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The Premium Club

I haven't been at The Premium Club very long but by this industry's standard, I'm already a veteran.

There's always a high turnover of woman who come here to work in this lap dance club, some leave after one night, some leave to another club where the takings are good or some just leave to move on in life.

I stayed.


This job gives me the money and the ultimate feeling of control I can't get in a normal job.

The Premium Club is an upmarket gentleman's club where seediness of the neighbouring brothels are left at the door along with your coat and where you can find many services that caters your every desire and whim.

I mainly dance though I do more for my favourite clients if they ask and I desire it.

Sometimes I sleep with them in the rooms the club provides, sometimes they have a fetish itch that only I can scratch or sometimes they'll pay me to take me out as their escort for the night.

My job is interesting and I'm happy.

Saturday nights are of course, the busiest and already the papers Gils shoved down my thong are plentiful and the punters are baying for more.

Because I made sure my performing routines were of a more classy kind and I carefully picked my clients, unlike other women who cared less about their professional identity, I had a lot of men interested in me.

I walked the club floor first, smiling and talking to the punters, ignoring the lewd comments and the occasional pinch on the bottom as men bought me a drink or I managed to get them a dance with other women working that night.

My looks mean I always get attention; I have green eyes that many clients loved and the palest skin with blue-black hair and a womanly body I worked hard to maintain.

Rio the barman with short spiky brown hair and blue eyes grinned wolfishly as he made me my favourite drink and placed it before me.

"Busy night."

I nod and thanked him as I sipped my drink.

"Plenty of clients ready for your picking." Rio jerked his head to the crowded club floor where gaggles of men sat around smoking and chatting in between podiums where woman gyrated.

"How's the tip jar looking for you tonight?" I eyed the glass container behind the bar that looked pitifully empty and without waiting for his reply, I pulled a small roll of Gils from between my breasts and push it into his hand, "For Lana's education."

He went to object but I sent him a look which told him better for I always hand him some money for him to put away for his daughter he so loved.

Rio's attention was diverted when several men clustered round the bar for drinks; I looked around and watched a small group of men enter the club.

I vaguely recognised them from somewhere as my boss stepped up to them and shook a spiky blonde haired man by the hand and indicated to a seating area close to the stage reserved for VIP's.

I watched the four men walk over and sit down, all completely different from each other.

The spiky blonde haired man was laughing with one man who had a cigarette clamped between his teeth and a pair of goggles on the top of his head, and a hugely muscled black man with tattoos over his dark skin and a metal hand. I nearly missed the forth man for he sat contently in the shadows.

He wore a red cape that covered much of his lower face and had long black hair that was uselessly restrained by a red bandana.

My boss came over to the bar and ordered Rio that the VIP's were to have free drinks on the house and to send over their first order with one the girls.

Rio plonked a champagne bottle in an ice bucket and slid it across the counter to a woman who put it on a tray and walked over, deliberately rolling her hips in well measured steps, aware her 'innocent' strut was getting the attention of passer-bys.

"Who are they?" Rio asked the boss, I leant forward in my seat to listen, drink forgotten about as my boss grinned.

"Them there are the AVALANCHE boys, they're the ones that saved the world a couple of times."

Rio's eyes and mouth were agog as he tried to see the VIP's over the crowd.

I remember them now, I knew I seen them in the papers and on television here in Edge. I too was curious to see these well deserving heroes but a familiar face stopped me as he grinned.

"Saren! A pleasure to see you tonight."

"Rufus, a pleasure as always." I stood up and smiled at the man I knew to be the Shinra's old boss and more recently hailed WRO Commissioner. He was my more favourable client, I've danced for him in the past and been his escort on dates when he's been too busy to find someone to go with.

He kissed my cheek and waved his hand to three other faces I recognised despite being dressed down from their normal uniforms.

"You've met Reno, Rude and Reeve before haven't you?"

"Of course, it's a pleasure to meet you gentlemen again. What brings you here?" I casually inquire, putting on my best hostess role as Reno grinned at me and Reeve politely smiled.

"We're here on a stag night for one of our friends is getting married. I believe we were to meet them here, a Cloud Strife?" Rufus looked around to search for his friends and I knew immediately who he was referring too.

