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Chapter 15

TimeSkip: A few weeks.

All of Konoha was celebrating.

People were laughing and dancing in the streets, tears of joy were to be seen on every face except one.

The war had ended.

There was still much to be done, for everyone. Burials and cleaning up. Messages to be sent...Tsunade was glad that at least one problem had been cleared up. Hinata had returned to her home.

She had been mad at her Ninjas for going of in to the wild blue yonder without consulting her, but she was glad they had accomplished their ends and brought the Hyuga heiress home.

There was a knock on the Hokage's door. A knock she had been waiting for. "Enter."

Sasuke Uchiha entered, not a surprise to Tsunade, The Raven always reported back to her.

They went over his mission, trying to get Sasuke to give details was like wrenching teeth, but when the interview was over Tsunade was satisfied.

She had no idea that Sasuke had kidnapped Hinata.

Hinata had been questioned, of course, but for some reason she refused to divulge the identity of her captors. She only said she had been treated fairly, and not hurt.

Her friends and family believed otherwise.

Hinata had been her usual quiet self since she was brought back, but she was not't exactly the same...At her job, she was not't the same happy, sweet, naive, and shy girl she'd been. She was quieter (than usual), more prone to daydreams, sometimes a colleague would find her sitting in the staff room, staring out the window with a contemplative dreamy look on her face.

And then it got worse.

She had moved out of the Hyuga compound in to her own apartment. That was cause enough for some worry, but then she quit her job and gave up being the heiress in favor of Hanabi...and would not leave her home at all. She was jumpy and rarely let anybody in to visit. Her friends were very concerned.

Neji had decided enough was enough.

He was on his way to see Hinata, whether she wanted to or not. He'd break down the door if he had to, just to make sure his sweet cousin was alright.

He got to her apartment and knocked, surprisingly, Hinata answered the door right away.

"Oh! H-hello niisan."

She opened the door wider, "C-come in."

Neji walked through the door, his eyes never leaving Hinata.

She blushed and turned quickly, walking towards the couch in the main room.

The kitchen, was separated by a half-wall and two other doors led of in to the bedroom and bathroom. The place was very much like Hinata herself, simple and sweet. The walls were a soft yellow, with accents of green and lavender. There were not many decorations, but Hinata had never really went in for that sort of thing.

She sat down on the couch and Neji took a seat next to her. She was twiddling her fingers nervously and biting her lower lip, she would not look him in the eyes.

Neji was not quite sure how to begin. He let his features soften, dropping his stoic mask, letting his worry show, and lightly grasped one of her hands. She let him, but there was no life in her grip. It was weak, her skin was chilled, her beautiful hair hung limp and stringy, all in all, she looked like hell.

Is she sick? What is wrong? Ever since she came back...

Hinata on the other hand was terrified. What would Neji do once he found out? She couldn't keep her secret for long...She was so worried, what would everybody think of her? What would they say? She had been almost happy when she found out, but then...


She looked up, and seeing the caring concern in her cousin's eyes, knew she'd have to tell him.

"Hinata, I...know there is something wrong, will you not tell me? You have not been yourself lately, and everybody is so worried..." That made her feel guilty, she had not meant to cause anybody to worry...

"Neji, I-I am a-afraid."

He saw the tears in her eyes and pulled her in to his arms, holding her head against his shoulder feeling her freely falling tears soak his shirt.

"Tell me."

"I-I...well...I-I am...uh...p-p-p-pregnant." she said in a whisper, burying her face in his shoulder.

His arms tightened around her and his face went white, "No..." Cold fury tore at his soul, how DARE ANYBODY DO THAT TO HINATA! Her behavior was now very clear.

"I will kill him"


Hinata pulled away and shocked Neji with the violent expression on her face, "NO! I...we...he did not...it...was not...his...fault. I was...willing... it is...my fault-"

"No Hinata, it isn't your fault." his eyes bored in to hers, "I know how you may want to protect him--listen to me!" she had opened her mouth to protest, "Listen, we'll get you to Tsunade and get you checked out. She's the head Medic Nin. And I WILL kill the man who did this to you."

Hinata huged him and sobbed in to his chest.

I won't let you. I love him.

TimeSkip: Two weeks later

Sasuke was walking past the hospital. He was getting worried. He hadn't seen Hinata there for a long while, and further more,he had found she had moved from her family's compound.

He had hoped to see her in the street, but so far, he had not spotted her. He was desperate, so when he saw his former pink-haired teammate with her dobe boyfriend on their way to the movies, he asked them about her.

Needless to say, they were quite shocked, so shocked in fact that, Sakura blurted out the answer, before she could think about it, "She is at a doctor's appointment."

"Why? Is she sick?"

The worry was so plainly apparent on his face that once again Sakura blurted out the truth without thinking, "No, she went to see the OBGYN, she's pregnant."

They both watched fascinated, as Sasuke turned white, red, purple, and then, fainted dead away.

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