Title: Look After You

Author: Mel

Disclaimer: I disclaim…I own nothing!

Summary: He said good bye and now he was back.

Spoilers: Haha you're joking right?

Pairings: Previous/Future Lita/Christian Currently Lita/John, Trish/Dave, Victoria/Edge,Lilian/Jericho, Brooke/Punk, Michelle/Randy

Rating: PG13

Dist: Ask my lovelies and I'll be surprised

Notes: Title is from the Fray's Look After You, answer to Karen's sentence challenge. Taking some liberties because I can, this is revisionist history. During the Bet storyline in 03, Lita left the WWE. This can work because her pairing could have seen her in 04. She made her return I'm saying in 07, to help revive the women's division. While she's been gone she's been in touch with some people, not all. Trish never left. Playing with ages…Li and Trish both born in 1977 instead of 1975, just because. Anymore things that are different will be dually noted as time goes on. Umm John is not injured and Christian never left.

If I don't' say this now I will surely break

As I'm leaving the one I want to take

Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait

My heart has started to separate, "Look After You", The Fray


Late April 2004

His blue eyes watched her across the crowded bar. She was seated alone. Running her hands through her long red hair.

He loved to watch her when she thought no one was watching. She was so beautiful, but she was more beautiful all natural. She was most beautiful to him in the moonlight, hair mussed, makeup gone. She was beautiful no matter what. And he loved her for it.

He loved her for everything. He loved her for her strength in dealing with Matt Hardy's betrayal with Stacy, and the news of Torrie's pregnancy. He loved her for not letting Bischoff get to her, he knew the man wasn't acting when he spoke derogatorily to her.

He loved her for her.

And now he had to say good bye.

She was leaving. And it was breaking his heart.

She didn't know for sure if he loved her, he'd never said the words. He'd always thought he had time. But it appeared as though time was running out.

October 2007

Amy let out a breathe. She was once more in a crowded bar. This time not to celebrate or say good bye, but to say hello. She had returned to the WWE at a time when it desperately needed her.

She let out a sigh and looked around the darkened room, filled to capacity with WWE and regulars. Filled with loud music, alcohol and smoke.

It was through smoke she saw the blue eyes. Not the blue eyes of her boyfriend. But the blue eyes of a man that she had thought of every day.


His eyes connected with her hazel He thought to himself how beautiful they still were.

He sighed and looked away.

He hadn't seen her in three years, three years. Not since he'd told her he loved her, then said good bye.

Now she was back.


So? Good bad ugly?