The guy in the Mickey Mouse outfit stared, stupefied, at the crazy old woman. "You're WHAT?!" he squeaked. "For how much?!"

The old woman grinned. "All of your money! And a hot dog stand!" She swung her gun triumphantly as Xigbar smiled beside her like a partner in crime.

"Oh no, you don't!" the man suddenly barked. "WE could press charges on YOU! Is that a gun in your possession?"


At that instant all dominance vanished from the old lady; now the roles were switched. "RUN!" she screamed, which was pretty loud for a woman her age.

In the panic and embarrassment, every member including Xemnas forgot that they could portal as they saw angry "Disney" members swarming in at a quick rate.

"Don't tell me they're in costumes, too!" Demyx quipped. Axel hit him upside his head, pointing out that it was common sense that the characters were in costumes, too. "Crap!" the Melodious Nocturne hissed frantically. "Run, run, run!" He sped off with Roxas at his heels, who was only following because the old lady had run as well.

And everybody follows the crazy old lady.

Axel whipped around just in time to have Marluxia and Larxene crash into him, bowling him over. "Watch it!" he barked, hopping back up, where Xaldin ran into him as well. "You know what?" Axel said to himself. "I'm just gonna wait right here on the floor until everybody passes by."

He quickly changed his resolve when he saw two security guards approaching him with nightsticks.

The Flurry Of Dancing Flames leaped up and sped off past Xemnas, who turned around and said, "Organization Thirteen are NOT cowards!"

"No," Axel shot back over his shoulder, "but we're SMART!"

Before Xemnas could fathom what Axel meant, a security guard swung his nightstick in Xemnas's general direction. The Superior used his quick reflexes to seize the weapon, wrench it out of the guard's hand, and bash the man's head with the object. Victorious, Xemnas charged into combat with the next security guard as the rest of the Disney mascots charged after the other Organization members.

"It's the smoker, Vexen!" Zexion reported to the Chilly Academic, upon seeing "Alice" running toward them. "Quick!" Zexion hissed. "Get the patch!"

Vexen frantically dug in his pocket for their chief weapon against "Alice". Finally fishing it out, he handed it to Zexion, who said, "I think you should do it; I'm pretty scarred for life from seeing her smoke behind the dumpster."

Vexen sighed upon seeing once again Zexion's reluctance to do any dirty work. Rising from behind the bush, Vexen approached a furious "Alice". "Hold it!" Vexen announced, holding up the patch, "Leave us alone, or I'll force this nicotine patch on you!"

"Alice's" eyes widened as her eyes darted frantically from side to side, obviously paranoid. "Hell no!" she finally shouted before turning around and speeding down the path she had come from.

Axel sprinted as if in a marathon, Demyx and Roxas nearly at his heels. The Flurry Of Dancing Flames spun around a corner, and had he not grabbed Demyx's and Roxas's hoods in time, they would have ran on. Demyx squeaked as his head impacted with the wall, and Roxas grunted as he hit against Axel's chest. Axel placed a hand over Roxas's mouth, and Demyx covered his own as the guy in the Pete costume stomped by, Donald and Aladdin at his tail.

"That was close," Axel breathed quietly.

Demyx sneezed loudly.

In a second, Aladdin's head poked around the corner. "They're over here!" he shouted.

"No, we're not!" Roxas protested.

"Yes, you are!" Aladdin shot back.



"Nuh--hey, leggo, Axel!"

The Flurry Of Dancing Flames dragged Roxas away quickly while repeatedly smacking Demyx on the back of the Nocturne's head. "That'll teach you to sneeze when we're in a tense moment!" Axel snapped.

"I say," Larxene proposed as she held off Minnie Mouse with various snack items from the food bar she was standing behind, "we get to the van and pull off a smooth getaway to cover-up the horrible mission!"

Marluxia, beside her, hurled a sandwich loaded with mustard and then said, "I agree! Anything to get the hell outta here! Let's say we go now?"

Before Larxene could open her mouth, Axel burst through the door to the restaurant they were in; Demyx and Roxas were at his heels. "The Pete, Donald, and Aladdin posers are on our tail! We need extra arsenal!" He hopped over the counter next to Marluxia. "I say we pull off a smooth getaway to cover up this awful mission!" he declared to the Assassin.

"Marluxia looked at Axel, surprised that he had nearly repeated Larxene's statement word for word. "Yeah...," he said slowly.

"No time to be slow in answering, Mar!" Demyx said as he hurled a soda bottle at Pete, who had bashed through the double doors. "I say we get everyone else and ditch this poser kingdom!"

