Everything seemed to be a blur to the Satan girl. As she and her silent companion raced down corridor after corridor, she could feel panic building up in her.

On the giant man's shoulder was the wounded Gohan. Although she was excited to see the saiyan again, she was partly worried that she had seen him alive for the last time. She had barged in on him as he was fighting the reigning Earth leader Gero and had stupidly distracted him from the fight. Had Gohan not moved himself as much as he could, that hole in gut could've been much worse.

'Damn it' Videl thought. How the hell could you get out of this place? It was like an endless maze; one that she or Gohan for that matter didn't need right now.

"Hey tall guy," she addressed the man behind her. "Do you have any idea on how to get out of this place?"

"We're heading towards the hangers, are we not?" the man, Jericho she believed his name was, asked.

"Yeah, that's right."

"If I'm right about where we are, we could very easily make our way out of here."

Videl could feel a bit of relief coming into her. "So you can get us out of her, right?"

"That is correct. Now watch yourself; things are about to get messy."

Not waiting for an answer from Videl, Jericho aimed his hand at the wall next to them, charging up his energy, and blasting a hole right into the wall.

Leaping through the new doorway, Jericho repeated his action over and over, blasting his way towards the outside with Videl hot on his heels.

Going this way, the two reached the outside within moments, the rush of fresh air encompassing them. However, they didn't dally there for long, racing off towards the hanger.

Hopefully, everyone else was waiting for them.

Goten was standing in the ship's doorway as he looked towards the capital building, an anxious look on his face. A short while ago, the young saiyan had felt his brother's ki drop dramatically and then increase before dropping off again. Though he could still feel it, it was nerve wrecking to know that his last bit of family was hurt, possible fatal. If only Gohan's ki level would become stronger, it would put him more at ease.

After he and Tien had recovered somewhat from their battle with the Chestnuts, they had felt Trunks having a difficult battle and headed off to see if they could assist him. When they had arrived, they found a huge crater with the purple haired saiyan sticking halfway out of the ground. After digging him out, the three headed off to where they could feel Gohan's ki, running into the ship hanger as soon as they got close.

It was almost a bit of a comical scene when they had arrived. Down in the base, they saw Erasa trying to move one of the ships using everything she could, forklifts and all. Of course, the girl hadn't noticed the wheels beneath the ship so she didn't even consider getting into the shuttle and driving it onto the launch pad.

After watching for a bit, the three warriors landed and took care of preparing the ship, getting it on the launch pad, and loading up with supplies they found within the base. It was around the time they had completed these actions that Goten had felt Gohan's ki fall.

In the meantime, while he was keeping a lookout, Trunks and Tien were getting the ship ready to launch at a moment's notice. It hadn't taken very long to do, so both fighters leaned against opposite walls, going into their own little worlds.

Unfortunately for Trunks, Erasa had other plans. After keeping out of the way as the saiyan worked hard to prep the ship, the blond had come up with her own plan to gain the young man's attention. So once Trunks had leaned back to relax, Erasa had swooped in.

Needless to say, Trunks tried to put her down easy but had no success against the determined blond. So he ended taking off into the ship, trying to hide from his pursuer, Erasa going after him.

Tien couldn't help himself when he saw the blond girl flirting and giving chase to the young saiyan. That boy was going to need every edge he could get to shake her off. Then again, he really doubted that Trunks would be able to get rid of her.

Goten ignored all of this, however. Diligently, he watched for any sign that his brother was coming. He would be damned if he would lose him on this mud ball of a planet.

Then he saw something. Moving towards the ship, he saw two people running, one short and one tall, and another person on the shoulder of tall person. The closer they got the more he could recognize the smaller person as that girl he had met before, Videl. The giant though, was someone he didn't know and became very wary. That changed when he saw the man carrying Gohan.

Rushing from the ship, the young saiyan charged at them. He wanted to get to his brother as quickly as he possibly could. He could already tell from that distance that something was wrong.

