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Naraku just had to be the biggest bastard to ever walk the face of the earth: really. It was bad enough that he had tried, numerous times, to kill, maim, and terrorize any that were a threat to him, but seriously, did he really have to drop to this all new low?

The worst part: his little scheme didn't even affect everyone, oh no, that would have been fair. It only affected the poor little miko from the future who had just gotten over a case of the itchies.

But why her? She was the one who had the biggest fear of bugs in her entire group, yet she was the one who was subjected the harsh punishment.


Very big, ugly, creepy mosquitoes. And if anyone has ever been privy to the bite of a mosquito, you know what she is going through.

"Kagome would you stop itching, it's getting annoying," said Inuyasha.

She stopped scratching just long enough to glare at him and then continued to abuse her already sore skin.

"I am so sorry that I am bothering you so with my scratching," Kagome replied dripping with sarcasm.

"Feh! Why is it that you were the only one to get bitten by those stupid bugs anyways?" Inuyasha said more than asked.

Kagome continued to scratch her skin as she, as calmly as she could, answered Inuyasha's question. "Hmm, I dunno, perhaps it was because someone was too busy posturing to notice that a stupid bug was about to bite him. You should be thanking me Inuyasha, not chewing me out."

"Who said I needed saving? Those bugs wouldn't have harmed me, I had the Tessaiga, I woulda blasted those things before they touched me," he replied smugly.

Kagome continued to scratch as Kaede searched around the small hut for something to help with the itch while the paste was being prepared. When the group had returned from their travels the elderly miko noticed that Kagome was covered in welts and was furiously scratching away while trying to balance on Inuyasha's back. The other occupants of the group seemed none the worse for wear.

Kaede took pity on the girl and immediately set out to find herbs that she used for things such as this, but making the paste took a while, and three hours later still had Kagome clawing at her skin.

"You should have seen the look on Inuyasha's face!" Shippou started while laughing. "He was not expecting that stupid bug to be right behind him! When you shot it with your arrow Kagome, his eyes got bigger than Totosai's!"

Inuyasha crossed his arms and pouted while the group laughed at his expense. Served him right for being a brat.

Kagome watched helplessly as Kaede continued to make the paste for her bites. Had Kaede not insisted, Kagome would have already been home to get some itch cream and would have been healed by now; but the sympathetic look on the elder woman's face had made her stay. Kaede liked to be helpful.

Kagome allowed her mind to wander; the last time she had felt this itchy had been when Inuyasha had dropped her, unceremoniously, into a thistle bush. She was still upset with him for that. However, that memory brought with it a whole other set of more…pleasant memories with a certain demon lord.

Kagome's face grew red with a blush as she thought about that night. Sesshoumaru had made her feel things that she had definitely never felt before. The first time they had done anything was when Sesshoumaru had gotten fleas because of Inuyasha. She shook her head while a light smile played across her face at the thought. Kagome had been so shocked at first that Sesshoumaru, renowned human hater and half-brother of Inuyasha, was being so passionate with her.

The second time they crossed paths, months after the first incident, she couldn't deny the heat that she felt when he was so close to her. They had both reluctantly parted when Inuyasha had unknowingly interrupted their 'moment' together…again.

Kagome started to fan herself with her hand as she slowly worked her way out of her own inner musings.

"Did it just get really hot in here all of a sudden?" she asked innocently.

The others gave her confused glanced and shook their heads in the negative. Kagome blushed again and looked down to her lap. "Oh, it must just be me then," she mumbled.

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at her; he noticed her scent had changed, but didn't know what it meant. Was she getting sick? With a snort he leaned back up against the wall of the hut.

"Idiot," Inuyasha started, "you better not be getting sick, we've got shards to find and a bastard to kill, we don't need you slowing us up any."

Sango, Miroku, Kaede, and even Kirara and Shippou simultaneously rolled their eyes at his less than sympathetic outburst. They all knew that it was Inuyasha's way of belaying his emotion, but really, would it kill him to be a little nicer? One look at the hanyou who was currently picking his teeth with his pinky nail answered their question: yes, it might actually do him physical harm.

"Kagome, if you are indeed feeling ill, please know that a small break will not be unwelcome," spoke Miroku.

Okay, now she was embarrassed. Although no one knew exactly why she was feeling hot and bothered at the moment, she knew all too well why and it brought on another bought of blushes.

"Really guys, I'm fine, just…have an itch to scratch, that's all," she assured them. To emphasize her point, she began scratching her arms and legs again, which only made the itching worse.

"How's the paste coming along Kaede?" asked Sango.

