"It was really great seeing Krillian and Gohan again," Andrea said, smiling as she closed the front door.

Piccolo nodded and stepped up next to her, watching as she unbuckled her sandals. Andrea threw the shoes over next to the door and felt strong arms encircle her waist as she straightened up. She turned around and her smile grew as Piccolo brought her close to his chest.

"Hey there," he whispered in a deep voice.

"Hey yourself," she leaned against him and stood on tiptoe, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Piccolo bent down and returned her kiss, tipping her chin up to meet his as they both closed their eyes. The air around the couple grew heated as their kiss deepened and Andrea's knees went weak as she opened her mouth wider, inviting Piccolo to make another move. He didn't disappoint. Andy could hear her heart beating fast as she felt the Namek's tongue slip between her teeth and she wrapped her arms up behind his head, pulling him in even closer.

They stood like that for 15 minutes, lost in the bliss of each other. Piccolo forgot all sense of the room, he was only aware of her lips on his and the feel of her body pressed up against him. Andrea moaned softly as the Namekian's hands around her waist gradually slipped under her shirt. Piccolo's large fingers slid up her back and when they reached her bra, they struggled to undo its clasp.

Andy opened her eyes and broke off for a moment of air. She smiled up at her boyfriend and he gave her a sheepish grin.

"I can't help myself," he shook his head and took his hands out from under her shirt, looking apologetic.

"I didn't say I wanted you to stop Piccolo...." Andrea said softly, her face flushed from their passionate embrace. The invitation was clear in her voice and Piccolo took the opportunity to sweep her off her feet into his arms.

"What're you doing?" She said laughing. "Put me down you big lug."

Piccolo shook his head and smiled. "You said that very same thing to me the day of our first kiss and I didn't listen then either. You remember?"

"Actually I don't," Andrea giggled playfully. "Why don't you remind me again of how that day ended..."

Piccolo's smile grew and he obliged, leaning down and giving her a long hard kiss, leaving Andy breathless as he straightened.

"So now are you gonna let me down?" She asked, trying to sound indignant.

The Namek shook his head again and hoisted her up higher. He began to make his way to their bedroom and Andrea smiled knowingly.

"Well if you insist..." she whispered into his ear and he grinned, almost running the rest of the way.


A/N: I guess this might be considered a tad citrus but ::shrug:: oh well ^_~. In Part 3, Piccolo thinks about taking his relationship with Andy to a new level. Can we say, wedding bells?

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