"What happened?" Goten cried out as he neared them. "What happen to my brother?"

The giant answered, keeping his eyes on the ship's entrance. "There's no time for that right now. We must get on the ship right now."

The two humans ran by the worried saiyan, causing him to stop and turn back, running after them now. "What do you mean there's no time?"

"There's a large force descending onto Earth. If they land before we can launch, we're as good as dead," the man responded, never breaking his gaze from the ship.

Not asking anymore questions, Goten used a burst of speed to appear at the door of the ship before the humans. Videl and her companion arrived soon after, hurrying into the ship, Goten stepping in after them and closing the door.

"It's about time," Trunks said from the control room. "Everybody hang on, we're lifting off."

Hurrying into the main room, Goten saw Trunks and Tien were at the controls, getting the ship ready to launch. Turning, he saw the tall guy placing Gohan on the floor, leaning him against the wall. It was then that he saw the bloody hole in his brother's stomach.

Dread seemed to fill his entire body. His brother, his seemingly invincible brother was hurt, and badly too. They needed to take care of that wound immediately or it was possible that the saiyan could die, whether from the trauma or blood loss. Rushing over, Goten almost launched into a fit of hysterics when Gohan, of all people, stopped him.

"Goten, it's alright," the older saiyan said. "I'm gonna be alright, don't you worry."

"But Gohan, you've been hurt and badly! How can you—"

"I said don't worry!" Gohan interrupted. "Right now, we need to get into space and head home. At the moment, you need to help the Trunks and that bald guy, not baby me. Now get to it. I've had worse injuries than this, you know that; I'll be fine."

Hesitantly, Goten conceded. "Well, if you say so…"

"I know so. You can mother me once we get off the planet, deal?"

"Deal," the young saiyan said before turning to go help Trunks and Tien. After watching his brother going to the controls, Gohan leaned his head against the wall, closing his eyes. Their mission was over, complete. All they had to do now was get back to Vegeta and they could official call it a success.

And as the saiyan fell in between consciousness and unconsciousness, his mind wandered, getting lost as the ship lifted off and flying towards the heavens.

It was over, finally over. The human menace was defeated; a threat no longer. If I could have rejoiced, I would have. Unfortunately, I had allowed that old geezer get that shot on me. Just the price I pay for dropping my guard…

As I lay against the ship's wall, I can hear everything. The talk between Trunks, Goten, and that other guy as they maintained the ship's course. The familiar jerking as we broke through Earth's atmosphere had finally quelled down, so there was no need to think we'd be stuck on that hell hole. I open my eyes and right in front of me, I see a window…

And outside that window, I see the most extraordinary thing. A huge battleship was just about to enter the atmosphere along with many smaller vessels. All around that small window that gave me sight, I could see balls of light flickering into existence and then dying out. Must be the Earth Defense Forces trying to fight that invader. It didn't matter though; they wouldn't be able to win…

While I watched that scene of battle, I never realized who it was that was invading. I would later learn that it was the Cold Family, finally arriving to put an end to the people they had been fighting with for so long. Too bad they came a little too late…

It didn't matter anymore. I could feel sleep trying to overcome me and I was done fighting it. I took one last look around, the three guys still lording over the controls; that tall guy that had carried me to the ship; a strange blond girl seated in one of the seats, staying out of the way; and then that Videl girl, always sneaking glances at me as if I didn't know she was looking at me…

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes once again, this time for good. As I slowly fell into unconsciousness, I saw the strangest thing. It was like a parade of people I knew were visiting me or something along the lines of that…

First came my family. Memories of spars with Dad, Mom scolding me for destroying the side of our house, training with my grandfather Bardock, the camp fire before the attack on New Central with Raditz; each of them seeming as if they had happened an eternity ago…

Next came the people I had met over my life, some I could even call friends. Surviving after the invasion with Vegeta, Bibidi allowing us the use of his home, receiving the order to attack Earth from Broly, meeting Nappa at Cape Base; I honestly could've done without Nappa…

