Yeah I know last chapter seemed so long when I typed it. When I re-read it, it was short but seemed long because of dialogue…


The bed was so soft and fresh. Raven hadn't lied on anything like it since the night before infection broke out six months ago. She had lied on soft beds during the six months London was deserted, but none of them had this fresh feel. "Sweet smell of Ferbreeze…" Raven softly said as she drifted off to sleep.


Raven had this nightmare only once. It was about a month after the day she was infected. But something was different about this dream… She couldn't figure it out until she woke up.

Raven tried moving but her area where she could move was limited. A chain kept her towards the far end of the opening. It was dark and started to rain. She kept trying to free herself, but her attempts were fruitless. She let out an inhuman cry of frustration. Raven looked up and saw a silhouette of a man with what appeared to be a gun. A flash of lighting showed he was shirtless and was bloody. He aimed the gun and shot at the chain. The chain broke and Raven was free. She looked at him before running off towards a large window.

She spied in the window and saw two soldiers, a girl in a red dress, and a black woman in another red outfit. The soldiers were making comments she couldn't here and the girl said something she could barely make out: "They're all dead." A soldier with an odd hat yelled "Shut up!" and he wondered too close to the window. Something drove Raven to jump through the window and she landed right on the soldier. The woman and the other soldier screamed and the soldier ran off. The woman dragged the girl away from Raven as she vomited blood on the soldier's face. She looked up and saw the others running away and she pursued them, leaving the soldier with the hat to spring up as an Infected.

Somehow when she exited the room she was outside and saw the woman and the shirtless man again. There was a different soldier with a gun aimed right at the shirtless man. She heard a gunshot then someone yelled "Jim!" Some mysterious force made her rush at the shooter and knock him down. She glared into his eyes and she bit down on his neck hard enough to kill him, but still he screamed, or so she thought it was him. She didn't know because it was that scream that caused her to wake up.


Raven sat up with her heart fighting to break out of her chest. She was breathing rapidly to the point where her lungs hurt. Raven looked around and realized she was in the dark room of the penthouse. Raven remembered the dream and threw off the sheets and looked around frantically. "Oh, thank God. No blood. I didn't kill anyone… It was just a nightmare…" Raven got up at a noise and walked across the bedroom and living room and put her ear on the wall that was the barrier between her room and Don's. She listened to the faint conversation and recognized their voices. Tammy and Andy.

"It's okay. It was only a nightmare." Tammy comforted Andy as he replied shakily.

"What if I forget her face?"

"You won't."

"What do you mean?" Andy asked, confused.

"We'll get her picture and our other things from the house." Tammy explained.

"You mean…?" Andy asked.


Raven walked away from the wall and plopped herself on the couch. "So, they're going over the bridge tomorrow, eh? I'll catch up with them. Don't want them getting lost or anything." Raven grinned. She looked over at the clock. "Five A.M. I'll stay up. They'll probably wake up soon anyways, if they don't wanna be caught." Raven's thoughts went back to her dream. "I haven't had that nightmare since five months ago… But this time was different. I was the Infected. Last time, five months ago, it was how it actually happened…" Raven tried laughing it off. "Either way I still killed the bastards in both dreams. Those perverted morons trying to…" Raven cut herself off. It was a nightmare what they all went through those many months ago. "That poor girl…" Raven had met up with a group of four survivors about twenty eight days after the virus broke out. It had a girl, a woman, a heavier man, and a skinny man. Their car's tire went out right in a tunnel when the infected attacked. Luckily Raven found them and had a gun with her instead of her crossbow and saved them. She left with them and the girl's father got infected and was killed. It was a hellish nightmare after that.


Raven followed Andy and Tammy out of the building complex all the way to the bridge. They didn't notice her at all, but it was mostly because Raven was very good at sneaking around. She'd stalk and infected sometimes before they all died out for the fun of it. This was easier because neither Tammy nor Andy had the heighten sense of smell the infected used to tell people apart from their own kind. After about an hour they all reached the bridge.

"Are you sure Tammy? What if they catch us or there's an…" Andy said, worried.

"Nothing will happen." Tammy reassured him. Raven walked up to them and said,

"You're right. Nothing will. Especially if I'm around." Tammy and Andy both jumped when she said this.

"How did you know we were coming here?!" Tammy asked, catching her breath.

"Easy, I followed you. Don't worry I won't tell anyone. I want to come with you." Raven told them. Raven looked down at the river at the patrolling boat. "We'd better hurry."

Tammy nodded and led the way across the bridge. Raven's leg didn't cramp up as much this time, so the trip this time was faster. Once they got across the bridge they ran for it.


Doyle looked through his sniper scope. He saw the girl from the day before accompanied by a girl and a boy. Doyle heard a slight buzz then the familier sound of wind. "Flynn, you hear me?"

"Yeah, Doyle?" Flynn's voice was heard over the wind.

"We got three strays."

"Dogs?" Flynn asked.

"No," Doyle replied as he focused on the girl with black hair as she went behind a corner. "Puppies."


"Whooohoo!" Andy yelled as he ran in the trash filled streets of London. Tammy ran after him and Raven decided to join the race. She had a slight sense of being home again. Free to run. No soldiers in this part. No acting so stiff. The only ones were Andy and Tammy. She'd show them true fun before they left.

They came up to a pizza place with two motorcycles parked in the front. "Hey, Tam, can we use these?" Andy asked. Tammy nodded as Raven opened the pizza place's door.

"I'm coming to make sure nothing attacks you." Raven said to Tammy as she followed her into the restaurant. Tammy gagged as she saw the moldy pizza on the tables. Raven walked passed all the disgusting food without falter. She led the way to a back room where the chefs made the pizzas. Tammy peeked around the corner and jumped back as she saw feet. She stuck her head out as Raven walked passed. "Relax. They've been dead for a long while." She called to Tammy. Tammy walked into the hallway and saw a skeleton on the floor. She spied a key ring thing in its pocket. Raven reached down and took it out. Cockroaches ran out of the skeleton and Tammy let out a cry. Raven walked passed the horrified Tammy and jumped over the counter. When Tammy gathered her courage back she came back and Raven popped out behind the counter holding up a second pair of keys. "Well?"

"How did you know where the second pair was?" Tammy asked.

"Used to come here a long time ago. A friend of mine worked here as a delivery boy." Raven replied as she walked out. Andy was standing there by the motorcycles. Raven started up her motorcycle when Tammy came out with a helmet. Raven chuckled. "Now you're learning."

"Learning what?" Tammy asked.

"Do and take what you need to survive. Number one rule to survive here in deserted London or as I like to call it…. Freedom."