Unwavering Devotion
By: Manna (Kitten Kisses)

Warning: Perhaps spoilers.

Pairings: This is something a little different. I don't know if there is anything like this in the Fire Emblem section or not, yet. Mention of Hector/Lyndis throughout this entire chapter, because it's very important to the plot, but ultimately a Lyndis/Kent fic.

"Lyn," he said, the darkness nearly muffling his voice. "I need to tell you something."

Uncertainty hung in the air like a thick fog, and both people in the room could almost taste it- could probably swallow it too, if they'd tried hard enough. The bed's frame creaked lightly as she turned over to face her husband, her long hair tied off behind her head in a low ponytail.

"Hector…" Her voice was almost pleading, her eyes seemingly begging him not to tell her what it was that he wanted to say. The Marquess of Ostia had his serious moments, of course, but he rarely sounded so solemn. She knew it had to be important, but it could never be good, not by the look in his downcast eyes.

"No, I need… to say this now." He sighed, a part of him longing for the "olden days", as the few friends he had left would have called them. The days when he was a loud and reckless youth, swinging his axe around obnoxiously, arguing with the love of his life to try to prove a point; though the point was usually ridiculous, or unimportant to begin with.

The days when he had no responsibilities; not like he had now. Running two countries was hard enough work. But now… now they were going to a war, of sorts.

"I have to tell you now… before I leave in the morning."

She sat up, then, and kissed her husband. The man that she had been married to for almost twenty years; who had told her he loved her, and wanted no other; who had sworn to protect her always.

In sickness and in health, till death do us part…

She could remember saying those words, now. If she tried hard enough, she could probably hear herself saying them as she had then, her voice nearly trembling with nervousness and excitement as she became the wife of the man who ruled two countries, her friends standing by her side, warm smiles on their faces.

Winding her arms around his broad shoulders, she laid her head on his chest and sighed. "Okay," she consented, though the darkness was trying to choke her. He seemed so unsettled- so unlike the man who had loved to charge into battle, brandishing his weapon high above his head.

"Lyn… I … I had a dream last night… I've had it before, to be honest…"

Her heart was constricting painfully, but when she pressed a hand over it, the pain refused to cease, even for a single moment.

"In it… I… I…"

Her heart was all but thudding against her ribcage, nearly crying out in agony. This was too much! First her daughter had gone off, and she nearly lived from letter to letter, but now… Now this?

She could tell that it was hard for him to say; everything about him told her so. The way he held himself- his back so rigid-, the nervous lilt in his voice, and the way he alternated between rubbing and patting her back in what should have been a soothing motion.


He stopped and looked right at her, then, and she could see regret, and even a little fear in his eyes, thanks to the small stream of moonlight that fell through the window. She could have sworn that her heart stopped, and she couldn't be sure if she had even heard him say the words, because all she could hear was the rushing sound of blood in her ears.

"In the dream, I always die."

Author Notes:

Okay. First of all, let's get this straight. This will be a Lyndis/Kent fic. I swear it. It will be a couple/few of chapters long, but no more. Why? Because I have a tendency to forget to update (or I lose interest in) chaptered stories.

The characters may be a little older, but please… give this a chance. I promise that it'll be good… or at least interesting!

Hector had a dream that he tells Eliwood about that actually does come true (mentioned in their A Support). So here is another dream for him, though not one he really wants to come true, I'm sure.

Constructive criticism is good. I love it. I feed off of it. And I would absolutely appreciate it, if you have the time. Please review, and let me know what you think so far. Thank you for reading. I promise the chapters (however many there may be) will be a lot longer than this little snippet.