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Chapter 1: Your WHAT!!

In the early hours of the morning in late winter she set off into the forest on her way to the Hidden Cloud Village. Her candy pink hair swaying behind her as she leaped from tree to tree, her jade green eyes scanning the area for Konoha AnBu ninja as she went she stopped when she came to a small clearing about an hour away from t

Konoha and sat on the branch she was just standing on and started crying her eyes out.

How could something like this happen to her? What did she do to disserve this? Questions like these and more were racing through her mind but slowly disappearing as she fell asleep right there on her spot on the branch from crying.

It was only 2½ hours (AN: or of you must, 7:00am) later she woke up to a noise in the bush under her. She looked over the edge and tried to mask her chakra but it was too late, who ever came out the bush already sensed her and was now kneeling beside her, she turned her head to see who found her and her would came crashing down (AN: but because he was her best friend she was a little relieved) just because of him.

"What in the world do you think your doing Sakura-chan?!?"

"N-Na-Naruto, h-how did you know I-I was gone?" Stammered Sakura as she almost fell off the branch from shock. Naruto grabbed her arm before she fell and pulled her into his arms, the pink haired angel only struggled to no avail. When she stopped he loosened is grip on her and answered he question.

"Heh, I came round bout 5:00 cause I was wondering id you would like to go into town with mw and Hinata-chan today but, when I got there you weren't home, I thought the worse, I thought you were kidnapped so I came straight out here with my clones." Was the ball of sunshine's answer as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

Sakura sighed and shook her head in understanding but started to cry again. Naruto wrapped his arms around her tighter and drew circles on her back trying to calm her down.

"Ne, Sakura-chan, what's wrong?" Naruto asked in a soothing voice. Ever since he came back to Konoha with Jiraiya just over a little more then a year ago, and most people blame Jiraiya for this, he looked like a god, a smexier version of the Yondaime even just hearing his voice could make anyone's knees wobble and all the girls were all over him but they only started to die down three months ago when he finally asked Hinata out but she fainted with on the spot. And now that same voice that all the towns' teenage girls frolicked over was trying to sooth and calm her down.

"I-I-I'm sorry hic Naruto… I must hic go, I don't want to burden anyone with anymore of my problems hic hic I'm s-so sorry I-I have to put y-you through the pain of loosing some one dear to you again (AN: remember runaway Sasuke… yay I rhyme) b-b-but I have to go!!" She cried out as she started to subconsciously rub her stomach, big mistake. Naruto noticed and his eyes bulged out of his head. He may be an idiot but that much of an idiot.

"Y-y-your p-p-p-p-p-p… shakes head you PREGNANT!!" he shouts at her, more in a shocked manner then a violent one but still loud non-the-less (AN: surprise surprise).

"I must go" The cherry blossom whispered more to herself then him then disappeared in a twist of sakura petals. Naruto just sat there in shock before he started crying. Sakura was like a sister to him, just like Sasuke was his brother, they were his only family (AN: apart from Iruka, Kakashi, Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune) and they both left him.

"SAKURA!!!" the now saddened rays of light cried out, he kneeled down leaning against the tree and started to cry quite loudly (AN: do remember this is Naruto and he's always loud. Lol). About thirty metres away behind a tree stood Sakura; she had her head to the ground, her now dull looking bangs hovering over her eyes as she silently cried.

"I'm sorry Uzumaki Naruto" she whispered as she disappeared in a twist of sakura blossoms… again.

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