Disneyland Foray

Axel ran down the hallways with the speed of an angry cheetah, a colorful flyer in his hands. Reaching his destination, which was the Superior's meeting chamber, he burst through the door and portalled to his respective seat. He panted quietly, surveying the other twelve members who were already present.

"Look who decided to join us," Xigbar, the Freeshooter, laughed.

"Indeed," Saix growled, "it seems our Number Eight forgot that he could portal."

"Tell me, Axel," Luxord chirped, "did you bash it one too many times on the wall?"

Axel ignored the jibes and looked up at Xemnas, the Organization's Superior. The silver-haired man raised an eyebrow, asking Axel to explain why he had beseeched him, the Superior himself, to call a meeting. "I got...caught up in the excitement," Axel explained poorly, still gripping the little paper, "well, I mean like, I found out where all the ones of the light gather!"

This announcement caused an interested stir in even the higher-ups and Saix. All attention was on Axel now, the Flurry Of Dancing Flames staring up at Xemnas, asking for permission to go on.

"Interesting," Xemnas responded calmly, lacing his fingers together on his lap, "please continue."

Axel knew he had the Superior hooked, as he could see, even from across the chamber, that Xemnas's eyes were alight with a keen interest and a certain hunger. Axel then committed another Organization taboo: he portalled onto the Superior's throne-like seat.

Larxene coughed. "Someone's gonna get an ass-beating!" Marluxia heard her comment and snickered in agreement.

Xemnas looked up to Axel, silently demanding why Axel was now on his seat. Axel simply flashed him a paper of multiple colors like purple, blue, and mint green. The pyromaniac wore a triumphant grin which Xemnas ignored as he examined the notice.

He could not believe what he saw.


" 'Disney'?" Xemnas repeated, looking up in question at Axel.

Axel scratched the back of his head in equal confusion. "It must be the name they go under," he guessed. "Like how we go under Organization. Maybe they call themselves the Disney, whatever THAT means..."

Xemnas immediately shot up in rarely seen excitement, making Axel fall off the chair. He managed to make a portal on the floor, making himself come out through another entrance, back onto his seat. He landed heavily with a thump.

"Graceful," Marluxia commented.

Xemnas clapped his hands loudly, once, for silence. When it came, he began. "Axel has found a place where a large amount of the realm of light seem to gather. They have gone under a group name as well. They call themselves the Disney."

Roxas tilted his head while Demyx munched thoughtfully through a bag of chips. Marluxia and Larxene crossed their arms and legs, intrigued in each other's own way. Luxord paid attention while flipping through various cards. Axel himself eagerly awaited his Superior's next announcement.

"Such fools!" Xemnas awed, peering closer at the paper. "They even left DIRECTIONS to their hideout!"

"Now THAT'S stupid!" Xigbar commented., waving his finger in disappointment.

"Indeed," Xaldin agreed, brooding, "if one is going to make an organization, one should keep their hideout secret from all eyes but the members themselves."

"It doesn't matter!" Xemnas cried, "We now know where they gather!" Eagerly surveying his members, he bellowed, "WE STRIKE AT DAWN!"