Then came my comrades, my brothers in arms. Goten, Trunks, Piccolo; it was a joy fighting along side of them. Everything from telling the young ones their fathers were dead, destroying bases, fighting in New Central, seeing Piccolo fuse with me, the fights in space; all this flashed before me. If I had to go into this war again, I would still choose them to fight along side of…

Then, something strange happened. I saw the people I hadn't really considered friends or family or anything at all. There was that bald bodyguard from New Central, both of us back there fighting again; the blond girl that was sitting out of the way was…just there in that chair she was in; that guy Gero had called Jericho, him hovering behind me as he pulled out that old man's arm…

Finally, an image of Videl passed before me. We were both on that hillside outside of East Fort, the moment right after we had kissed. Of all the feelings I had thought I would have, a calm warmth that spread throughout my body was not one of them. Yet, it felt right somehow. I don't know why I would feel it, especially for a human girl, but that didn't matter…

Nothing mattered anymore…

"Well, you don't see that everyday," Tien said as he watched the formidable battleships entering Earth's atmosphere.

"For Earth, maybe," Trunks replied, watching the spectacle as well.

All the passengers were silent as the scene unfolded. Who ever those battleships belonged to was going to have a pretty easy time taking over Earth, especially after the removal of the Earth's top governmental figures.

However, that sight wasn't what held Videl's attention. Instead, she was more focused on the sight of the slumping Gohan. Somewhere between the launch and now the wounded saiyan had fallen asleep, but something was troubling the girl. That sleep looked a little too deep for her comfort.

The moment she was able to stand without fear of being thrown around the room, the Satan girl walked over to Gohan and gently shook him, hoping that he would make some sign as to his current state.

Nothing happened.

"Leave him alone, can't you tell he's sleeping?" an agitated Goten said. If his brother wanted to sleep, that was fine with him. He'd make sure no one disturbed his slumber.

However, Videl shook her head. "There's something not right about this though. This sleep he's in just doesn't look natural."

This time, Trunks spoke up. "Move aside and I'll check him out."

Moving to a side of the sleeping Gohan, the young saiyan knelt where Videl had once been, checking up on the elder saiyan. Feeling for his pulse in multiple areas, checking his heartbeat rate, and his breathing patterns with his hands, a troubled look crossed Trunks' face. Something was not right here.

"Trunks, is something wrong?" Goten asked. From the way his friend was looking, something was wrong.

"I don't get it, not one bit," Trunks murmured, not meaning for the other saiyan to hear it.

Immediately, Trunks was pulled off the ground by his armor strap; Goten holding him off the ground. "Trunks, you better tell me what's wrong with my brother or I swear I'll send you into the next life in a body cast."

"That's just it Goten, I don't know what's wrong," the saiyan replied, knowing he was treading on very thin ice.

However, the mysterious Jericho spoke up then. "Tell me, what are his symptoms?"

Both saiyans turned their heads to look at the giant human. Slowly lowering his friend to the ground, Goten watched the two like a hawk, wanting to catch every single word and action.

"Well, his breathing and pulse are a bit weak though his heart rate is still strong. It's like his body shut itself down or something," Trunks said.

Jericho bowed his head. "Then it is what I feared."

"What?!" Goten barked, his fury returning full force. "Tell me what's wrong with my brother!"

Jericho looked at the young man solemnly, seeming to pick out the right words before deciding to say it bluntly.

"Your brother has fallen into a coma."

The whole room grew very still. Everyones' eyes were firmly on the red haired giant, shocked from his diagnois.

"A...a coma?' Goten said almost in disbelief.

However, Jericho wasn't done speaking.

"And telling from his earlier truama, I'd have to say..." the giant drifted off.

"Say...what," Goten said, almost on the verge of madness. After a brief pause, the man managed to finish the sentence.

"I don't know if he'll ever wake up."

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