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"Marik is going to pay dearly for what he did," Atemu vowed silently.


Chapter Six

Yugi woke the next morning to Atemu soft breathing. He sat gently up and pulled his legs against his chest. If there isn't news of Atemu's death by tomorrow then Malik will die. Yugi moved carefully off the bed and sat down on the floor next to the dagger that he dropped last night. He ran his fingers along the golden hilt, tracing the various jewels. Gliding his fingers down along the blade, he winced as it cut his finger. He's never felt happiness before Atemu; not that he can remember. But, he was forced to end his happiness to live a life a solitude.

Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice Atemu carefully watching him. Atemu understood the difficult decision that Yugi had to make in order to save a life, but what bothered Atemu the most was Yugi didn't even hesitate to think of taking his own life. That action worried him, and he made a mental note to watch Yugi until this whole affair was over. Atemu reached down and rubbed Yugi's back, causing the young man to jerk. "Shh. It's just me," Atemu whispered, slipping off the bed to wrap his arms around him. "Please don't think like that. Your life is more important than you think. I want you here with me so please don't abandon me."

Yugi picked the dagger up and put it in Atemu's hand before sticking his bleeding finger in his mouth. "Thank you, Little One. Now, how about some breakfast?" Yugi shook his head and curled his legs up. "You have to eat something."

There was a knock at the door before Seto entered. "Alright here's the plan." Seto set his millennium rod down on the bed. "I believe this could help in controlling Marik's mind. If everything goes right we can seal Marik with the rod and free Malik. The only problem is I don't know how to free Marik from it."

"Who says he has to be freed?"

"If you are planning to seal him inside of the rod then we would need your strength and Malik would have to keep the rod. Would you trust a servant with the rod?"

"Malik has been looking for a way to get rid of Marik. I highly doubt he'll ever use the rod for fear that Marik might escape," Yugi whispered.

"Plus we can have Malik stay here at the palace where we can keep a careful eye on him."

"He won't do anything to betray you, my pharaoh. If he does then you can hold me responsible," Yugi mumbled. Seto looked at him and then at Atemu confused on the sudden change in the young man.

"Stop thinking like that. I'm not going to kill you, and I don't want you killing yourself!"

Seto leaned down and placed two fingers on Yugi's forehead, causing him to fall into a deep sleep. "What happened?"

"Marik ordered him to kill me or else he was going to kill Malik. Now all he could think of is killing himself."

"My pharaoh, that's a direct threat on your life. Marik and Yugi will be held accountable."

"That is why I'm trusting you not to say anything. You should have heard his thoughts. He was going to kill me than kill himself, but he first thought of what all of you would have done to him. He was trying to figure out what would cause him the most pain." Atemu ran his fingers through Yugi's hair as he placed him on the bed. "Will he sleep long?"

"Until sundown."

"We have until then to get back here. Let's go." Atemu changed his tunic quickly and left his room, turning to the guard. "The young one in there is not to be hurt. Watch him carefully. Make sure he doesn't hurt himself if he wakes up." The guards nodded as they entered into his chambers.

"My pharaoh, you shouldn't tip Marik off that you know what's going on. You should dressed accordingly."

"That's not the plan." Atemu messed his hair up and used the mud outside of his palace to put dirt on his skin. "I'm hoping to make him think I'm Yugi at first glance. That way I can protect Yugi from people getting suspicious."

Seto nodded and got up on his horse. "Well then let's treat you like a traitor. I'm sorry to do this to you, my pharaoh." Seto tied his hands together and put a blindfold over his eyes. "If he can't see your eyes maybe you have a chance. I just hope he doesn't notice the height difference."

"I'll slouch. Wrap something around my legs." Seto grabbed a blanket and tied it tightly around his waist so it wouldn't fall off. He tapped the horse and rode off towards Marik's house.

Seto pulled to a stop and walked up to Marik's house. "Marik!" he growled entering the house.

Marik glanced up at him and stood. "What can I do for you, Seto?"

"I'm here to inform you that your slave has killed the Great Pharaoh, Atemu. He is to be put to death tomorrow. I brought him here so you can have one final comment with him."

Marik put on a sad expression and got up without saying a word. He was angry that Yugi ended up getting caught. "Will you give me a private moment with him?"

"Of course, but I'll be watching."

"Understood." Marik approached the horse and placed his hand on Yugi's arm. "I thought I told you not to come back here. I don't care if you were forced. But I give you credit for killing that nosy pharaoh. Don't worry Malik still lives, but you won't after today."

Atemu growled under his breath while he loosened the ropes around his wrist. He grabbed for the sword attached to the horse's side and held it out in front of Marik, pulling his blindfold off. "Nosy am I?"

Marik growled and took a few steps back. "The brat didn't kill you after all. That's a shame." Marik reached for a dagger in his waist when he felt something press against the back of his head. He froze. Atemu slipped off the horse and started to mumble spells in Egyptian.

"W-what are you doing?" Marik stuttered, trying to step away from the two men.

"Sealing you." A yellow aura glowed around Marik as his soul was pulled out of Marik's body. Surprising the men, Marik's body began to fade. "Oh no," Seto commented.

"Why is his body fading?"

"I don't know, my pharaoh." The two watched until there was nothing left but a blue light. There was nothing they could do to stop it. The light shot through the air and into the house.

"Do you think that was Malik's soul?"

"Let's go in to see." As the two started to head to the back of the house, the rod started to glow and float out of Seto's hand. "Shit."

The two ran off after the road and stopped suddenly, watching it fly into the Malik's hands. "Thank you, my pharaoh."

"Malik?" Atemu cautiously approached him.

"Yes. Tell me Yugi is okay."

"He's fine. He's sleeping in my chambers."

"Good." Malik smiled and gripped the rod. "Take good care of him."

"Wait. What are you going to do?" Atemu asked, getting closer to him.

"Marik has destroyed your father's tomb's defenses. I'm going to fix them before Bakura can get to it. When I finish cleaning everything up that he destroyed, I'll come to the palace. Don't worry I won't betray you. You got me out of this hell hole along with Yugi. Now go to him. Make him feel the love he deserves, my pharaoh." Malik bowed and walked off.

Atemu glanced at Seto who just nodded. Upon seeing that the sun was starting to set, Atemu ran towards the horse and jumped up on it. "Come on, Seto. I need to get back there and make sure he's okay." The two road quickly back to the palace.

The second they walked in Atemu felt something strange. Something wasn't right. He ran off to his chambers to see the two guards wrestling with Yugi who held a sword at his side. "Yugi!" Atemu shouted as he pushed his guards away and grabbed the sword by the blade not caring that he cut his hand as well. "Marik is dead. Malik is alive. Calm down please."

Tears ran down Yugi's eyes as he notice the blood on Atemu's hands. He dropped the sword and curled up. "I'm sorry. I don't deserve you," Yugi whispered.

"Please don't talk like that. I love you. I want you to stay with me."

Yugi stared up at him. "W-what did you say."

Atemu smiled and hugged the young man. "I love you. Please stay with me." Curling up into Atemu's arms, Yugi closed his eyes. Atemu motioned for his guards and Seto to leave. He kissed Yugi and picked him up setting him on the bed. "Will you stay with me?"

Yugi smiled for the first time in a long time. "As long as you will have me."

Atemu smirked and slid his fingers up Yugi's thigh and moved his kilt up. "I'm going to ravish you more than I ever did."

Yugi laughed. "Do your worse," he taunted, feeling strangely better as if being with the pharaoh made everything feel alright. Atemu rolled Yugi over and placed him on top of himself.

"I plan on it, Little One."


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