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Saix looked at the four men; their faces covered by some dark cloth. He snarled, almost inhumanely, at them as they came closer, invading the place that he had been living, the alleyway. The Egyptian cobra hissed and curled its thick four foot body protectively around Zexion and Demyx, slightly curled around Zexion's neck. The Illusionist's eyes were closed, his breathing a bit irregular.

Demyx's deathly fear of snakes had been shoved aside by his fear and concern for his mentor, making him clutch Zexion even tighter, one hand on Zexion's, which was clutching the wound to try to stop the bleeding. The beautiful back and grey carpet viper had slithered away from Demyx, now on the ground by her master's feet, ready to aid him in any way possible, which was some comfort for Saix as the four walked closer to him.

"Why are you here?" the snake charmer hissed, through clenched teeth. He didn't move from where he stood, standing his ground. One of his muscles twitched in his arm. He kept his gaze on the assassin closest to him, although he glanced at the other three men to make sure they didn't strike. The man on Saix's far left then spoke with utter amusement.

"Isn't it obvious? We are here for those two... perhaps you, if you don't cooperate... So it would be best for you and your snakes if you do, otherwise you'll be sliced to bits." the assassin's eyes lighted up, sparkling with malice and hate. Saix heard Demyx whimper at the words about him and his mentor's soon-to-be death. Saix hesitated for a split second and then made up his mind.

"NO! I won't let you kill them. To get to them, you'll have to kill me first!" he said as his eyes narrowed, now looking extremely pissed. The assassin on his far right just let out a harsh laugh, the other three soon following. The snake charmer let out another growl, glaring at them. Emotion had taken over him. The truth was that there was more to him that met the eye, even though he was at an obvious disadvantage seeing that he had just his bare hands and his snakes. The four assassins laughed, not noticing that the snake charmer was barring his teeth at them.

"Whatever you say, fool." one replied, swinging his sword at Saix. The other three assassins stood back, thinking that the snake charmer would be an easy one to take down.

Saix dodged the swinging sword, hissing at the other man, waiting for his arm to get tired. After a few minutes of dodging the assassins' slashes, Saix started to get extremely impatient, so he caught the blade with his hand. Warm blood streamed down Saix's arm. Saix twisted the blade out of the other man's hand and a split second later Saix sliced his throat with it.

The three other assassins stared in disbelief at Saix; he had killed the leader of them. Saix's hand was oozing with blood, but he didn't seem to particularly care. The other three assassins made a quick decision to take Saix down. All three of them closed in on Saix.

Zexion moaned in pain, biting his lip hard to stay conscious. He was loosing blood quickly, which made Demyx even more frantic, trying to stop the bleeding with his own hands. The Egyptian cobra stayed behind to keep the temptation of swiping Zexion and Demyx while the snake charmer was getting attacked to a minimum.

Saix snarled as the assassins surrounded him and took turns stabbing at him. He was getting rather pissed having to block attacks. The carpet viper slithered up on the assassin that was closest to her and wrapped her body around his neck like she did to Demyx earlier. The carpet viper bit the man on the neck after giving a warning hiss to him. One of the other assassins slashed at the carpet viper, barely missing her, the tip of his blade scraped her body. It was enough to make the carpet viper retreat. She was bleeding lightly and had slightly deep cut in her scaly flesh.

"You... will... pay... for ... that…" the snake charmer said in an almost dead silent whisper. The assassin that had slashed at the carpet viper took a step backwards, frightened at what Saix would do.


"Pharaoh ...The priest and his apprentice are not here in the palace ..." a lowly servant said to a dark silver-haired man who sat upon a golden throne, looking almost bored.

"WHAT?!" Xemnas said, unable to understand why Zexion left, as it was a dangerous time for the both of them. What was he thinking leaving the palace grounds? The servant looked terrified; Xemnas wasn't pretty when he was pissed. It was at that very moment that one of the other servants ran in.

"Pharaoh! Pharaoh!" There was a look of panic on his face. His pale skin looked much paler than it normally was.

"What now?" Xemnas asked, wondering what else could go wrong today. He rubbed his temples. Something told him there was something very wrong indeed, without him being informed at all. The servant shifted uneasily, afraid to break the horrible news.

"I-I found the Royal guardsmen... The head of the guard is... dead, but the rest were critically injured... Someone was trying to get into the palace..." the servant said, flinching as he caught sight of the Pharaoh's face, stony and alarmed.

"I see, I will send out the guards to look for Zexion and Demyx... I hope they are okay..." Xemnas said, now with a worried look plastered on his face. Zexion was his best friend since childhood and couldn't help being afraid of losing him, especially during a troubling time like now.

-----Back to Saix-----

Saix growled in fury. His lovely carpet viper had been slashed, even though it wasn't that bad, she was visibly in pain, he could tell. The assassin was paralyzed in fear, only being a fighter for hire and not that experienced in this sort of thing, he had a feeling that he wouldn't be coming out of this fight alive. He barely even noticed when his other two comrades fled.

"S-Saix..." Demyx whimpered, burying his face in his mentor's shoulder, tears streaming down his cheeks. The enraged snake charmer didn't seem to even acknowledge his name, not taking his eyes off of the assassin, who was backing away fearfully. The apprentice stroked down the now messy and sweat-soaked bangs of his mentor, hoping to the Egyptian Gods that he would be okay.

A deep growl issued from the berserker's throat, his mind suddenly going blank. His pupils dilated rapidly before shrinking down to nothing, the golden hues of his iris' growing bright, almost looking like they were glowing. His eyes stayed narrowed, crouching to the ground ever so slightly in a predator-like stance. His fingernails grew longer, sharper, almost like claws. His pale lips drew back in a snarl, which made the assassin whimper in fear, backing up.

"W-what in Ra's n-name a-are you?" he stuttered in fear. Saix didn't give a hint that he even heard him, couching lower before springing. The assassin screamed as claws ripped into his left arm. He tried to retreat, but four figures stepped into view, about to pass by the alleyway.