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Yuki waited for her best friend to wake up once more but she feel asleep as will.

Yuki dream

Yuki was in a dark room with fog all around her.

'it's almost time.' she head as she turn

"who's there?" she yelled as she kept turning but there was nothing

'you know who this is.." it said

"no I don't who is it?" she asked out lode

'but I been with you all your life.' it said Yuki stared to run but only ended up trap.

'you can run from me yuki …"

"how do you know my name?" she asked

"how Yuki you know who I am or do I have to show myself?" it asked al suddenly there where mirrors all around her it was a maze she try and get out but she count.

"so do you know who I am now?" it asked her it sounded like she was behind yuki she turn to see a mirror inform of her, all the others turn black and when into that one then her reflex smiled back at her and said

"that right am you." it came out and yuki looked at her it was her but with longer hair.

"And soon I will be out of here and be out there then you will know how it feel to be trap in your own body for 15 hell whole years!" it yelled at she went to yuki but she woke up. Once she was up she saw Yoir up

"Yuki are you ok? What wrong?" she asked

"Oh Yoir am so happy your Ok I was so worry I so happy." Yuki said hugging her friend

"ya am happy your ok too but where are we?"

"we are at Kaname's caster don't worry they won't hurt us he won't let them but we cant go out of the room with out him ok." Yuki said to her friend, her best friend nodded .

"But yuki what about Zero and the headmaster and the others?" she asked her

"I don't know Yori I really don't know but I think they are ok but am not such kaname went to see If he could find any one and he found you am just happy your OK but I think you should take a bath the bathroom is other there and then you can eat it looks like Mrs. Madori came in while we where asleep and broth me food as will and she broth clothiers for you but go on to the bathroom for the bath I'll tell you everything after your done…" Yoir did as Yuki told her and head to the bathroom as she left Yuki there alone to think of her dream.. It was the same dream she would get once every year she never know what it meant or if she could believe in it since she only had it once a yare but it feel so real how could she not. But then again it was only a dream right that all that it was…

With kaname

Sara came in to the house and saw that kaname was wafting for her.

"kaname my boy how have you been?" she asked as she hugged him

"am find grandmother but what do I do I have to your visit?" Kaname asked

"Kaname the dark one will be coming here soon you need to be at the really she will come and destroy the world if her host is not strong enough. To hold it back" she said looking at kaname who looked like he could care less.

"kaname you must take this serce you never know when that best could come out and we should find the girl who has it in her and try and do something she cant let it out of her." Sara said she looked scared

"Grandmother please its just a story you use to tell to scare me as a boy. " he said shouting his grandmother off.

"oh kaname if only you had an open mind where did we go wrong with you?" Sara asked

"nothing I just don't believe in that like I do and I never will." kaname said not waiting to hear what else his grandmother had to say….