"I believe dear that I am just about finished. Kagome, ye are to take this paste and put in on each welt. It should be done within the next-"

"Would you quit that already?!" Inuyasha interrupted. "Geeze, you'd think that you had fleas yourself or something; all that scratching is annoying."

Well, if he wanted to be mean, she would go elsewhere while the paste finished.

"If you all don't mind, I think I will take my annoying self to the hot springs to try and lessen this itch," Kagome spat.

The group nodded and Inuyasha huffed as Kagome gathered her things for a trip.

"I'll be back soon, I just want to be clean before I put that stuff on." With that said, Kagome made her way out of the hut and to the springs that lay just outside of the village.

'Why does Inuyasha have to be such a brat? What did I do to him? Grr, he makes me so mad sometimes! HE should be the one that got bit; if this is how he repays someone for helping him, then next time I'll let those stupid ugly mosquitoes bite him. We'll see how he likes it then!'

She stomped her way to the spring and took a careful surveillance around the area. With no immediate threat in the vicinity, she stripped of her clothing and carefully lowered herself into the warm waters. She let a sigh escape her lips and she closed her eyes in complete relaxation.

Kagome did not know how long she had been in the spring for before she felt the water rippling around her. Her hazy mind lazily registered that someone had just entered the spring that she was currently occupying and she slowly opened her eyes.

She was greeted by a pair of striking amber eyes staring amusedly at her. Her own eyes widened in realization before she quickly moved to cover herself with her hands and arms.

"Now now miko, I do believe we are well past the stage of preserving our modesty," came the smooth, silky baritone voice of Sesshoumaru.

Kagome saw the truth in his words, but could not, for the life of her, bring herself to uncover her nude form. She took in shaky breaths as he continued to look at her with his heated stare.

"We-we still don't know each other that well Sesshoumaru," she stated breathily.

He nodded slightly in comprehension, but never took his eyes off her.

"Well, what better way for us to become more…acquainted," Sesshoumaru said as he leaned towards her.

Kagome's eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat as he drew closer and closer to her. He was mere centimeters away from her and she could feel his hot breath running along her ear. She closed her eyes, willing her breathing to become normal again, but couldn't stop the moan from escaping her as he languidly ran his tongue within the shell of her ear. He continued his way down to the side of her neck to her pulse point where he sensuously left open mouthed kisses.

"Oh gods," she whispered as his hot tongue and lips caressed her skin.

Sesshoumaru smirked against her skin as he continued his ministrations. He drug his lips across her collar bone, leaving kisses on her heated flesh. He pressed himself closer to her and almost groaned when he felt how hot she was, and it was not just from the water.

He rested his hand on her hip and Kagome tried to remember why she should definitely NOT be doing this, but her thoughts kept getting distracted by the heat she felt pool between her legs and the coil that was winding itself up in her abdomen.

She timidly brought her hands up to rest on his chest and he growled his approval. Emboldened by this, she slowly began to trace the muscles on his chest and then brought her hands up to his shoulders. Kagome dropped her head down to place chaste kisses along his neck and shoulders and she allowed herself to smile when she heard him hiss in pleasure.

She could clearly feel the evidence of his arousal pressing against her thigh and it almost scared her. But then he brought his hand up from her hip to gently massage her breast and she forgot her fears. His mouth found its way to her other breast and he began to suck with full determined lips, hardening the bud almost to a painful extent until he switched his attentions to the other.

Kagome was overcome by the feel of emotions in her. She moved her hands down his chest again and then lower to his stomach. He hissed in pleasure as she brought her hand down to his throbbing erection and gave it an experimental squeeze.

She froze when she heard him growl; it was dangerous and low. For a moment she thought she had hurt him, but when he slowly began to pump his hips she took that as her cue that she had given him pleasure.

Sesshoumaru lifted his head to Kagome's and roughly pressed his lips against hers. When he ran his tongue across her bottom lip she immediately opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. It was feverish and passionate as both tongues fought for dominance.

Neither had ever felt this heated before, and it was something that both did not want to end. Sesshoumaru scooped her up with his arm and quickly moved them out of the spring and onto a patch of moss-covered ground. He lowered her gently, not once breaking their kiss, and began to move his hand up and down her curves as he lay down next to her.

When his hand reached the apex of her thighs, she stiffened a little. She broke the kiss, albeit reluctantly, to ask, "What are you doing?"

"Making up for lost time miko," was his reply.

With no other words spoken he plunged a finger into her core and her muscles instinctively tightened around it.

"You are ready for me," he huskily breathed out before he attacked her breast with his mouth again.

Kagome could do nothing but moan as he worked a slow pace with his finger. Just as she was getting comfortable with one appendage, he added a second, increasing the delightful friction within her.

