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The smell of burning flesh filled the air. Raven had the urge to vomit, but knew if she did she'd be discovered. She simply covered her nose with her black shirt to make the foul smell less foul. With her free hand she tucked her hair behind her ear to get a better look. A pile of bodies were on fire with soldiers wearing gas masks were throwing more into the fire. Raven cringed. "This looks so terrible and disrespectful..." Raven thought. She moved behind a wall as a soldier walked pass, carring the body of a teenage girl.

"God I hate doing this..." The soldier said "These bodies still smell even with these masks."

"Get used to it. It'll be months before this work is over." Another said. "We're almost done in this area."

Raven clentched her fist. "No sympathy for these victams of the virus." She thought. The smoke burned her eyes, making them water. She wiped the tears from her eyes, but another tear formed as she thought back to six months ago. Her father was a scientist at this research facility and he took her to work when her brother and step-mother was out of town. They made a big fit over her going there, but her father assured them she'd be no problem. She wondered around the complex and stumbled into the Biological Building when the sun was setting. It was late so hardly anyone was there so she wandered around the halls, untill a room with chimpanzees in cages caught her attention. She cupped her hands to the glass, but hardly could see anything. She walked to the door and saw a keypad and knew it required a password. She remembered watching her father type in a number to enter the complex and since she had amazing memory, and that her dad was slow to type in numbers, she typed in the numbers and the red light turned green. She slowly turned the handle and walked quietly into the room. The chimps began to stir, wondering who this new person was. Glancing at each cage, she knew these chimps weren't normal. She was in there five minutes and someone opened the door. Fearing this was a scientist, she hid behind a cage. To her surprise, a group of five people entered the room, and they weren't the scientists, for they had crowbars and didn't wear the required white coats. As they explored and was about to open a cage a scientist burst into the room.

"What the hell are you doing in here?!" the scientist shouted. One man raised a rifle and aimed it at him and told him not to move. The scientist pleaded them not to open the cages, but a woman ignored his warning and opened it. At once the chimp dashed at the woman and bit her arm. Raven would never forget what happened next, for it would haunt her for years. The woman turned on her acomplice and vomited blood in his face. She gasped and the scientist rang the alarm for the guards as the other three ran to the door, banging it as the other two ran at them. They screamed and Raven dashed from her hiding place and grabbed the crowbar. She sprinted at the woman whom the chimp bit, and with the bent end of the crowbar, smacked her in the head. There was a nasty crack heard and the other man, who the now dead woman vomited on, turned around. Raven gaged for his face was covered in blood, and his eyes were now bloodshot. He ran at Raven and she thrusted the crowbar and used it to defend herself, but the force of him running into her knocked her down, and the crowbar out of her hand. He recovered and dashed at Raven. Putting her arm up as a reflex, he jumped and bit her arm. A shrill filled the room as the gurads opened the door. They were stunned and the man who attacked Raven leaped at them, soon infecting all of them. Raven began to slip into an uncauntious state, but the last thing she remembered was her father shouting "Raven! NO!"

The soldier's voice interrupted her flashback. "Men, we're done here. Back to the base and tomorrow morning, we move to the next district." The fire had by now died down. A group of soldiers began to walk towards a fenced area that seperated District 1 from the rest of London. When Raven was sure they were gone she let go of her shirt. The smell of burning flesh was still there, but not as bad as before for the fire burned down a little, or maybe Raven had just gotten used to the stench. Cautiously, she walked toward the mound of scorched bodies. The sun began to set and a warm, orange glow swept across the ruins of this part of London. Raven moved the scorched bodies, looking for one body in particuliar. "Dad's corpse is not in here..." She said softly aloud. "Maybe there's some hope he survived." A chilling wind blew, making Raven shiver, despite her black bell bottoms and black long sleeve tank top. Raven bowed her head, in respect for the now charred bodies, since the soldiers did not show any respect. Her head shot up as she heard footsteps. "Aww, don't tell me they left me behind again!" Raven recognized the voice as one of the soldiers and darted into a small house. "I go to the restroom for one minute- Hey what was that?" the soldier caught a glimpse of Raven and pulled out his rifle and walked cautiously toward the house Raven fled into. He opened the door and peered into the deserted house, barely lit by the setting sun. A small squeaking sound came from the living room. "Dang floors..." Raven thought. The soldier walked cautiously through the room, but since there was barely any light, he relied on the scope of his rifle. Raven crawled under a table that leaned against the wall, the table legs sticking out. The footsteps got closer. "I know you're here..." Raven held her breath, her heart beating so hard, she thought it would give the soldier a hint of where she was. In the dim light, she saw the shadow of his legs walking toward her. He was about to crouch down to inspect what was underneath the table when another voice was heard.

"Mark! Where are you?!" Raven knew it was another soldier's voice.