"They've just come in, I'll be happy to show you where they're sitting?" Rufus offered me his arm and I took it, leading them to the VIP area through the crowd.

I unclipped the velvet rope and ushered them through and went to leave when Rufus called out for me.

"Don't leave just yet, let me introduce you to the guys."

He remained standing as he introduced me to the four AVALANCHE members in turn. I received a wolfish grin from Cloud and a perhaps more leering one from both Cid and Barret. The shadowy man called Vincent made no move to show a sign of greeting and I put it down to the fact he wasn't comfortable being roped into this place.

"It's Cloud's stag night, he's getting married…finally!" Jeered Rufus which was met with much gusto and cheering as the men chinked their drinks together and gulped them down, intent on starting a good night out.

I laughed and took the seat Rufus pulled up for me. I looked around and saw my boss ushering a few more woman over to us. They giggled and smiled, settling in random men's laps and draping their arms across their shoulders.

I moved my chair back to allow a little room and found myself sitting in front of the man Vincent who stared pass me and at something of interest despite the stage being in a different direction. He sat alone on the outskirts of the rowdy group and I smiled at him when I caught his eyes.

They were red, glistening like wine in the dull spot lights. He didn't smile back, instead he watched me over the cowl of his cape until I looked away. Ignoring his intense stare, I looked to see the group were low on alcohol and decided another trip to the bar was essential.

"Rio? Can you put a shot of whiskey with this? I got a man who needs a little loosening up." I called to the barman who nodded and placed the said order on the tray along with a bottle of Tequila and all the necessary accompaniments with it.

"After you take the order over, you'll dance." My boss ordered and I nodded, balancing the tray on my hand then worked my way back to the VIP section. I placed the tray on the table where the men started on it almost immediately, deciding to lick lines of salt of various womanly parts as part of the game. I picked up the tumbler of whiskey and turned to face Vincent.

"This is for you, I though you may prefer this."

He stared at me for a long while and slowly reached out and took it, nodding his thanks.

"I'm…more of a wine drinker…myself." His deep voice carried through the din of the club and I nodded, "I'll remember that next time."

He remained silent and I took the bare tray and headed back to the bar to deposit it and head backstage to ready myself by changing into a dark green bikini set.

I watched from the wing as the woman before me finished stripping to applauses and whistled and she exited the stage. The music changed, signalling the start of my dance and I walked on stage, the lights blinding me so I couldn't see far into the audience as my hand touched the cold pole I started dancing around.

I easy ascended the pole, my thigh muscles clamping tightly around it as I slowly spun around it. I descended slowly, throwing my head back and pushing my chest outwards as I reached behind me and loosened the back of my bikini top.

I walked across the stage, pausing to smile and wink at the men before me as they cheered before coming to a stop at the base of another pole, directly in front of the VIP area.

I could see they were all watching me, leering and grinning as Rufus whistled and ribbed Reno who shouted a lewd comment I didn't quite catch.

One jerk of a bikini string was all it took to silence him as they watched in transfixed fascination as my breasts became bared for all to see.

I caressed myself, feeling the tight nubs of my erect nipples rub against my cool palms as I slowly climbed up the pole and locked my feet around it to lean back and look out at the audience upside down.

My hands firstly played with my hair then ran down my neck to my breasts once more as the group of men before me watched.

My eyes settled on the shadowy man, Vincent and his eyes penetrated my gaze.

I couldn't see what emotions were playing through his mind via his eyes at all, his eyes flickered upwards as he watched my hands gently squeeze my breasts and I could suddenly see a flash of sheer, dark lust.

It made me tingle.

What I saw in those dark red eyes was completely different from the rampant horniness I could see in his friends' eyes.

I pulled myself back upwards and my feet touched the stage floor as the last chords of the song died away to much cheering and applauding.

I exited the stage, my heart feeling as if it was about to exploded. The few years I worked in this club drew no sensations like this from me at all until I saw that man.

I didn't go back out that night; my boss told me I had a client who wanted me to dance for him.

I ended up sleeping with him, letting the man fill and stretch me as he thrust into me, with closed eyes as I imagined the red eyed stranger in his place with his midnight black hair and pale skin.