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The Premium Club was one of those places where the rich and famous would turn up, where famous Chocobo jockeys rubbed shoulders with wealthy merchants and familiar television faces.

I entertained them all.

Doesn't mean my jobs all the more glamorous which is the illusion that disappoints many women who start work in the club.

I found that the more well known a client is, the worst they are to work with.

The only thing that makes it worthwhile is the money but even then, famous people are notoriously poor tippers.

It's a lonely job being a dancer, other women neglect you as the rivalry within the club infrastructure means the prettier girls gets the money.

Other men have pretty poor awareness that at the end of the day, you're just a woman working for the money and forget your basic human rights.

And the hours mean you have no social life.

But I have no reason to leave just yet, I have no calling to lure me out of my twilight hours and no one there to catch me and be my safety net.

Which is why I welcomed any friendly interaction with my clients, it made me feel normal.

But with Vincent, I felt like a flirt, a tease and someone who had no logical head sense no more. I felt giggly and like a schoolgirl with a ludicrous crush, every time I thought of him I swooned and my face flushed and my nerves rattled.

I don't know the man but I knew enough of him to guess what he was like.

The strong silent type.

And I was on dangerous territory as no girl was to get a crush on her clients, it made bad business sense.

I skirted past a man who was being lead somewhere by a skimpily clad woman as I head to the bar, it was a bad night and I needed something to drink.

Rio didn't need to be told for as soon as he saw me; he automatically got me a drink and placed it on the counter as I seated myself.

"What's the matter?" he put on his best motherly voice.

"I spent an hour with my best client and he tipped me a lousy twenty Gil and made a booking with another girl. It kinda knocks a girl's confidence." I placed the ice cold glass against my forehead and sigh, letting the tension in my head slip away under the chill.

"I need cheering up…"

"Maybe there's a certain man who can do just that…" I look up at Rio with my 'And who might that be?' face to see him grin and jerk his head indicating I should look behind me.

I did, to see Vincent standing behind me with his red cape over one arm.

He remembered what I had said last time and I could now see his face entirely.

He didn't s mile but then again, he didn't have to for I could kind of guess he was pleased to see me.

"Vincent!" I heard myself shrilly exclaimed, the nerves kicking in as I mentally cringed at how I greeted the man like a banshee.

He sat himself next to me at the bar and asked for a bottle of red wine and two glasses.

"You look great, perhaps it's because you've taken off that cape." I smiled as my inner mini-me kicking myself so hard for such a dumb observation.

Vincent said nothing except take out a twenty Gil note and handed it to Rio. I watched his gloved hand pour the wine into two glasses and push one to me.

I thanked him and sipped it, whilst watching him swirl his wine around in the glass, lost in the crimson motion that danced within its glass globe.

"What's on your mind?" I ask, he stops and looks up at me.

"…nothing's…on my mind."

"You sure about that?"

He looks back down at the glass; there was definitely something on his mind.

"I made sure that on my way here tonight, I got plenty of Gils and yet…I can't seem to bring myself to ask you…to dance…for me."

"Is it what you want me to do?" I ignored the flush of heat spreading through my cheeks.

He nods.

"I haven't been with a woman for a long time." He stated and looked at me, his red eyes in turmoil as I felt my cheeks now burning.

"Trust me." My hand slipped over the counter to cover his in some motion I wasn't aware I was doing.

He gave a nod of his head and I slipped off the stool, still holding his hand as he slowly descend from the stool and allow me to lead him.

I lead him through a doorway then down a lavishly decorated corridor where numerous gold painted doors were situated leading off to individual rooms.

I opened the door to the room I usually worked in and lead him in where he stood and slowly handed me his cape for me to hang on the back of the door.

The room was dimly lit, where a plush sofa sat at one end of the small room facing the pole and the dance space. I took Vincent's hand once more and lead him to the sofa where he seated himself, reluctantly sitting back and resting both his gloved hand and his clawed one on the arms.

He watched me, dark eyes beneath the crimson bandana and the stray locks of midnight hair.

I turn on the music where a slowly, sultry song play and I looked over at the dark man.

"What do you want me to do for you Vincent?"

He rested his head back against the soft sofa, as if resigned to his fate as he softly ordered in his deep voice, "Dance for me."

I smiled, allowing my hips to slowly move to the pulsating beat of the music. I ran my hands down the smooth satin of my short dress as if to caress myself. I watched him watching me, aware his eyes followed every curve and move my body made. I allowed the dress to slip down to pool at my feet, leaving me in my lacy underwear and high heels.

I walked over to him, nudging his legs wide apart with my knee as I stood between them, still slowly dancing as I let my knee run along the side of his thigh, rubbing against his leather trousers as his fingers gripped the sofa's arms.

His eyes burned my body as I writhe under his gaze despite his face being impassive, I could tell from those red orbs he was aroused.

That and the fact I was edging my knee along his hard erection.

He sighed, his eyes closed as his mouth parted to breath in a ragged breath.

I unclasped the back of my bra, the sound of it falling on the floor with a soft thud made him open his eyes once more to see he was drowning in his own memories and thoughts.

I saw his leather gloved hand fist as if to fight himself as I continued dancing, every now and then allowing my knee to caress his erection in a taunting way which helped no matters for him.

He thickly swallowed as he moved his head to one side, his black hair falling in careless strands over his dark eyes. The faint squeak of leather clenching made me look down at his fist and I reached out for it.

His fingers laid limp and heavy in my own grasp as he looked at me, eyes on the alert as to what I am about to do now.

"What more are you hiding from me Vincent?" I ask, looking at his glove and then in a calculated motion, I pulled it off, revealing his pale fingers that despite belonging to such a dark, brooding man almost had a delicate nature to them.

His face was impassive, nothing revealed to me at all and no emotion flickered in his eyes.

His other arm twitched, the dull metal of his claw catching the light as he brought it up between us.

We were still, the music was the only thing penetrating the silence between us as he twirled his hand and flexed his fingers, my ears not missing the chink of metal talons gliding against one another.

"Does this not scare you?"

I shake my head.

His eyebrows tighten together.

"Do I…not scare you?"

Again I shake my head. "Should I be scared?"

He slowly rose to his feet, towering over me in my heels as I look up at him.

He said nothing except wiggle his leather glove back onto the hand I took it off and reached for his back pocket where I knew he kept his wallet.

"No, I won't accept your money." My hand rested on his arm where I felt his muscles tense and I pulled away.

"Why? Do you pity me?" his voice rasps, leaning closer to me. I think he's trying to intimidate me with his red eyes and his deadly presence but all he managed to succeed is letting me inhale his scent.

He smelt of fresh rain over the vast Greenland surrounding Edge and it made my head swim and my senses weak.

"I don't pity you Vincent."

"Then what?"

His red eyes held my own and I couldn't look away.

"I'm attracted to you." I heard myself say, my legs trembled as he blinked and blinked again. He stepped back from me and headed to the door.

His claw reached up and took down his cloak hanging from a gold hanger on the back of the door.

I heard the door open and his quiet voice break that moment as he departed.


For what Vincent?