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Chains Chapter One

War was tearing through the world again. The Cloud and Leaf were at it. Why me? Hinata thought staring out the window.

The sun was just beginning to rise sending pink rays dancing across the sky to land on one unhappy Hyuuga's face. Tears streamed down her porcelain skin, from her lidded lavender eyes. Her blue-black hair hung down to her waist in silky waves absorbing the salty wet drops as they cascaded unchecked down her cheeks.

I'm going to be married.

It was true. An arranged marriage between a Cloud Ninja and herself was to take place in a few weeks.

Naruto-kun...I-I LOVE you…and now you'll never know…

This marriage was supposed to be for the good of Konoha. An arranged marriage might help the increasing tension between the two villages. Fighting had already broken out, but there was still hope for it to end…soon.

Slowly Hinata rose from her seat and turned to her room to begin another day.


A dark figure waited outside a busy bar. Swathed all in black a mask hiding his face.

He was waiting.

A secret meeting was being held somewhere in a back room of the bar, between a traitorous cloud ninja and several others from the village hidden in the leaves. The cloud nin was an informant, a spy loyal to leaf.

He had valuable information of enemy movements.

But, there was another spy. One who had betrayed his fellow countrymen to hand over one of their own.

That is why The Raven was there.

Not many knew his identity, and those who did would never betray him. The Raven's loyalties were unknown, it was hard to guess what his motives were.

It was said that he scorned the Leaf Ninjas and nurtured a deep hatred for the Cloud.

From his position in the street, he could hear all of the nightlife and see most of them too.

A bribe to a waitress got him inside. As quietly as possible, he made his way up the back stairs to the small room at the top.

Justice would be served.


"I a-am p-pleased to m-m-meet you, Tenchi san. "

"Please, call me Tenchi."

They were alone in a small room at the Hyuuga compound. Hinata was to get to know her future husband better.

He was handsome, tall with dark brown hair and light green eyes…At least she wasn't being married to a troll. But, his eyes. They held an interest that made her scared.

The way he looked at her

She averted her face, from those disturbing eyes. "You c-can c-call me Hinata."

He couldn't believe his luck. Hinata was an absolute angel! She was all he had ever dreamed of and more, and she was all his. I can hardly wait to spoil her. He studied her face. She had looked away from him. Is she scared? Hmm…she'd better be.

He grasped her hand between his own causing her to blush an even deeper shade of red than she already was, " I hope you will attend the little party I am giving in honor of our families arrangement."

He leaned forward so his face was only a hairsbreadth away from hers. She stiffened, but still did not pull away.

"You are mine. Remember that. I look forward to making you mine even more in bed."

Hinata gasped and tried to pull away, but his hand ensnared her head tangling in her hair. Forcing her lips to his, he brought her in to a kiss. Her gasp gained him entrance and he took the invitation to plunder her mouth. Without hesitation she bit down on his tongue. Hard.

"Aghh! You bitch!"

His arm came back and smashed into her chest, knocking her on to the floor, where she lay trembling.

"How dare you!" He got up from the couch and towered above her. Wiping his mouth with his hand he glared at her. His fingers came away died in crimson. She scrambled backward trying to regain her footing as he advanced on her. Just then a knock interrupted, allowing Hinata to get to her feet.

Still scowling, Tenchi shot Hinata a warning glance and turned to see her father entering.

"I trust that you two have gotten to know one another better?"

"Yes indeed we have." Tenchi replied, with an ingratiating smile. "Now if you two will excuse me I have some preparations to make for tonight. Perhaps you can help me with something Hiashi sama."

The two men left the room leaving a shaking Hinata alone.

What am I going to do?

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