Shunpo to the Future! – Brand New World

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"So… let me get this straight. You're from 50 years in the future and somehow by accident, you got thrown back to this time period?" asked Urahara in a sceptical tone.

Ichigo nodded from his seat in the cleaned up dining room. "That's right. It's thanks to this device I got here in front of me. The original shell was that of another vehicle. I think that shell's properties along with the special kido that you came up with in my timeframe allowed me to travel back in the first place. When I tried the same with this new shell, all it did was warp me to this location… just where the heck are we anyway?"

Soken totally ignored Ichigo's question as he appeared to be zoned out. "Yoruichi's a woman…"

"You really should relax a bit, Soken-kun. At this rate, you'll undo all of the patching up that Tessai did for your stressed muscles," purred the ex-Commander-in-Chief of the Covert Ops while her fingers danced over the Quincy's white top.

"Take it easy on the boys, would you? Please change back into your cat form or go upstairs to change into some clothes," muttered Urahara.

"You're no fun." Nonetheless, she complied and left the dining room with a slight sway in her step. It took a great amount of effort for Ichigo and Soken to keep their eyes focused on something else other than her bared behind.

"So… are you willing to help me out, Urahara?"

"If you don't mind, I would like to conduct a little test to prove that you really are from the future, Kurosaki-san. Hold on a second." The man got up from his seat and left the room to go get something. This left Ichigo and Soken alone for a bit.

"…… Yoruichi's a woman," mumbled the Quincy in a dazed tone.

"You're taking this well. I freaked when I saw her for the first time…" He helped himself to a tea biscuit from a batch that was used to replace the cookies that he had scattered earlier.

"…… Yoruichi sounded so much like a guy as a cat. It's…… mind boggling."

"No argument here…" It was at that moment that Urahara returned to the dining room with a small box in his hands and took his seat at the table.

"Now you told me that I helped to restore your Shinigami powers after you had gotten into a fight over your head and had your Soul Sleep and Chain Link destroyed. If that's the case, then I would like you to say the incantation to activate the item in the box as proof that I had helped you in your timeframe." The man passed the box towards Ichigo, who opened it and gasped at the item in the box.

"T-this is…!"

Soken snapped out of his daze as his curiosity got the better of him. "A white piece of headgear… and white combat gloves?"

"You actually expect me to say… that?!" screeched Ichigo at the former Twelfth Division Captain.

"It's probably the most certain way for me to know that you speak the truth," said Urahara without batting an eye.

The orange-haired youth ground his teeth and cursed under his breath for a bit before forcing the lines out of his mouth.

"Take this, the Power of Righteousness! Righteous Armour, the JUSTICE Headband! Equip!"

Soken blinked a few times before a chortle escaped his lips. Soon, he was laughing his butt off while Urahara nodded in approval. "Well, that's definite proof enough. I only came up with that saying last week."

"You are such a bastard, you know that? Why couldn't you just ask me something else about the Shattered Shaft? Or those… just where are those kids of yours? Jinta and Ururu?"

Urahara had a slightly surprised look on his face. "Kids… oh, now I understand what you mean. I actually haven't created a gigai yet for those two modified souls."

It was now Ichigo's turn to be surprised while Soken was able to calm down from earlier. "Mod souls?!"

"Of course. I created the first one specifically as an anti-Shinigami combatant while modifying the other one as its support unit. Were you expecting that a human soul would be able to fight at that level right off the bat?"

Rukia's words on the subject and memories of his first meeting with Kon surfaced. "Mod souls… you were involved in that project?"

A genuine look of regret appeared on the man's face. "It was a different time back then. The project had come up shortly after the Shinigami Quincy war ended since our numbers at the time weren't enough to deal with the rate of Hollow emergences. I'm not exactly sure when the ethical issue came up but I'm glad it did. Implementing enhancements on normal human souls shortly after they die in the living world and forcing them to fight Hollows… that was truly a violation of individual freedom."

He sighed once before the cheerful expression returned. "Well, let's not talk about that depressing stuff! Let's see what we can do to help you out with your problem!"


