A flik for someone, who needs to identify themselves. This is to avoid homework, and was just for fun!

Footloose, Avatar Style

It just seems so wrong

To play that boring song

Without a chance to really move?

Why must it be so bland?

I'll go mad

If I can't strike up a band

And finally

Just dance, just dance

Come on and seize your chance

Onji, dear me

Come on and be set free

You can, Hotman!

Forget Ozai's plan

Get in that stance

Everybody, let's just dance!

Going to that creepy school

Becoming Ozai's willing tool

But inside your fiery soul

You're trying, dying for free

Freedom's loving call

There's more to life than war

Don't be afraid

Cause Ozai's just a bore

He can't keep you chained!


Just dance, Just dance

Come on and seize your chance

Onji, you're free

wave your hands like me

Flamio, just flow

let your inhibitions go

like ants in your pants

Everybody's gotta dance

First - forget the ways they say

Second - let the music take you away

THIRD - Now you got to move that show

FOUR - Whoooooa, it's time to

Dance, Just dance



Review, Review

Do what you gotta do

For Hotspur, for sure

How happy it will make her!