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A few hours before nightfall, Kisara stood in the make shift camp that had been set up with the supplies they had been able to salvage. The past three days of traveling together had mostly passed in silence and discussions on how to survive, stopping in at towns as they came to them.

They had set up a distance away from the outskirts of the nearest village and Seto had gone into town to see if he could find any more supplies. He had tried to convince her to come with him, suggesting that they may find a place to stay for the night within the village, but Kisara kindly refused. She explained that she wanted to avoid any conflict, and that villagers didn't always react well to newcomers like her.

She smiled thinking of Seto while she waited for his return. He was kind and he seemed to have a presence of strength about him. He commanded attention to himself by merely being there, though he didn't seem to realize it.

He didn't seem to fear her, but Kisara suspected that he was just being kind. Or perhaps he was just lonely and didn't want to lose the only person he had left to be with him. But she kept catching him staring at her. Sometimes he'd be too lost in thought to realize that she was staring back, but most times he'd look away, ashamed.

Kisara knew her looks were uncommon, of course. But she was much more used to people expression their dislike of her looks. She hated his stares. She wished she could know what he was thinking. It felt so awkward having him look at her. Why did he have to look at her like she was some animal in a cage? If he didn't like that she was different perhaps he shouldn't have rescued her, or agreed to travel with her.

The thought never entered her mind that Seto could be staring for a reason other than fear.


Seto walked through the town, sighing. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, though he knew it was no use. He couldn't get Kisara out of his head. She was quiet and nice. He couldn't help but find himself completely entranced by the girl.

The thought of her eyes brought a small smile to his lips. Beautiful bright blue eyes. He thought of her long, white hair shimmering in the light against the pale complexion of her skin.

He'd never seen anyone like her. Her looks were exotic… unique… not something to be feared.


Soon after, Seto returned with the horse and some supplies.

"Any luck?" Kisara asked.

"Enough," he replied, moving to unpack the things he brought with him.

"Excellent," Kisara said, looking over the supplies. "We can make a fire tonight; it's going to be cold."

As Kisara set to work making a fire, Seto put away the other items.

It wasn't long before he realized that Kisara had all ready managed to create a small flame. "That was quick." He said.

She glanced up at him quickly, before returning her focus to making the fire. "After a while of being on your own you learn a few things," she said.

"How long have you been on your own?" Seto asked.

"A while. I'm not sure exactly," Kisara said looking into the fire. "As far as I remember, I always have been. Though I don't remember much besides the past few years."

"What do you mean?" Seto asked. How could she not remember?

Kisara looked up at him, meeting him eye to eye. "Do you really want to hear it?" she asked with a trace of sorrow on her voice.

"Yes," he said honestly, looking back at her. Was it so strange to her that someone would care? So many questions, he wanted some answered.

"It's a long story…" she started.

"I have all night," he insisted, sitting down. Kisara looked at him for a long moment before taking a deep breathes to begin her tale.

"Some people… do not take well to my presence in their village," Kisara repeated her earlier words. "I don't remember what actually happened, but from what I was told I figure I'd been there for some months. The town was having a bad year; they had a poor harvest, and a sickness was going around. They blamed me, said that I caused the bad luck, that things had started going wrong when I showed up. As if my appearance could somehow be the cause of it all. I never was sick, so it's not like I could have brought it with me, and what control could I have over the crops? But they wanted me out. They were… excessively violent. I woke up not knowing how I was, I was covered in bruises, and my head ached something awful. Some nice older couple helped me feel better. They told me my name and said that I had shown up some time ago, though they didn't know where I had come from. They tried to explain things the best they could, but they said that I wasn't safe in the village anymore. It wasn't long before I left; it was difficult for them hiding me from the rest of the village all the time. I've been traveling around ever since."

A long silence followed before Seto said something.

"But… that's horrible…you can't have been older than a child," Seto said, looking at the girl now in her teens. He guessed that she must be around his age, which would make her even younger when all of this occurred.

His eyes snapped back to attention as Kisara laughed.

"You are the strangest boy I have ever met," she said.

"What?" Seto asked.

"Everyone else was frightened by me; because of that or they would stay away from me all together, or chase me away. But you came to me and rescued me, you chose to travel with me, and now you…"

"Care?" Seto asked. "It's called compassion. I don't see how anyone could treat you badly. That because you're not like them, there must be something wrong with you."

"You'll have a hard time finding someone to agree with you," Kisara said bitterly. "Why should I deserve to get compassion? I'm just…. I'm just a freak." Her hands grasped angrily at her hair. Her white hair that made her so different, as if pale skin and bright eyes weren't enough.

"No," Seto said defiantly, causing her head to snap up, her tear-filled blue eyes looking at him strangely again. "You're human," he insisted, now standing right next to her. He ran his hands through her white hair, gently causing her to loosen her grip on it, her hands dropping to her side. Her eyes dropped to the ground in confusion. She couldn't remember the last time anyone else had touched her without hurting her. They had certainly never run their hands through her hair as Seto did; after all, it was part of why they feared her.

Seto placed a hand under her chin and tilted her head up until her eyes met his own dark ones. He ran a thumb against her pale skin. "I don't care what anyone else says, Kisara. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on." Her eyes widened as his lips brushed against hers. Just as quickly as he was there, he was gone, walking in the other direction.

"I'm going for a walk," he said, then paused. "You're not a freak, Kisara, you shouldn't think like that." He continued to walk away, not glancing back at her.

Kisara just stared after him, her fingertips against her lips in slight shock, the light of the fire dancing with a new light in her eyes.


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