Valentines Day 07

"Come on Ritsu-kuuuuun!!!"

"I don't want to."

"Waaaaaaaaaahhh, stop being so mean and pick one!"

"It's stupid.."


"Ugh, your annoying.."

"With strawberries on top and marshmellows and syrup and cookie dough and…"


Yuiko smiled sweetly and held the bag out for Ritsuka. He glared at her in return. His hand swished around the Ziplock for about 5 minutes before he pulled it out. A light green candy heart was in his palm.

"….You know, they say that whatever the hearts say will come true….what does yours say?"

Ritsuka stared blankly at the heart. Clearly this had to be a joke.


"Yuiko….who gave you the hearts?"

"Huh? Oh, Soubi-san did this morning."

Ritsuka threw the candy over his shoulder. It fell into a patch of grass by the water fountain.

"Figures..," he says then starts to walk toward a big maple tree several feet away from them.

"Wait, where are you going?"

Ritsuka doesn't pay attention.

Yuiko walks over to the patch of grass. She gets on her knees, squinting.

Finally, she sees a heart shaped piece of green a few centimeters from her.

Still crawling, she goes and picks it up.

The small piece of candy says: "You will wake up earless tomorrow."