Penny saw this coming & grabs TPF Penny's neck & started twirling her in the air.

TPF Penny: Whoaaaaaaa!

CG Penny: Shut up, you stupid bitch!

Then she slams TPF Penny into the ground. The crowd cheers.


Then TPF Penny stands up.

TPF Penny:(pissed) Dat's it! I'm gonna get you now!

Then she goes for the attack again, but CG Penny jumps into the air & TPF Penny slams her head against a pole. The Hanna-Barbera 'clunk' sound effect was heard. the crowd laughs and applaudes & so does the Camp Griffin audience. TPF Penny falls onto the floor.

CG Penny: Ha! This is so easy!

Then TPF Penny stands up. Blood dripping from her forehead. She was extremely pissed.


She pounces onto CG Penny. Fortunately, CG Penny grabs TPF Penny grabs her by the neck again & starts choking her.

CG Penny: Die ho'!

She then slams TPF Penny onto the ground again & starts stomping on her. The crowd cheers.


After seven minutes of stomping on TPF Penny, CG Penny gets off her.

CG Penny:(takes a deep breath) Ahhh! I can just smell victory!

TPF Penny. Even more bloody, stands up.

TPF Penny: D-Dat's it! Yo' done fo'!

She releases a punch & the punch lands into CG Penny's nose. The crowd boos.


TPF Penny: How d'you like dat?

CG Penny wipes the blood from her nose.

CG Penny: You made me bleed my own blood.

TPF Penny: Dat's right.


Then she takes out a Penny Triple decka & a Fred G. Sanford dog & eats them. The powerup sound from the Super Mario Bros. was heard. Eating the items made her more muscle bound & stronger.

CG Penny: Say yo' prayers, yellow ho'!


Then CG Penny grabs TPF Penny's head & starts punching the shit outta it. Pretty fast too. 200 to 300 punch per minute. The crowd goes wild & started chanting; 'Beat her ass!' 'Beat her ass!'


The stronger CG Penny's punching lasts for ten minutes. Ten minutes later, CG Penny drops TPF Penny. The crowd was cheering & TPF Penny was coughing up blood.

CG Penny: Give up?

TPF Penny: N-No. I-I-I'm gonna kill you, e-even if it's gonna k-kill me.

CG Penny: Dat sounds like, a wise idea.

Then CG Penny picks up TPF Penny by her pigtails & started swinging her by them. TPF Penny was screaming.


CG Penny: Shut tha fuck up!

Then CG Penny slams TPF Penny into the ground. The crowd goes wild.

crowd: YEA! YAY!

The scene is on Lazlo & Patsy.

Lazlo: Go Penny!

Patsy: Kill the fuckin' bitch! Defend our family name!

Lazlo: And defend the show's name too!

CG Penny takes out another Fred G. Sanford dog, loaded with extra chilli & cheese.

CG Penny: Time to end this!

She throws the dog into her mouth & eats it. The Mario Bros. powerup sound plays again. Then she suddenly becomes more muscle bound & powerful. She starts jumping. On the fifth jump, she went airborne & turns into a ball & starts spinning.

The scene is on the crowd now.

Stewie: What's the bloody hell's she doin'?

Patsy: Looks like, she's gonna do her bodyslam move.

Lazlo: Except, it's gonna be millions of times, as painful.

The CG Penny ball stops spinning & turns back into CG Penny, who is ready to slam down onto TPF Penny.


Then she slams into TPF Penny. When she did that, there was aftershocks felt everywhere, within the 70 mile radius of the camp. There was a eerie silence as dust flew. After the dust cleared, CG Penny stands up & looks down on TPF Penny, who was flat as a pancake. A bloody pancake.

CG Penny: Do you give up?

TPF Penny:(weakly) Y-Yes. I give up. Y-Yo' tha b-better P-Penny.

Lazlo runs up to CG Penny & raises her hand.


crowd: YAAAYYYY!


Then the entire crowd comes over to CG Penny & lift her into the air.


Then they put her down.

Patsy: Let's celebrate Penny's win!

Penny: And I'm payin'!

Nina: What are we gonna have?

Penny: Why pizza, of course, double N.

crowd: YAY!

Peter: Pizza? Mmmm!

He starts drooling up a river, as the audience laughs. The crowd leaves, leaving Penny, Patsy, & Lazlo. They look at TPF Penny.

Patsy: What'll we do with her?

Penny: I'll handle it, P. You & yo' boy go join tha others.

So Lazlo & Patsy ran off. And CG Penny looks into TPF Penny's face.

CG Penny: Now, it's time to dispose of yo' ass. Ha!Ha!Ha!

The scene goes black as she was about to grab TPF Penny. CG Penny's evil laughter can be heard.

(End full fight cutaway)

Later, at 'Springer's Pizza & Junk', everyone was at a large table. At the table was plenty of pizzas, wings, & pop. Peter then stands up, holding a glass of water. "Before we eat. I would like to give Ms. Penny, the 'beat the shit out of a character from another series' badge." Everyone applauded as Peter put the badge onto Penny's black vest, right next to her 'knife-throwin' badge'. "You also get a check for $589,726,000 dollars." Everybody applauded as he gave Penny the check. Peter then held up his glass. "I would like to make a toast." Everybody held up their glasses. "To Ms. Penny. For beatin' the shit out of a totally useless character, from a really bad show." "Amen!" the campers replied. The audience applauded in agreement.

Patsy then stood up with her glass. "I would like to make another toast." Then she turned to her cousin. "To Penny. For defendin' the family name, in the time of crisis & for bein' awesome & cool." "YEAH!" Everybody else said as they clunked glasses. "And she's sexy too!" Quagmire added. "Now, let's start eatin'!" Peter exclaimed as he took a slice of his pizza, which had everything, but a kitchen sink. "Mmm! Pizza loaded with everything. Mmmm!"

The scene is on Lazlo, Patsy, & Penny now. "So." Lazlo said as he took a bite from his pepperoni & cheese pizza. "What did you end up, doin' with Penny Proud?" "Oh. She's bein' exaimed by some top men, Laz." Penny said as she took a bite from her slice of pepperoni, sausage, peppers, & extra cheese pizza. "Who?" Patsy asked, as she took a bite from her triple pepperoni pizza. "Top...Men." Penny said, in a serious tone.


It shows a guy hammering a nail into a crate, then putting a deadbolt lock, to keep it secure.

Then it shows the man, pushing the crate on a trolley, through a long secret government warehouse, full of other crates. He keeps going, until he gets to a path & turns left.

(End cutaway)

A/N: If you don't get this joke, it's based on Raiders of the Lost Ark & Family Guy episodes; 'Peter's Got Woods' & 'Back to the Woods'.

Well, this chapter starts, the beginning of a long feud between Penny Smiles & Penny Proud. I promise, there's gonna be more chapters like this in the spinoff fics.