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The day dragged along painfully slow. The same thing reflected in the screens. White walls. Sand. Sand. And more sand.

Tosen entertained himself by watching, or rather feeling, Wonderwice running about batting a pebble around. The boy always seemed to be enjoying himself. Tosen envied that.

"..Hmm?" The former captain turned his head back toward the screens. Something changed.

"Well, wouldcha lookit that?" Surprising only Wonderwice, Gin Ichimaru leaned over Tosen, resting his chin on the blind man's shoulder.

"Looks like the Soul Society finally 'cided to fetch Ichi up, huh? Better late than ever." Tosen ignored the fox man, focusing on the screen displaying a stretch of land in Hueco Mundo. It was easy identifying the figures there. Uryu Ishida, the quincy whose different spirtual pressure made him stick out like a sore thumb. With him was also the large boy call Chad. Rukia Kuchiki, Renji Abarai, Ikkaku Madarame, Yumichika Ayasegawa and surprisingly, Yoruichi Shihoin.

"Aizen-sama probably already knows they are here." Tosen shifted his shoulder, trying to shake the other man off.

"Ah, then let the arrancar handle 'em." Gin lifted himself off of Tosen. "'Sides, he's probably still pickin' on lil Ichi."

"Shouldn't you be picking on Inoue?" Tosen kept himself from scowling. He honestly wanted the man to leave, for his own patience and for the sake of Wonderwice who would probably have a heart attack if the man kept popping up out of nowhere.

"Aw, your borin'. Let's watch Ichi and Aizen-sama." Gin grinned turning on the screen that displayed Ichigo's room despite the blind man's protest.


Aizen had already started his little games with Ichigo. Leaving the boy on the bed stark-naked, hands bound, lying in a rather embarassing position. His face down in the covers, supporting himself on his knees, his butt in the air.

Any attempt to move would of been met with a sudden blast of spiritual pressure that nearly made the boy throw up.

The man hadn't touched Ichigo after that. He just stayed, leaning against the wall near the bed, watching the ever growing blush on Ichigo's face. He stifled his laughs, trying not to taunt Ichigo too much..yet.

"..if..if you're going to do something.."

"Oh? So you want me to do something?" Aizen responded quickly, cutting Ichigo's sentence short.

"I'm tired of being fucking toyed with!" Ichigo growled but his body remained still, obedient.

"Well, that's your job as my plaything isn't it?" Aizen moved off of the wall, placing a large hand on Ichigo's shoulder, flipping him on his back. Ichigo wasn't sure when the man got on him, but was completely absorbed in the soul-piercing gaze he shot Ichigo.

"I'm suppose to toy with you." He whispered, his smug smile returning. The shinigami's breathing hitched, fearing what this man would do next.


"What the hell are you doing?" Grimmjow growled, inspecting the room. Wonderwice cowering in the corner. Gin and Tosen watching one screen as if their lives depended on it.

"Ey! Damn fox, what did you call me for?" The sixth espada stomped over to the screens, immediatly understanding why. He watched as religiously as the other two had. He should of been making sure to help out the intruders in Las Noches, but this was something he couldn't pass up.

Even if he wasn't doing it himself, he could watch that damned shinigami suffering.


Aizen loosed his hakama, for, well, easy access. However, before that, he wanted to play a bit more with his plaything.

"Do you know what's going on right now?"

Ichigo held his breath. Was this another trick? What would happen to him if he did follow along with it?


"Your precious friends are coming to save you." Aizen flicked Ichigo's nose, tilting his head. "Lucky boy."

Ichigo's sight burst into stars. He knew what a punch felt like but this sent him off into a whole new spectrum of pain. Absolutely sure his jaw was broken, Ichigo coughed trying to spit out the blood that threatened to choke him. The pain from his face mixed in with the pain caused by Aizen thrusting into him. The blood in his mouth made him gag and yell out in pain.

Aizen wasn't interested much in letting Ichigo adjust, not that he ever would. He immediatly began thrusting reveling in the expression on Ichigo's face.

The shinigami by now knew. He had first thought Aizen had honestly done all this for sexual satisfaction..but that wasn't it. The man's personality seemed to have no place for that. It was something else he wanted from Ichigo. Something that no one else had over the boy.

Complete and utter control. And he had it.

"P-please! S-stop!" Ichigo sobbed, letting the tears flow freely for Aizen to see. Pain and tears blinded him, but he could hear Aizen chuckle in response.

"No. And say that again." Aizen continued his relentless thrusting. Ichigo wailed in response. He was enjoying Ichigo's failed attempts, his tries at stopping the pain.

Ichigo arched his back, gasping at the sudden stabbing pains running up his stomach. Aizen leaned over, reaching an arm around Ichigo, digging his nails deep into the boy's back. Removing all but one nail, Aizen carved into Ichigo's back.


Aizen kept his eyes on Ichigo's face as he carved his name into Ichigo's back, watching whatever pride was left in the boy disappear.


Aizen looked behind him at the white door. The voice behind it spoke up again.

"I apologize for interuppting, but I imagine you would want to send the shinigami off yourself."

Aizen smiled, lifting himself off of the sobbing Ichigo. He pulled himself out and straighten out his clothes.

"Well, that's a fine idea. It'll be interesting to see their expressions. You're dismissed, Ulquiorra."


"Fucking Ulquiorra!" Grimmjow roared, restraining himself from punching the screen in.

"Ssh, sssh, Grimmjow! Now we can see who won, yeah?" Gin calmed the espada down, never removing his eyes from the screen.


Aizen placed a hand on the doorknob. He turned back to Ichigo who had still remained on the bed, a sobbing shell of what he was.

'He will break...But not in the conventional way.'

He stepped forward, dragging his foot across the floor the scraping noise echoing through the room.

'After all...all toys will break..no matter how gently..or roughly you treat them.'

Ichigo flinched.

'But why toss out an interesting toy? After all...'

Aizen narrowed his eyes. He removed his hand off the doorknob and toward his hip. His zanpakto seemed to materialize out of nowhere, but he unsheathed it, approaching Ichigo.

'It can be fixed.'

"Kanzen Saimin."


Ulquiorra stepped into the silent monitor room. Tosen had turned away from the screens. Gin was still focused on it, while Grimmjow was giving him the death glare.

"It looks like I win." Ulquiorra directed it at Gin and Grimmjow and left the room.


Ichigo groaned, his eyesight slowly returning. What had happened? He wracked his brain for ideas of where he was or what happened before he blacked out.

The room was white. Painfully white. His wrists were chaffed from the chains pinning him to the wall. He came to Las Noches with his friends to fetch Orihime...then what happened?

Now he remembered. He had been fighting Grimmjow and Gin had knocked had snuck up behind him and knocked him out..

His eyes snapped over to the door that suddenly creaked open.

A piercing glare. A smug grin. Brown hair slicked back. And a unfounded, sudden fear building up in Ichigo's chest.

"Hello Ichigo."