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Behind Closed Doors

Summary - When LA Lakers superstar, Lucas Scott and mystery brunette, Brooke Davis embark on a risky affair there's bound to be hidden consequences. But, neither of them expected this. Two people are about to experience love in its purest form. Its BL as you've never seen them before in this twisted tale of sex, lies and betrayal.

Chapter One - Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

Her hips swayed in time to the heavy beats of the thumping music; the short denim skirt she was wearing riding a little higher with every shake of her ass. Her long silky brunette hair framing her face in small curls of perfection, and the thick black eyeliner she'd spent so much time applying at the start of the night was now smudged sexily around her hazel/green eyes.

She was the definition of sexy.

She knew it. Everyone knew it.

Every set of eyes in the club rested on her form. Every guy hungry to undress her. Every girl wishing for her confidence and her beauty.

But they didn't know the truth.

Nobody knew the truth.

If they did, they wouldn't fantasize about a night with her. They definitely wouldn't wish for her life.

As the song faded out, she stepped down from the shiny silver platform and made her way across the crowded dance floor to the huge neon lit bar. A sexy snap coming with her every step, and her newly manicured fingernails gently moving the loose strands of hair away from her sticky glossed lips.

Giving a quick nod to one of the bartenders, she sat down on one of the only vacant stools, crossing one toned leg over the other and waiting on her drink.

He watched her from afar as she downed yet another double vodka. Judging by her blank expression, he guessed, this time the clear liquid had burned a lot less. Maybe, after seven drinks, she'd become immune to the pain. Or maybe she was just so use to doing this that it failed to affect her anymore.

Either way, Lucas wanted to know more.

He'd watched this woman do the same thing for five nights in a row now. For five nights she'd sat in the same place. In the same bar. Drinking the same drinks. For five nights he'd watched her as she'd offer passing people false smiles. Ones that had no feeling behind them. Ones that had just been plastered on her face, but had never connected with what she was really feeling.

He'd watched as this stranger broke down before his eyes.

He'd wondered what had gotten her to the point where she'd been drinking alone in a crowded bar, especially tonight on a Saturday.

But then again, he was too.

He looked on as she made her way back to the dance floor. Looked on as she tried hard to balance in the silver stiletto's from which ten perfectly pedicured toenails poked out from. He looked on as she attempted to block, whatever it was that was in her thoughts, from her mind.

He looked on as this stranger lived a lie.

He didn't know why he cared so much. And, he knew this woman shouldn't be the one occupying his thoughts. Not when he had a wife at home. Not when he knew even being seen looking at another woman would be all over the tabloids tomorrow. But, he just couldn't seem to get her off his mind. No matter how dangerous he knew this could get.

His fingers traced the shape of the gold band that rested on the third finger of his left hand. The gold band that suddenly seemed to too tight. The gold band that hadn't been placed there out of love, but out of greed.

Greed for his money.

Greed for his lifestyle.

Greed for the limelight.

But, then he'd come to expect nothing less of Rachel Gattina. Three years they'd been married. At times he'd been happy with her. But, those times where now long gone. She thrived on the rich and famous lifestyle, whilst he preferred to stay out of the limelight. She loved to drag him along to the hottest parties, whilst he favoured a few drinks and a movie with friends. She was a renowned 'it' girl, living solely on his money, and he was still the loner from Tree Hill just playing a sport that he loved.

They were Hollywood's golden couple. Ideal in every way.

Or so people thought.

"Brooke, I thought we agreed you'd had your last?" a voice broke Lucas from his thoughts, and he looked up to see the bartender hand an empty glass back to the mystery brunette

"Just one more drink" she slurred, whilst hanging onto the collar of his shirt to keep herself upright

"I think you've had enough…Maybe you should call it a night"

"Or maybe you should fill my glass, like I asked" she reached over the bar and grabbed a vodka bottle but didn't get chance to drink it before the bartender snatched it back

"Look, just leave now, and I wont be forced to call security, okay?" the bartender told her in a friendly manner

"I just want a drink? What's the big deal?…this is a bar, right?" she began to raise her voice, as the bartender gave a quick nod toward security, and the bartender supplied Lucas with the beer he'd ordered a few minutes ago "You just gave him a drink" she pointed across the bar, and it was only after a few seconds that Lucas realised it was him that she was referring too. He instantly put down the drink as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat "But I guess the rich and famous get different treatment to the rest of us don't they?"

