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The crowd had dispersed. It was now only him. He stared absently at the shadows playing off the head stones that stood in rows. He started to walk, but not to anyplace in particular, just walking to get away. He felt suffocated. He was not a man who cried easily, but today, right now, the tears he had held back for so long slowly made their way to the surface. With angry hands, he swiped at the dewy droplets that had begun to form. He pretended like he didn't understand. He hoped that if he pretended long enough, he, eventually, would really not understand. He didn't cry when his father passed, not even when his son was born. Many hypotheticals ran through his mind. Maybe he wept because he was stressed, or frustrated. Maybe he shed those tears because that's what everyone else was doing…mob mentality. But he knew. Deep down he really knew. He cried because the woman who had meant the world to him had died. She was the one he laughed with, shared secrets and feelings with, and she had just been laid to rest. That was why he cried.

A soft hand jolted him out of his reverie. Looking over he saw his partner. The smile that she offered comforted him to no extent. He took her hand, and together they made their way out of the cemetery.

Sandra Booth

Loving Wife, Caring Mother

She will greatly missed,

and loved forever and always.

1947 – 2007

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