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The sound of a thrown fist echoes off the cave walls


Those damned parasites.


They do nothing but destroy.


They show no regard to anyone other than themselves.


None whatsoever.


Deep in the darkness of the cave stood a lone figure. He stood in a fighting stance, throwing punches into the darkness at his nonexistent opponent, droplets sweat flying from his arms as each punch reached its complete distance. The droplets arched towards the ground until they spattered on the ground and cave wall.

Sweat poured down the fighter's well-toned, shirtless body, each muscle carefully defined and hardened by battle. The top of his spandex pants absorbed his sweat as each drop met the waistband, his tail waving sporadically behind him. His black spiky hair was glistening with the moisture dripping down his body. His eyes matched his hair, yet unlike the hair his eyes held a determined and captivating strength.

Not to mention a deep-seeded hatred.

Off in a corner of the cave, the bodies of two pre-teen children slept in confident safety, as if nothing could hurt them while their sweaty protector was there. In a way, they were right.

In another, they were completely wrong.

Outside of their dark haven, the cruel world was inhabited by the parasitic menace that had invaded their world more then a decade earlier. While the two children had always known of the horrors that their time held, the oldest had known one of peace, a world without the pains of war and death.

What he wouldn't give to have those times again.

Even when the first parasites invaded his home planet, he had more "company." He had managed to survive the initial attack with his father and younger brother; however, he had lost his mother in the process.

It wasn't long until he and his remaining family had run into the surviving royals while hiding out in one of the remaining forests. From what he understood, they were the only two to survive the attack on the capital. The heir to the throne and his only son joined their new group in order to survive.

Every once and a while, they ran into another one of their kind, always at random times. He would always give them the latest news from other groups of survivors and then would leave on his own. It was always strange for him to see this wanderer since he looked so much like his father. But with the news that resistance was being produced, they found hope.

And then they began their counterattacks.

For the one called Gohan, this was the sweet revenge that he had craved since he had witnessed his mother's death. Between him, his father, and the prince, they attacked every outpost, every garrison, every single place that inhabited those vile things.

Although their counterattacks could only be chalked up to raids, they were still self-satisfying, at least for Gohan. For the prince, Vegeta, they were a way to show that he was still alive, and was willing to do anything for revenge. For his father, Goku, they were a way to resist, to protect his remaining family and friends. Of course, they never allowed the children, Goten and Trunks, to join their raids. The three oldest warriors felt it was too dangerous for them to fight, not to mention the fact that something could go wrong and one of them could be killed.

They never knew how right they were.

It was supposed to be a routine raid, nothing big. But something had gone wrong.

The parasites had been waiting for them.


Soldiers were patrolling the garrison, their confidence at its peak. They had soundly defeated the Sayian menace, their fear of them conquered. There was no reason to expect their resistance.

Without warning, a bright flash engulfed the area, followed by flames as men were incinerated.

An explosion rocked the fort uncontrollably, the cries of pain of the survivors never being heard as they were viciously killed the moment they went to scream. Soldiers rushed to the breached point, positioning themselves to attack the invaders.

They never stood a chance.

Even before they had the chance to fire their weapons, they were blasted by the enemy. A cruel cackle could be heard over the destruction as a short man with flame-like hair appeared out of nowhere, his face a portrait of pure cruelty and madness. Beside him, another man, a boy if you will, walked up to him. His stone cold face contradicted his companion as he stood next to him, almost eye to eye. Another man approached from the opposite side, coming to a stop on the opposite shoulder of the wild man, a face of determination fixed upon his features as he towered over his friends.

Together, they each raised one of their hands, bright orbs of energy flickering into existence before they fired on their latest victims. Cries of pain and death flew from their victims' lips as they uttered the last sounds of their retched lives.

"Bastards. Don't like it so much when they're the ones on the receiving end," said an emotionless Gohan.

"Of course, Brat. That's the kind of weaklings that they are. Catch them by surprise and they run around like scared infants," said Vegeta as he walked in front of the younger Saiyan.

A small smile creased over Goku's face. "Shall we continue?"

"By all means Kakarot, by all means."

The destruction of the fort was tremendous. No soldier escaped their blasts unscathed. The ones who were unlucky to survive incineration were burned alive or slowly bled to death. No form of death was too good or extreme for these parasites.

A frown crossed over Goku's face. "Guys, do you get the feeling that this has been too easy?"

"Nonsense, Kakarot. This is how every other attack has been. You're being paranoid."

However, Gohan had similar thoughts. He just couldn't put his finger on it, but something did seems out of place.

"Guys, I'm gonna take care of those barracks. You never know if any of these cowards are hiding," Goku said with a smirk.

"Okay Dad. Vegeta and I will take care of the ammo dumps."

However, just as Goku turned around, a beam of light pierced right through his body. His eyes grew wide as another beam tore into his body, followed by several others. He was dead before he hit the ground.

Diving to the side of a semi-destroyed building, Vegeta seethed with fury while Gohan just stared wide eyed at the corpse of his father, a numbing feeling encompassing his body. Taking a peak around the corner, Vegeta's hissed as his eyes widen. "Blitz Rifles."