"Come on, miss. We'll call you a cab" a security guy told her, as he escorted out of the door

"I'm so sorry about that Mr. Scott" the bartender apologized with some embarrassment "I know the last thing you need is some drunk yelling at you after a hard days training, its just that she can get a little rowdy sometimes"

"Its fine" Lucas shrugged

"You've been in here a lot recently, and its not often we get someone of your status in here. I don't want you to think that this will ever happen again if you decide to return. I assure you, after tonight, Brooke will be banned from entering the bar" the bartender explained with sincerity "Anything else you require tonight will be on us"

"Its fine. Really. You don't have to do that" Lucas reassured him. It wasn't like he wasn't grateful for the apology and the offer, it was just that he didn't think he deserved it. Sometimes he just wanted to be treated like any other 'normal' person. But, fast becoming the most successful LA Lakers player ever, he was well aware he was never going to be treated 'normally' ever again "She comes in here a lot, doesn't she?" Lucas asked, his gaze wondering out of the door Brooke had been escorted through only moments ago

"Who? Brooke?" Lucas nodded "She comes in here two or three times a week. We usually end up calling Nick to come pick her up, but he's out of town right now. That's probably why she's gotten more wasted than normal, I guess she's just missing him or something"


"Chavez" the bartender informed him "You know, the racing car driver?"

"Yeah" Lucas nodded, aware of who he was referring too.

Nick had been in the pro-racing business for a few years now. He also owned a chain of lavish nightclubs, and was always seen walking the red carpets, or attending the latest parties.

"He's a nice guy. It makes me wonder why she drinks herself into a hole every night"

Lucas nodded along like he didn't care either way but deep down inside he was itching to no more. Drinking the last of his beer, he stood up "Thanks for the drink, man" he laid the empty bottle back down on the bar, before walking away and out of the double doors.

He noticed her immediately, sitting on the stairs to the right of the door he'd just exited from. He thought about walking away. He thought about walking away and never giving this woman a second thought again. But, he knew that'd be impossible.

He was already in too deep.

His thoughts were already consumed by her mystery. Her beauty. Her life.

Without saying a word, without making any eye contact whatsoever, Lucas sat down on the stairs beside her.

"What are you doing?" she asked as soon as his behind had hit the cold metal of the stair

"Waiting with you until your cab gets here"

"Why?" the brunette replied, wondering why someone as famous and as well recognised as Lucas Scott would want to spend any part of his Saturday night with her, especially in the drunken state she'd gotten herself in.

"Because your alone"


"Its dark out…" Lucas glanced around at the midnight sky, which looked so beautiful but still he was well aware of the danger the darkness could be for a young woman, especially one that was wasted and alone "And, your upse-"

"-I'm not upset"

And, there were those defences. Those barriers that appeared every time someone attempted to get to know her. Those walls she'd trap herself in whenever someone would tell her she wasn't as happy as she made herself believe.

"Then, why on a Saturday night, are you getting wasted by yourself?" he hadn't meant it to sound like he was prying, he'd just wanted to make conversation

She shook her head a little, and rolled her eyes "I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand"

"Someone like me?"

Brooke shrugged "Perfect career. Perfect marriage…Perfect life"

The blonde looked to the ground. His eyes focused on nothing but the pavement underneath his feet. She didn't no the half of it. Or maybe she did. "Things aren't always as they seem"

Brooke let out a stifled laugh "Yeah. Right"

"Right" he told her "I'm sure you have people believe your happy too, but looking at you now…" his eyes now locked with hers, blue mixing with brown "…I'd say you were anything but that"

For a second she could almost feel herself getting drawn in. She could almost feel herself getting lost in his gaze. But, she wasn't going to let it happen. She couldn't let it happen. Not after she'd spent so long making people believe she was so happy. Making herself believe she was happy.

"You know nothing about me" she retorted "None of you people no anything about me"

He kept eye contact as she continued to fight to keep her guard up "Whose fault is that?"

That was the final straw. He could see it in her eyes. She'd snapped. He'd pushed her too far "I'm sorry, did we not just meet like five seconds ago?…and now your claiming to know everything about me?" she stood up, her expression becoming more irritated with every second "You famous sports guys are all the same, you think you know everything…what people forget to remind you of is you bounce a fucking orange ball around, or race fucking cars for a living…" the latter, Lucas guessed was referring to her boyfriend "Its hardly rocket science is it?"

He wasn't at all surprised by how quickly Brooke had become so defensive. He'd expected that. He'd expected her to lash out at him as soon as she realised he'd seen through her defences "Your right" Lucas rose to his feet "Your totally, one hundred percent right…I don't know you. I have no right to judge" he admitted, much to her surprise. She'd expected him to argue back. To yell at her, and curse her. And, tell how rude and obnoxious she was.

She'd expected him to give her what she deserved.

But, instead he offered her a small smile. One that was genuine, and sweet. One that made her feel guilty for her horrible attitude towards him. Not that she'd ever say sorry. She had too much pride for that.

"Cab for Brooke Davis" a man shouted from the drivers seat of a yellow cab that had just pulled up behind Lucas

Lucas turned and opened up the back door of the cab, as Brooke paused a little before getting inside. He shut the door behind her, and poked his head through the open window. His ocean blue eyes occupying her hazel ones. She thought this would be when he'd make some hurtful remark. She thought this would be when he'd yell at her for being rude. Nobody could take that kind of attitude from a stranger and stay so cool and calm, she thought.

"Have a safe ride home Miss. Davis"

She thought wrong.


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