"You're all posers!" Axel shouted as he leapt on top of the counter, cupping his mouth to amplify his already loud voice. "You're not imitating anybody!" Axel pointed to the fallen Pete, who was struggling to get back up. "Pete can't run that fast without getting a heart attack!" The pyro then shifted to Aladdin. "And Aladdin is NEVER without his trusty monkey for very long! Where's the monkey, huh? Show me the monkey!" Axel looked to Donald. "And didn't I set your ass on fire already?! Why aren't you cooked already?!"

The people started to group toward Axel now, and the pyro chuckled. "Oh, we're SO gonna kick your sorry poser butts. Right guy?... Guys?" Axel turned his head to find the snack bar empty. "Oh, you cheap, disloyal infidels!" Axel shouted before rocketing off to the back door.

"Start the thing, start it!" Axel urged Zexion as the Schemer fumbled frantically with the keys, trying to stick them in the ignition. "We're not getting any younger," Axel said, and the posers aren't getting any passive!"

"Will you shut up?!" Zexion yelled. "This is very stressful right now!"

The whole Organization, and the old lady, had finally reunited back at their van. Unfortunately, so had the 'posers'; they were all trying to tip the van on one side, but seeing as they were all still in their stuffy costumes, this was quite hard for them to do.

"Dude," Xigbar said loudly, "I think Pluto's trying to climb on top of the van!"

"I think it's about time Pluto got fixed!" Larxene exclaimed, heading for the top of the van. She was sent back to the floor however, when the old lady dragged her back down by her coat.

"I'll handle Pluto, if you don't mind," she said, a bit on the cranky side. She climbed the ladder to the top with ease and, with her head sticking out the roof, she shot her gun into the air a few times, frightening Pluto into letting go of the ladder to crash back down onto the pavement. "Better recognize, bitch," the old lady grumbled as she passed Larxene, who was still seated on the floor.

Larxene could only stare after the old woman, a tad bit stupefied.

Back at the front of the van, Demyx was also urging Zexion to start the van. "C'mon, c'mon, they're gonna tip us! And I'll bet there's nothing worse than getting torn apart by posers!"

"No doubt," Axel agreed.

Finally Zexion started the van. Frantically stepping on the pedal, he was horrified that the van would barely budge. "There's too many holding back the van!" he explained loudly to the two men.

"Crap!" Axel breathed. "Someone's gotta be the distraction for them! I know! We'll send Saix!"

Saix, from near the pyro, glared daggers at Axel's back.

"No? How 'bout Vexen?" Axel received more glares. "We gotta get outta here somehow!"

"No problem!" said the old voice. "I'll teach these idiots a thing or two! Outta my way, bozos!" The old woman charged through a window after opening it, her trusty gun in hand.

"No!" Xigbar shouted. "Lemme go, too!" He headed for the window, but Xemnas and Xaldin restrained his thin frame. "But dudes!" Xigbar complained. "Lemme go and back my buddy up!"

"This is like something out of Resident Evil or something," Larxene whispered to Roxas, who nodded as he watched the Disney mascots turn and swarm around the old woman, then chasing after her as she ran away, firing her gun like the senile old bat she was.

"Step on it!" Marluxia boomed to Zexion, who indeed stepped on it. The tires screamed in complaint, but the vehicle soon tore off to the nearest highway.

Xigbar was grumpy the rest of the day, acting more and more like an old man who sits on his porch, yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

The rest, however, were just glad to be out of 'Poser Kingdom', as Axel dubbed it. "We never speak of this in the future, aiight?" he said to the Organization. He was pleased when every member -even Xigbar- grunted and mumbled in agreement. "Now that that's over, I say we go somewhere where we can enjoy ourselves, since we're already on the road." He chuckled to himself as he headed for his room, Roxas trailing behind him.

"What's up, kid?" Axel asked as he stepped into the room and headed for the window.

"Nothin'," Roxas answered. "I was just wondering, where are we gonna go next?"

Axel smiled. "That's the thing about a road trip, Rox," he grinned. "You don't always know where you're headed."

"Hey," Demyx said to the whole Organization, and even Zexion could here from his driver's seat. "Guess what I picked up back at Poser Kingdom?"

"Just say what it is," Marluxia said flatly.

"Spoil sport," Demyx grumbled. "But I found a flyer for this place called Marine World!"

Silence ensued, until Saix slowly stood up. "All in favor of throwing Number Nine out the window right now, say--"

"I!" half the Organization proclaimed.


A/N: So sorry for the horrendously long wait. Heck, I haven't updated in almost 6 months... I never want to do that again! Anyway, sorry if the ending suck... As for the old lady: she ran away and got away safely... and is currently hiding out in Mexico.