'the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects' (New Oxford Dictionary of English).

When Yachiru killed her first man, she giggled and peered up at Kenpachi, waiting earnestly for her praise.

When Kenpachi killed his first man, he – well, he couldn't actually remember a thing, but he was pretty damn sure that he would've just moved right on to the next one.


Yachiru's first sight of blood, of death and killing, should have been frightening. It should have shocked her to the very core, numbed her so she couldn't even wail like babies do when they're scared.

It wasn't, though. That was when she first met him; Zaraki Kenpachi. How could she be afraid when it was him? Ken-chan would never do anything to hurt her. He gave her a name, and looked after her. He even fed her, when her hunger grew as her power did.


"It's that way."

Her voice was steady, forceful, sure.

Ikkaku blinked, opening his mouth to speak and snapping it shut with an almost audible pop as three baleful glaring eyes turned on him.

Again, Yachiru spoke, pointing one small arm in the direction she faced. "That way, Ken-chan."

Her captain beneath her started running, again.


The first bath, he was pretty sure, was an honest-to-gods living nightmare. And at the same time he had the feeling that it was something wonderful, something understated. All he could remember was ripping the dead captain's fluttering garment, soaked with blood, and tossing it over one shoulder, then roaring for a place to get fed and sleep.

Some trembling kid – probably Fourth Division, now that he thought about it – was the lucky one chosen to lead him. The same sniveling boy drew the water for the bath, and consequently freaked out as, stripping off his outer robes, the self-named Zaraki drew a tiny snoozing Yachiru from her secure pouch on his back.

From then on it was all steam and soap bubbles and Yachiru's giggles. He could remember his eyes hurting like hell and Yachiru laughing even more, and he could remember warm bedding and sake that burned a fiery path all the way down his throat.

On reflection, maybe it wasn't all that bad.


Ken-chan had an awful lot of power, she noted. The building had exploded like it was a dandelion, but with a lot more mess and dust.

She sighed happily. He was finally having fun.

That'll do. :3 Yachiru's so damn cute. And Yachiru and Zaraki together equal cracktastic loveliness. I can picture all these little moments… but, um, yeah, don't try to make any sense of this. It's all just random moments I can picture.