Her breaths were coming in short pants now as she tried to gain control over her body. Her hips thrust into his hand as he continued his onslaught with his fingers. The coil that she felt earlier had now tightened to an almost unbearable degree and she felt a familiar sensations making its way forward.

Sesshoumaru could feel her muscles clenching around his fingers and knew she was close. A couple of pumps later and ecstasy crashed around her as waves of pleasure rushed through her body.

"Sesshoumaru!" she screamed.

He was having a hard time controlling his own reactions as he watched her writhe in pleasure. However, when she screamed his name, he could no longer hold back. He situated himself over her and his full erection brushed against her inner thigh making her tremble both in anticipation and anxiety.

He brought the tip to her core and leaned in closer to her.

"This is going to be painful," he rapidly breathed out.

When he saw her nod her head in understanding, he slowly eased himself into her. He groaned loudly as he entered her, her velvety walls surrounding him. She was tight and he reveled in the sensations that she was giving him. Kagome gripped his shoulders roughly as he buried himself deeper within her core. When he reached her virginal wall he opened his eyes to once again look at her for permission. Kagome sucked in a breath and nodded, and Sesshoumaru wasted no time embedding himself fully in her.

Kagome's voice left her in that moment; for sure it was a good thing because she wanted to scream. It was indeed painful and she felt as if she had been torn in two. Sesshoumaru stilled his motions and waited for her to acclimate to him. She was breathing heavily to try and calm herself down and slowly the pain started to recede.

After a few agonizing moments for him sheathed within her, Sesshoumaru felt her take an experimental thrust. Making sure that he did not just imagine it, he waited for her to do it again before he continued his motions. He thrust his hips slowly, pulling out a ways before pushing himself back in.

His efforts received a light moan from the miko underneath him and he steadily increased his speed and pressure, withdrawing himself almost completely before thrusting back in again. She felt sensational around him and he did not stop the groans coming from his own mouth.

She wrapped her legs around his waist driving him deeper and he took this chance to change their position. He leaned up against a tree and brought her down onto his length again. His hand grabbed at her hip and he moved her up and down on him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and moved against him, grinding herself on him.

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and growled in pleasure as she rode him. Kagome threw her head back when he hit a most pleasurable spot and moaned, "Mmm."

He took the moment to bring his mouth to her supple breasts. She was so responsive to him; every little action he made on her she rewarded him with a beautiful sound.

She leaned over to him, "Harder" she pleaded.

"Yes," was his response.

He began thrusting his hips up to meet hers and he pumped into her with long, hard strokes. Her muscles began clenching around his length and he could feel his own release on the verge of breaking loose.

His movement became more urgent the closer he got to his release. Finally, she lost control and cried out as wave upon wave of pleasure rushed over her.

"Oh gods, Sesshoumaru!"

Sesshoumaru raised his hips still thrusting into her until he also came hard, spilling his seed into her.

He grunted with the force of his own release and he pulled her into his chest, his body still raked with spasms which sent him even further into her. She moaned lightly, reveling in the warm feeling that was rippling throughout her body.

Sesshoumaru buried his face within the crook of her neck and they lay still with their bodies even now intertwined. Their breathing was starting to slow down as the sensations receded.

Sesshoumaru lifted his head and looked at Kagome with his deep penetrating gaze. He may not have needed to rut with a woman, but he sure as hell wanted to do so with this one. Kagome moved her face forward and gently brushed her lips against his. He conceded and moved his lips over hers as well, partaking in a slow sensual kiss.

Sesshoumaru helped her to stand on shaky legs and they both dipped themselves into the hot springs to wash. Taking their time, they slowly emerged from the waters and dressed in silence.

When they finished, Sesshoumaru walked towards Kagome and lifted her chin with a clawed finger. He brought his head down to her and placed another kiss upon her lips. She blushed prettily and then brought her hand to her lips.

"Again miko, our time together has been enjoyable. We will indeed being seeing each other again in the near future," Sesshoumaru said as he started to walk away.

Kagome smile at him and turned to head back to the village. She did not notice when Sesshoumaru stopped and turned to look at her, nor did she see the light smile that played across his usually stoic face. He placed his mask back on again and then continued on his way.

When Kagome made it back to the hut she found that she had all but forgotten about the mosquito bites. Kaede handed her the now finished paste and Kagome took it with a grateful hug.

"And just what the hell took you so long?" asked an ever impatient Inuyasha.

"Oh would you just leave me alone, I was trying to take care of an itch," she huffed back.

"Oh yeah, well did ya get it?" Inuyasha asked haughtily.

Kagome looked at him and then at her other friends who looked as if they were waiting for her response. She sighed and smiled.

"Yeah. I think I did."

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