A/N: Hello, hello. I said this would be a romance, but I lied. It's just gonna be Aizen being Aizen. Enjoy.


Aizen lifted an eyebrow, staring at the sight before him. He was rather elated when he had heard that absolutely fascinating ryoka boy had come to Las Noches to rescue Inoue. He was especially pleased when he heard Gin had captured him. Aizen even almost forgot how angered he was at Grimmjow.


The Sixth Espada would recieve his well-deserved punishment.

"..Gin. I don't believe most people would consider this 'playing"
Aizen's voice echoed through the white room, leaving a few slightly awkward moments of silence.

"Ya' don't say? Sorry 'bout that Aizen-sama. Guess I went an' got all excited. Ah, but broken bones heal, don't they?" The fox-faced man responded with his usual smile, speaking with a slightly teasing tone with the last sentence. This produced a smile on Aizen's face.

"Yes, I suppose they do. We can have our little princess patch him up"
Aizen stared down the the orange-haired shinigami. In most situations, his bright orange hair would of almost been seizure-inducing the plain white rooms.

But there were a few other factors. The chains clasped down on Ichigo's wrist, giving him a little bit of space to move. Not that he was using it. Gin's version of playing had been pretty much torture. The shinigami had several sized screws and nails embedded into his arms, a few running up to his shoulders. The rest of his body remained untouched.

Aizen assumed there were more wounds under his shihakuso, after all, even after being nearly sliced in half, Ichigo still had remained conscious. There was no way he'd pass out like he was now if there wasn't more pain.

"Well, I think I'll greet our little guest ourselves. Do watch those others. Or at least shoo them out. They're of no interest to me." Gin responded to Aizen's orders with a quick nod, and left the room quietly.

Watching the unconscious shinigami for a few moments, Aizen crouched down, tapping the boy's face lightly with the back of his fingers.

"Wake up, Kurosaki." A few more harder taps and the orange-haired boy stirred, his eyelids opening slightly.

"Wh-Ah-You!" Ichigo pulled back, pushing his back up against the wall. The sudden movement causing pressure on his arms, and he ended up with his eyes clamped shut again, hissing in pain.

"Good, good, what a quick reaction." Aizen's face remained unchanged from his usual stare and smile.

"Wh-Where's Orihime? What did you do to her?!" Ichigo spat out, breathing at a quickened pace. The brown-haired man didn't respond, he just stared as he always had. Ichigo shifted in place, the silence bothering him more than the screws in his arms.

"Wh-why are you still staring?"

"No reason. I just wondered how long it'll take you to realize I'm not interesting in answering your questions. Or rather, I don't need to." Aizen's fingers trailed over a screw on Ichigo's arm. He tapped the top of the screw lightly, positioning his fingers as if he was attempted to screw it in place, barehanded.

Ichigo suddenly preferred the silence better, feeling pressured under that smug stare and the fingers threatening to worsen a wound.

The fingers left the screw, only to grip Ichigo's chin tightly, turning his face from side to side. As if Aizen was inspecting him. Ichigo tensed up, but remained quiet, curious about this.

"Not bad. I prefer women myself, but our little princess just doesn't cut it. But you're quite fascinating"
Aizen leaned closer, still holding Ichigo's face still. His lips ghosted over Ichigo's, piercing brown eyes staring into another pair of nervous brown eyes.
"What do you say...Ichigo?"