Blitz Rifles. The very name of the enemy's weapon chilled Gohan's blood. While these parasites were no threat to a Saiyan of any strength, their lead guns having no effect on them at all, the energy beams of the blitz weapons were just as deadly as a ki blast.

Damn those bastards.

"Vegeta, Dad was right. There was something completely wrong with this. We have to get out of here, now."

Vegeta nodded his agreement. Taking off at breakneck speeds, the two Saiyans ran through the crumpling outer wall, flight being too risky with the blitz rifles around. As much as it sickened the two warriors, they had to leave their fallen comrade behind.

As the fugitive Saiyans fled, a constant thought kept nagging at Vegeta, each nag solidifying its implication.

"We've been set up."

Gohan turned his head to Vegeta, shock clearly on his face. "Are you sure?"

Vegeta got a look as if he had a bad taste in his mouth. "Unfortunately, yes. Kakarot was right. We should've been more cautious. Damn it all."

That was when things went from bad to worse. Out of nowhere, blitz beams tore through the air at the unsuspecting Saiyans, surprising them. Fortunately, they managed to dodge the initial beams and the ones that followed for a while.

However, due to their attention being diverted to the onslaught of beams, Vegeta tripped over a tree root, falling to the ground.

Stopping, Gohan turned around to help his comrade, shouting his name in concern. "Vegeta!"

Vegeta raised himself on to all fours as he shook his head. "I'm alright, Brat." Just then, a beam of light caught Vegeta's eye, heading for its target.


"Brat, get down!" Vegeta screamed as he sent a shockwave at the Saiyan, knocking him down as the beam shot overhead. Sighing in relief and then growling in rage, Vegeta's temper took control of him. Getting onto his feet, Vegeta crouched into a stance, his hands cupped behind him. It didn't take very long for a purple orb of energy to appear. Crying out his battle cry, Vegeta unleashed his attack. "Gallic Gun Fire!"

The large purple beam raced at the attackers, blowing up on contact. Vegeta smirked. "Take that, weaklings."

A blitz beam then came out of nowhere, blowing a hole right through Vegeta's stomach.

Gohan's eyes widen in horror. "Vegata!"

Vegeta fell to his knees, spitting blood out of his mouth. "Gohan, get out of here, now!" When Gohan didn't move, Vegeta growled out of annoyance. "Brat! Do as I say now or I'll kill you myself!"

Rising back on to his feet, twin orbs of energy surrounded Vegeta's hands. After gathering enough energy, he unleashed a barrage of ki blasts at the enemy.

Shaking himself out of his stupor, Gohan got on to his feet and took off into the forest. After he covered several yards, he took one last look back at the proud Saiyan prince and soon wished he hadn't.

As the prince continued his attack, a blitz beam flew through the air and struck the prince in between the eyes, blowing a hole on the backside of his head. The prince fell to the ground, never to fight again.

Nevertheless, Gohan continued his escape alone until he reached their hideout where Goten and Trucks slept, awaiting their return. Grabbing a leather pack, he stuffed the two Saiyans into the bag, their sleeping heads sticking out the top next to each other. Putting the straps back over his shoulders, Gohan gathered his energy. He had one last thing to do with the cave.

Unleashing a cry of anguish, sorrow, and anger, Gohan unleashed his power, obliterating the cave.

It was hours later when the parasites investigated the scene. Like an army of ants, they crawl over the debris, searching for anything that could explain the reason for the unusual destruction.

They found nothing.

About forty leagues to the west, a small camp fire was burning away. Gohan stared into the flames, grief and despair dominated his features. Taking a quick peak at his little companions, he saw they had finally cried themselves to sleep. They hadn't taken the news of the fallen Saiyans well. Gohan had to cover their mouths to muffle their cries of misery just in case one of the parasite's patrols was in the area. Even if it was the best thing to do, he still felt like a bastard for doing it. They had just lost their fathers for Kami's sake!

It would be awhile before Gohan went on another raid. He needed Trunks and Goten to be in peak form as much as it sickened him to have two boys, one his brother, the other one he considered as one, stain their hands with blood.

He didn't have any other options though.

(end flashback)

Finishing his morning exercises, Gohan walked over to the slowly-awakening Saiyans. Over the course of five years, the boys had matured too fast for their respective ages, even for a Saiyan. Both of them wore their fathers' armor in respect to their memory, Trunks wearing a white, shoulderless armor while Goten wore a similar one, only black. Gohan himself wore a black armor, but unlike Goten's, his armor belonged to their grandfather, Bardock.

One thing that differed between the two, though, was Trunks had been given the family sword, a sign of the royal family's authority. Even though it was a sword, it had yet to spill blood until Trunks began to learn how to wield it.

There was no telling how many parasites had been slain with that sword.

Sighing, Gohan waited patiently for the maturing children to finish waking up. It was time for another raid.

Another chance to kill the parasitic humans.