Remembrance—Chapter One

John Preston stretched out as far as he could on his twin bed and stared at the window. He sighed. He could never stare out of the window because the view had been blocked out by white adhesive. Although staring out the window was not a sense offense, the feelings stirred up by the weather were, so all buildings with windows were blocked out by white adhesive. Normally, this did not bother Preston since he was outside all day anyway, but today, he would have liked to have seen a view.

For the first time in four years, John thought of his spouse. Dupont, the vice counsel to Father, had reminded Preston that John's wife had been terminated for sense offense. Since the day of her arrest, Preston had blocked all thoughts of his spouse from his mind, especially since as one of the highest-ranking clerics in the Grammaton, he was held to the highest standards in the country. After his spouse's termination, Preston had become colder, harder and in the words of his brand new partner, even more uncompromising. If any person in the Grammaton wondered about Preston's loyalty, John's brutality quickly quashed those thoughts. Even Preston's own children had grown even more wary of their father. Soon, all trace of Preston's spouse were gone.

Yet today, she had been reborn from the lips of the vice counsel.

John shook his head and slowly fell asleep. He dreamed of his spouse for the first time since her death. He had been walking into the hallway when he stopped to watch her. He always enjoyed watching her. She was folding clothes and had turned when she dropped a belt. She bent to pick it up and looked up to see him watching her. He continued to stare as she smiled at him. Their eyes seemed to connect for the first time in their marriage when the door burst open from the outside.

It was the sense police. Realizing they were about to arrest his spouse, John did something unforgivable: he rushed to defend her. He nearly killed one police officer and held a gun to the throat of another. Preston was not thinking, but working on pure instinct. He would have killed all of them to defend his spouse. That, in itself, was a sense offense worthy of termination. To calm Preston's killing rage, a police officer told him that his spouse was guilty of sense offense. The charge was enough to shock Preston who slowly turned to look at his wife.

She was calm, staring at him as if she had never really seen him before today. She realized at this moment that her spouse actually felt something for her too. Suddenly, she broke away from the police officer's grip and ran toward Preston. Wrapping her arms around her spouse, she kissed him with a passion that neither had experienced before. The police officers pulled her off and she stared into Preston's shocked face and said two words: Remember me.

Preston awoke with his spouse's face on his mind. He did remember her. In fact, the vice counsel had opened painful memories that Preston would have rather left untouched. No matter how many doses of Prozium he took, Preston still remembered his wife.