Harry, I Love You

The battle was won. All the fuss, heartache, and misery caused by the Dark Lord over the last several decades was at an end. Spirits, however crushed they had been by the deaths of their fellow students and friends, were rising. Life could now go on.

Standing in the Entrance Hall, Harry watched as the last of the Centaur returned to the Forbidden Forest. Their cheers in the distance could be heard even through the trees. Firenze had been welcomed back to the herd, and, was, rather than being ridiculed for his interaction with the humans, commended for it.

Harry took gentle breath, gazing at the stars. A luxury, it seemed, he'd never been afforded whilst on the run in the forests, and certainly never at Grimmauld Place. While the world was certainly not perfect, it was, at least, more peaceful than it had been in over seven years. Voldemort was no more.

The silhouette of his best friend's sister walked behind him, taking his hand and staring off as he did, she whispered the words he had not heard for so, so very long.

"Harry, I love you."

Harry turned to her and smiled. Her eyes glistened like the stars in the nights sky. He was glad to have her at his side again.

"I know," he responded softly, giving her a gentle and passionate kiss. For now, this would have to suffice. He had missed her terribly. Her smell, her laugh, her eyes - everything about her.

To his right, another feminine form appeared. The delicate, fine form of his best female friend, Hermione Granger. She leaned in toward him and rested her head on his shoulder, then whispered,

"Harry, I love you."

Harry turned to her and smiled. Her eyes sparkled like the morning sun reflecting off of the Black Lake. He was glad to have her at his side once again.

"I know," he responded softly, gracing her lips with a chaste, friendly kiss. Though he could not see it in the pale light of the moon, Hermione blushed.

Behind him, the lumbering form of Ronald Weasley approached. His arms tucked neatly into his pockets, he whispered,

"Harry, I love you."

Harry turned and smirked.

"I know," Harry said, patting Ron on his head. Harry turned back around to again gaze at the beauty of a peaceful world.

"Hey, where's my kiss?" Ron blurted, giving Harry a hurt stare. Ron couldn't keep a straight face for long, though. After only a few brief seconds, he cracked a grin, and patted his friend hard on his shoulder.

For now, things were calm and peaceful. The battle was won. Watching the sun rise slowly in the distance, they all chuckled the tension away, leaving the sad truths of the war to another day.

Author's Note: For those of you who did not notice, Ron is joking. I hope you enjoyed. Please review.