"So you're pretty convinced he is who he says he is…"

Urahara briefly glanced at the visitor to his workshop. "That's right. I've already disassembled the shell and examined the core which powers this device. I can recognize some bits of my handiwork here… if only he had a sample of the original shell!"

Yoruichi, who was now dressed in her standard combat uniform since it's probably the only thing she felt comfortable wearing nowadays, glanced at the shell that had been used previously. "A Volkswagen Beetle? What kind of fruitcake would use that for a shell?"

"Ichigo told me that it was the work of a clown. I do admit that's an interesting insult for Mayuri," said the former Twelfth Division Captain with a light chuckle.

His companion walked into the room and opened the bottle of milk that she had in her hands. "You know… since you're convinced that he is from the future, we can get some interesting information out of him. He seems to be caught up in some major events surrounding Soul Society. Maybe we can make some good use out of what he could tell us."

"I don't think that would be a wise idea. Anything we know about the future could trigger a time paradox on a scale that we can't even imagine. I'm actually certain that we're already caught in a causality loop."

"…… oh?" It was the only response that she could give which made her sound intelligent enough to understand what Urahara was saying.

"Well, to be more technical… it would probably be an ontological paradox which also occurs at the same time as the predestination paradox. Kurosaki-san, regardless of whether it was intentional or not, has essentially altered this time frame. Information from the future has already changed the past and that information will likely be the foundation of future events that will shape the timeframe he is familiar with. For example, my exposure to the kido core here will undoubtedly remain in my memory until I create the same kido core that fuels the device that Kurosaki-san uses to travel here."

"……" Yoruichi chose not to say anything while sipping her milk. Honestly, this whole paradox stuff is giving her a headache.

"Judging from your enthusiasm to obtain information earlier, you are probably an unconscious believer of the parallel universes theory or the relative timeline resolution theory. Honestly, there's no way to tell whether we have actual parallel universes or whether each individual has their own unique timeline in the same universe. I must say that the enigmatic riddle that Kurosaki-san has presented is quite intriguing. I'll probably have to keep an eye out on him once he's born…"

"Uh… just out of curiosity, how long do you think it would take to assist Ichigo?"

Urahara stroked his chin as he gave it some thought. "I can't say for sure. I'll need time to examine the core so I know how its energy output works and then I need time to build a proper shell so that the output and shell are in sync to throw Kurosaki-san through time to his desired timeframe. I'm thinking a week at the minimum…"

"In that case, I'll let you get back to work." The ex-Commander-in-Chief of the Covert Ops quietly slipped out the door and back to where Soken and Ichigo were quietly engaged in small talk. The Shinigami noticed Yoruichi's presence and got up from his spot on the couch.


"At least a week but don't worry too much about it. We won't be easily found by Soul Society. After all, we've been out of their radar for the past fifty years ever since the Central 46 Chambers passed down their decision to execute Kisuke," said the woman as she finished her milk.

"Judgement? What did Urahara-san do?" asked Soken.

"It's a long story and it's not mine to tell." She tossed the bottle over her shoulder and it landed right in the disposal bin.

"If it's going to be at least a week… then can I ask you a favour, Yoruichi-san?" Ichigo's brown eyes locked on to the woman's golden eyes. "I would appreciate it if you can help train me in developing other combat skills like kido, hakuda and whatever other Shinigami arts I can train in. I have an important mission waiting for me and it would be better if I came back with a few new tricks up my sleeve."

"…… it has been a while since I last engaged in combat and-"

The orange-haired youth cut her off. "Please! There's someone depending on me to help them and I need to be stronger!"

She gave it some thought before sighing in surrender. "I suppose I can give some help…"

"May I join you as well?" The two were surprised as Soken spoke up. "I would also like to participate in this training to improve myself. That battle with Shunsui-san has motivated me to try and reach the heights of power that my ancestors once had."

"A virtually unknown Shinigami… and a Quincy," murmured the woman. Then she grinned. "Why not? The training space should be ready by now since Tessai's been working on finishing touches for the past week…"


"…… what is that?"

