"Harry, mate, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course. I've been reading my potions book lately in my spare time -"


"I don't know, it seems interesting."

"Potions? I dunno mate..."

"Just let me finish, would you? I've been reading my potions book, so I decided to do a couple tests in the middle of the night -"

"So that's what I've been smelling!"

"- and it seems that somehow I've gotten better at the subject. Who knows? Maybe it's because Snape hasn't been breathing down my neck all summer. Anyway, I came across this one potion, and I thought about the one thing we've been dreaming about for a while."


"Exactly! It's an aging potion, and not a faulty one like most. This one seems legit."

"Remind me why I agreed to this?"

"Because you want to apparate and do magic outside of school."

"Right...but don't you think my parents might be mad? And'll send him up the wall!"

"It's not like he hasn't done similar. Plus, nobody should notice, we're only aging a year."

"Don't you think someone will notice us apparating?"

"Ron, think about it! We'll be seventeen! And please don't say you want out, because I know you want to do this. Just forget about what Hermione will say."

The redhead mumbled something uncomprehensive under his breath.

"Just don't tell her. Maybe that will save your sex life."

"Harry? Ron? Are you awake?" asked an older voice outside the room. "I heard voices."

Panicked looks fell upon the teenaged boys' faces as the door creaked open. Dashing toward their beds, the raven-haired boy knocked his cauldron by mistake, but took no chance to clean it up.

"Boys? Who was brewing potions in here? What...what is going on?"

AN: This is my new story. I hope you all enjoy it, I assure it will be packed full of surprises.