Byakuya glared at the man next to him, still panting, frustrated that he'd lost the battle for top again. In the last twenty fights, he'd lost thirteen, and that irritated the heir. To be bottom to such a peasant…

Kenpachi grinned as if reading Byakuya's thoughts. "So, ya gonna stay the night this time? Wantin' ta cuddle?" Kenpachi pulled the blanket up.

"In your dreams. I'm simply trying to recall where my clothing might have landed."

"Heh. I think—"

The door flew open. "Ken-chan! Look! I made a doll that bleeds when you… oh. You're playing with someone else?"

"Yachiru. What'd I tell ya about knocking?" Kenpachi sounded calm.

Byakuya, on the other hand, was as close to panic as he allowed himself to get. Desperately he felt beside the edge of the futon, hoping for clothing. He found his haori and carefully began slipping it on under the blanket.

He'd succeeded in sleeving one arm before Yachiru landed between the Captains. "I'm glad you're playing with Ken-chan too, Byakushi! He's happier when he plays." She hugged Byakuya before handing the doll to Kenpachi and skipping out.


A snicker.

"I hate you."

"Same time tomorrow, then."