Title: His Quiet Evening
Author: Kipli
Email: Series: Scrubs
Pairing: Cox/JD
Rating: PG
Word Count: 409
Summary: For once Cox's apartment is filled with nothing but silence.
Notes: applejuicelove is indirectly to blame for this silly piece of fluff. I should really be focusing on more important fics... but I'm exhausted from moving, so you all get this instead. :P


His Quiet Evening


I really shouldn't be so smug. I really shouldn't. Because it's mean. Too mean. But I can't help myself.

"Ah, nothing like a quiet, peaceful evening at home, eh Newbie? So. Very. Quiet." I sigh happily as I lean back. "I almost forgot what silence sounded like..."

I glance over at JD glaring from his perch beside me on the couch. Well, it's more of a pout than a glare really. My smug teasing falters for a moment. He does look rather flushed and pathetic with all those blankets wrapped around him like that...

Still, I push aside the guilt as I ask, unable to help a slight smirk, "Did you need something there, Patricia? Hrm? A drink? Icecream? Tea? What? What do you need, Newbie?"

His pout turns into a full frown at me and I have to work so hard not to laugh.

"What? I'll get you anything. Just... name it."

He opens his mouth but all that comes out is a strangled, scratchy squeak.

And I lose it. I laugh and quickly duck a pillow weakly thrown in my direction.

"Oh yes! This would be why it's so quiet tonight. I completely forgot!"

He manages a pathetic little growl at me.

"You know, Newbie, you really ought to learn by now not to spend hours discussing the latest Harry Potter gossip with every kid that comes in with strep throat..." I laugh as I slide further down the couch to avoid a pitiful kick in my direction. "Not that I don't mind a few evenings of blessed silence in this apartment."

He manages to mouth "Ha Ha" at me before burrowing himself further into his pile of blankets, looking away from me.

Oh but is it fun to torment a muted JD.

Still, I don't want a pissy JD in a few days enacting some kind of payback for all this torment... I'd much rather have a healthy, happy JD shouting my name to the neighbors from our bedroom, instead. Best to keep him from wanting to kill me later...

I stand and kiss his heated forehead before smoothing fingers through his damp hair. "I'll get you some more tea."

He grumbles up at me but the frown slides off his face. I give him a wink before turning for the kitchen.

Ah, such wonderful silence. I wonder if he'll stay sick long enough for me to catch up with all my paperwork...

I smirk to myself.