"In here!" Mark shouted back. A blinding light filled the room, making Raven shield her eyes. The other soldier walked into the room, yelled at Mark and took him back to base. The room turned dark once again, and Raven peeked out of her hiding place. Only the wind greeted her. "That was a little too close..." Raven thought as she crawled out of her hiding place, stood up, and dusted her pants off. She strode out of the house and saw the two soldiers way off in the distance, one kept smacking the other one on the head. Raven shook her head and began to walk towards the way the soldiers were going, but a different way.

After about half an hour of walking it was dark, and the only light was from the soldier's "base" at the boarder of District 1 and the rest of London. Raven came here often to listen to the soldiers talk at dinner, hoping to hear news of her father, or anything about repopulating London. She crept up to the window and strained her ears to hear what the soldiers were saying.

"...Tomorrow they're gonna begin to bring in refugees." The lead soldier said.

"Do you think it's a good idea, Ruben?" Mark asked "The Infection could start all over again!" All the soldiers began to laugh loudly. "I'm not kidding! I swear I saw an infected when I was trying to catch up to you!" The men laughed again, but not as hard as before.

"Listen, Mark, it won't come back. District 1 will be kept safe. Stop worring about it, but if you think there's an infected out there, keep an eye out." The last statement was directed to all the soldiers. They began to talk about other things and Raven walked away. She came across a fairly large puddle of water. She gazed into the puddle and stared at her faint reflection. It wasn't faint enough to hide her face, though. Her long black hair was messy and she seemed paler than before, and her bloodshot eyes looked redder than before. "Why am I like this?" She kicked the puddle. "Why?!" A wave of nausia came over her and she vomited blood into the puddle. She took a few steps back and looked at herself again. She couldn't see much, but it seemed like her eyes always stood out. Raven had the same bloodshot eyes as the infected, but she was different. "I am not like them... I'm not a mindless, killing, monster... But... Why me?" Raven whispered. She sat down and began to cry. Slightly bloody tears began to roll down her face. She looked up to the moon, then set her gaze past the fence. "Maybe I should go there and sight-see?" She shook her head. Her eyes were a dead giveaway. "Perhaps I can find some sunglasses and wear them? But then my clothes are not all that good looking." She shook her head and got up, wiping the tears from her eyes. As she began to walk toward the abandoned houses Mark came out of the base.

"Damn it. They know I can't stand that smoke." Mark began to cough. Raven dashed into the shadows as Mark walked toward the puddle. Puzzled, Mark bent down and saw the puddle was filled with blood, and that there was some water had been splashed. He slowly got up and turned toward the shadows, and slowly began to walk towards Raven. "I know you're there... You escaped before, but not again..." Mark was trying to intimidate Raven, pretending he was reaching out for his gun, when he had forgotten it. Raven slowly began to back up, turned around, and sprinted but did not get far, for she tripped over a pile of rubble and tumbled over. "Ugh... Darn bricks..." Mark heard her and he ran towards the sound. "Ah, ha! Got ya!" Mark yelled as he pulled out a flashlight and shone it on Raven. "Ugh... My head hurts..." Raven tried to act hurt. She began to moan and Mark was just dazed. He finally snaped out of it and saw Raven, face down in the dirt, her hair all tangled. "S-s-sorry miss. What are you doing over here? Are you a survivor?" Mark tried to turn Raven over, but as soon as her face came off the ground, she jumped up, dashed behind Mark and grabbed his wrists, pulling his arm behind him. "Ouch!" Mark shouted.

"Shut your trap!" Raven hissed in his ears, squeezing his wrists hard.

"B-b-but I thought you were hurt! " Mark stammered. Raven thrusted her head over Mark's shoulder and he tried to move his head and met her red eyes. "My God! Y-Y-You're an Infected!" Mark began to thrash about and Raven kicked him in the leg. He whined.

"Shut up, or I'll kick you a lot higher and harder." Mark froze at the thought, and did what he was told. "Do you have any dark sunglesses?"

"Why do-" Raven jabbed him. "Yes, in the entrance hall, top drawrer on the dresser to the right."

"Spare clothes that aren't your uniforms?"

Mark grunted. "First door to the left when you enter the base. It's a closet."

Raven grinnned. "Thank you." Raven let go and dashed for the flashlight and got the first good look at Mark. He was a little taller than her with spikey red hair and tanish skin with freckles. He looked to be about in his early 20's. Mark glared at Raven, waiting for her to make the first move. She made a move toward him and he flinched. "Dang, you're one scardey cat." Raven said as she threw the flashlight at him. "When you get back, stand up to those jerk faces." Mark stared at her. "What? Surprised that I didn't try to infect you?" she laughed. "Kinda..." Mark replied. Raven shrugged and ran off into the darkness.

"Looks like I will be able to do sight-seeing tomorrow..." Raven giggled.