Urahara's tired eyes met the brown eyes of the youth who had just finished his last training session with Yoruichi and Soken in the large training room built underneath the residence. Ichigo's black outfit was a bit torn from the wear and tear of seven days of training. "It's the new shell I came up with for your device. I understand that it's not what you had described but since you didn't have the original shell with you and couldn't give accurate measurements for that 'De-Lorean' that you had mentioned…"

"Now it looks like a steam locomotive…" 'Well… it's better than the De-Lorean, right?'

"You have to understand that this is the best I could do with the resources that I have on me," said the man as he gave a loud yawn. "It will function a bit differently from your original device. You said that originally, you channelled some reiatsu into the device while in the middle of a flash step, right? Now, there's a different procedure with this new shell. You're familiar with Shiba Kuukaku's spirit orb, right? The one to create a cannonball to launch from her super cannon?"

"Yeah." Honestly, how could he forget that experience?

"Good. Then what you need to do is first channel your spirit energy like you did to create a cannonball. After that, you will need to first perform a small set of movements along with an incantation to trigger the shell's properties before doing the same thing that you did with the original device to travel back in time in the first place!"

"…… did you just get what he said?" whispered Yoruichi into Soken's ear.

"Not really," admitted the Quincy, who was trying to catch his breath from the last day of training. At least his stamina had improved a lot by fighting both Kurosaki and Yoruichi.

"Just what are these movements… and this incantation?" asked Ichigo.

"Before I tell you… I was wondering if I can ask you to take something along when you go back to your future…" Urahara then caught the youth's shocked look.

"Y-you're asking me to take…"

And in that moment, he understood. "You know what… forget that I asked. It seems that the particular item I have in mind plays a role in the timeline you remember, right? Besides, you probably don't want to risk triggering another few dozen time paradoxes and I can understand that." He took out a page that was filled with kanji and handed it over. "I wrote down all that you need to make your trip. This side is the incantation and this side is the set of movements. You must perform each action in sync with the words. If you don't, the consequences could be… explosive. And one more thing… please keep in mind the uncertainty principle. Even though we have made every effort to get you where you need to go, we cannot know with absolute certainty where you will end up."

Ichigo didn't bother responding as he was twitching at the list of movements. "You're absolutely sure this is what I have to do?" And the kanji seemed weird… what kind of words were these anyway?

"Cross my heart!"

He seriously considered slapping the former Research Institute President but decided he could save it for when he gets back. "Alright… let's get this over with!" He memorized the sheet before stuffing it in his black coat and grasping his new device tightly.

"Stand back everyone!" shouted Tessai as the group of four gave plenty of space to Ichigo as he concentrated his spirit power just like he did with the cannonball. Once he was enclosed in a stable sphere of spirit energy, he began the set of movements and spoke the strange words that were on the paper.

He hopped a bit to his left. "Eet's jausta jemp tue tha levta."

"…… what the hell is he saying?" mumbled Yoruichi in a dumbfounded tone.

Then he stepped right. "Und zen ah estepa tue tha writo."

"I honestly have no clue," muttered Soken in response.

Ichigo placed his hands on his hips. "Weetha yaure handsa un yaure heeps."

Tessai merely started calculating how much damage to the area this would cause and how much time he would have to spend on repairs.

His legs bent inwards so that the knees could touch. "Yuu baaringa yaure neez een tieto." After that line, he shot his pelvis forward.

Yoruichi had to smirk at that action. "Hmmm… aren't you a daring little boy?"

"Butto eet's tha pellavico tharusto zat reelee darivas yuu eenzana." It was then Ichigo realized what the hell he was saying when his English lessons kicked in.


Even though the youth said the last line in Japanese, the device started glowing strangely and he realized that it was now or never. After making a mental reinforcement of his vow to beat up Urahara, he turned around and made his flash step. There was a flash of light and when the group could see again, the only trace of Ichigo having been in the room were the two long blazing trails.

There was a long silence as they continued to watch the fires burn before Urahara started giggling in delight. "It worked. It actually worked! YAHOOI!!" He immediately went into a little happy dance, just twirling around while laughing like a lunatic.

