This a definite result of boredom, my friends, so I hope you don't think it's s piece of crap (though it probably is) Please comment, this will probably only be a one-shot but I'll see where it goes…and how much you like it!

"I have bad news," Edward started, stroking my hair thoughtfully. I groaned; either he had to leave me or there was another deranged vampire after me (again).

I stroked the dark circles beneath his eyes. "Yesss?" I asked slowly and unwillingly. He looked pleased at my reaction of me not wanting him to go.

"I have to go hunting tonight," he said carefully. Oh, I thought. That's not that bad.

"But I don't know who will take care of you," he sighed, looking at me, his marble brow puckered. I rolled my eyes, and ran my finger over his nose. "I'm perfectly capable of fending for myself, Edward," I grumbled; truthfully, I didn't really mind being 'kidnapped' I just hated being away from Edward for periods of time. He smiled crookedly, his white smile blinding me momentarily-to his great amusement, of course.

"Why can't Alice take care of me?" I asked. He frowned again. "She hasn't been hunting in awhile and it always makes her crabbier so she needs to go. Unless…" he trailed off, and he chuckled darkly. "No, Emmett's not going to take care of you," he said, and shook his head. I laughed at his expression.

"Why not?" I demanded. "Emmett's strong enough, you know that. And he'll keep me amused, at least," I added, thinking of the nights when Alice painted my toenails. He shook his head grimly. "I know that he's strong enough, Bella, but I'm worried about…" he trailed off, his eyes flickering to my face and back down. I flushed self-consciously under his gaze. "Well," he added hurriedly, "I'll find someone, I guess…but in the meantime," he added, with a sly look in his eyes. I giggled as he caught me in his arms and pushed my against his bed, kissing me with much enthusiasm that left me dizzy and weak-willed. I ran my hands through his bronze hair and his hands were on my sides, tracing up and down.

Without warning, the door banged open and Alice and Emmett stepped in, Alice talking at top speed. "I don't know, he's always such a worrier, do you really-" She was cut off as both of them realized the positions we were in. A full grin flashed across Emmett's face as he took in out frozen figures on tight embrace. Alice smiled mischievously, attempting to control her amusement.

"Oh, well, it can wait," she said, and grabbing a reluctant Emmett by the ear she pulled him out the door forcefully. I could hear Emmett's complaints all the way down the hall- "But I always wondered how Edward was in the bedroom!"- and little Alice's feisty grip on the masculine Emmett. I turned to Edward, blushing a bit and gave a nervous laugh.

"Um…" was all that came out. He chuckled a bit, then rolled off me gently, his hands still on my sides. "I would bet my Volvo that Emmett planned that," Edward mused, laughing and apparently unconcerned. Suddenly, his hands were still on my sides and his whole body tensed, drawing in a sharp breath. He whipped over to his side facing the door.

"Emmett!!!!" he snarled furiously. "I can hear your thoughts you deranged pervert!!" I could here a roaring laughter wafting from downstairs. My eyes widened at the possibilities. I studied Edward. His eyes were intense, listening to Emmett's thoughts. Strange look crossed his face-a fleeting mixture of astonishment, incredulous, then yearning. I laughed nervously.

"Um, Edward, knowing Emmett I don't think you should be listening to his thoughts. What if it was Rosalie or something?" He knew what I meant about her. His eyes darted back to mine, and then shook his head, barking a short laugh. "It's not Rosalie…" he said, his eyes now intent.

"This ones for you Edward!!" I heard Emmett call from downstairs. Edward narrowed his eyes, waiting. His eyes widened the size of oranges, then snarls erupted from his throat, leaving me sliding away from him covering my ears.

"Emmmmmmeeeeeetttttttt!!!" Edward growled, and without warning he sprang from the bed, dashing out the door dizzyingly fast and in a matter of seconds I could hear Emmett's booming laugh, followed by "ow!!" and scuffling sounds. I jumped from the bed, and ran down the stairs.

Edward had Emmett in a vicing headlock, mussing up his blonde hair ferociously. I laughed at the sheer site of the brother fighting, and little Alice perched on the countertop was laughing a tinkling laugh, her eyes dancing with amusement.

"Um, Edward?" I asked tentatively, watching Emmett struggle in his steely grasp. "What was Emmett thinking about?"

Emmett laughed loudly when Edward started snarling again. "It wasn't personal, Bella, really I just wanted to see his reaction when I imagined you in skimpy clothes…" I flushed crimson, and Alice laughed again. Edward let go of Emmet finally, Emmett rubbing his neck and flexing his arms. Edward, returning to my side, took my hand protectively. I suddenly remembered the lustful look in his eyes…and wondered if it had been me…

"So, Edward said, answering Emmett's thoughts. "Do you really think that I would let you after that?" He raised a perfect eyebrow. Emmett grinned at him, and winked at me. "I think it's a good idea. I mean, c'mon I need to spend some quality time with my almost sister-in-law, right? Nothing wrong with a little bonding…" Edward flashed him a warning look.

"Well, I see no other way around it," Edward finally said, giving in. "You're the only one available to babysit Bella, but you have to promise me that you won't cause any trouble!! After what you thought today…" A peculiar look crossed his face. Emmett snorted. "Really, Edward, I only did it to piss you off. C'mon, Bella, it'll be fun!!" I grinned at him. For some reason, he reminded me of Jake, which made me happier.

Edward rolled his eyes, but looked relieved. "All right then, Emmett. You're in charge of her for tonight."