Dedicated, and prompted by the lovely Becki, who's got the flu, and is having an affair with a box of Kleenex tissues.

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"Ohh you're so soft, and you smell nice, I love how you feel, and you're soft and silky, and gentle too, oh you're just the best!"

"Erm… Doctor?" Rose asked as she popped her head around the kitchen door after hearing the strange mumblings of her favourite Timelord, to find him sat at the table, his nose bright red and dripping, and his eyes looking slightly puffy.

"Wha-? Oh hello Rose!" he said, looking up at her with a huge grin.

"Erm…?" and she waved her hand vaguely over the table at what he was doing.

"Oh right, I've got a bit of a cold, and I've discovered these!" He said, holding out a box to her to take. "There the best I've ever used, ever heard of them?"

In her hand was a box of Kleenex tissues. She looked up at him sceptically, rolled her eyes and walked out of the kitchen shaking her head.

"Lord of space and time, and it's taken him 900 odd years to discover Kleenex. Shocking."