"Ah, he'll be a while. Let's get you home, kid." Soken nodded before he followed Yoruichi to the exit of the room. Tessai then left a little while later as he had to start working on those damage calculations, leaving the dancing Urahara alone in the chamber.

The former captain of the Twelfth Division continued to dance alone for a good while until a large static sound from out of nowhere finally snapped him out of his dance. He also felt a large spiritual pressure unlike any other. Whatever this pressure was, the one who exerted it was within this same chamber. He cursed himself in his head for not bringing Benihime down with him in case of an emergency. But then again, it's not common for him to be stalked in his very own training chamber.

He was so lost in his own senses that he failed to register the voice calling out to him. "Sandal-Hat!! Sandal-Hat!! Sandal-Hat!!"

'…… wait a minute! That sounded familiar!'

That was when Kisuke felt a pair of arms spin him around. "Sandal-Hat!!"

As soon as he laid eyes on the intruder, he let out a rather undignified scream of shock. "AARRRGGHHH!! W-w-wha… ?!"

The intruder had the same orange hair, brown eyes and youthful look as Kurosaki Ichigo and he could make out the familiar handle of the young man's zanpakuto but the top left side of his face and the bottom right side of his jaw were covered by pieces of a Hollow Mask. He wore a long shredded white cloak with pieces of black fabric sticking out from multiple angles. A black sash was wrapped around his mid-section while a small bit of his chest could be seen along with the hole where his Chain of Fate used to be. The rest of his outfit consisted of a white hakama, black socks and white sandals.

"Okay, relax Urahara. It's me! It's me, Ichigo!"

He shook his head in denial. "NOOO!! It can't be you!! I just sent you back to the future… as a Shinigami!!"

Ichigo tried to get the man to calm down. "I know. It's a long story about how I turned into an Arrancar but you did send me back to the future. Now I'm back from the future…… and I need your help."

There was a long pause of silence in the chamber until Urahara finally uttered two words.

"…… Great Scott!" And with that, he fainted due to the shock of Ichigo's return and the exhaustion of working on the new shell.

The youth groaned at his new predicament. "Urahara? Come on, man… wake up!!"



OMAKE: Shinigami's Cup Golden!

He hopped a bit to his left. "Eet's jausta jemp tue tha levta."

"…… what the hell is he saying?" mumbled Yoruichi in a dumbfounded tone.

Then he stepped right. "Und zen ah estepa tue tha writo."

"I honestly have no clue," muttered Soken in response.

Ichigo placed his hands on his hips. "Weetha yaure handsa un yaure heeps."

Tessai merely started calculating how much damage to the area this would cause and how much time he would have to spend on repairs.

His legs bent inwards so that the knees could touch. "Yuu baaringa yaure neez een tieto." After that line, he shot his pelvis forward.

Yoruichi had to smirk at that action. "Hmmm… aren't you a daring little boy?"

"Butto eet's tha pellavico tharusto zat reelee darivas yuu eenzana."

"LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!" The entire training room suddenly became filled with all the other characters of the Bleach cast.

"What the hell?!" screeched Ichigo.

"Ichigo-dono!! Let's dance together!" shouted Hinamori as she tried to get through the crowd.

"No, dance with me!" Senna started weaving through the number of humans, Shinigami, Arrancar and Vizard.

As the other characters started the song again, Ichigo merely grabbed Zangetsu and started banging his head against the flat part of the sword in an attempt to knock himself out.

"It's just a jump to the left.

And then a step to the right.

With your hands on your hips.

You bring your knees in tight.

But it's the pelvic thrust

That really drives you insane.




"Mom? Mom, is that you?" The youth regained consciousness and could feel that he had been lying on his bed. 'What am I saying? Mom's dead!'

"There there, you've been asleep for 12 hours now! Now get up because you have a big date with Nemu-san!" At the mention of the word date, Ichigo got up and turned to the person who had been speaking.

He pointed a shaking finger at the figure near his bed. "You're my… my… YOU'RE THAT SCARY CLOWN WHO WANTS TO EAT ME!!"

"No, wait… I don't eat my research subjects!"