Happy Luxbar Day everyone! If I hadn't been involved in an RP where this pairing came up, I probably never would have thought of it, but now it's one of my favorite pairings. So I wrote a little oneshot to celebrate 10/2, Luxbar Day. Enjoy!

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It was another rowdy night at one of Port Royal's many fine drinking establishments. Patrons ranging from merely tipsy to intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness seemed to fill the entire room. All of them were dancing, eating, knocking one another into chairs either accidentally or with malicious intent, and of course, drinking. Only one area of the tavern was given a wide berth, a shadowy corner inhabited by two black-cloaked figures made faceless by the hoods pulled low over their heads. They sat quietly, as if trying to avoid attracting too much attention, but the Drippy Dinghy, as this place was known, didn't stay in business by letting people sit at their tables without ordering anything. So, one particularly brave tavern girl made her way reluctantly to the neglected table to offer these unusual customers a beverage.

"May I interest you in anything tonight?" She tapped a foot, hands on her hips, as she waited for a response, impatient and nervous.

"Why yes, my good lady—your finest ale for myself and my companion here, if you'd be so kind." The voice that answered her was surprisingly cultured and polite. The speaker lowered his hood, revealing pale blond hair and a neatly trimmed beard. The tavern girl's attitude changed in an instant.

"Of course, sir, I'll be right back with you," she smiled, giving a little curtsy before leaving the table and bustling into the kitchen, flushing a little. It wasn't often that a lady around here found a man who was both polite and handsome.

She came back with the drinks a few moments later, setting them on the table with a flourish.

"Many thanks," the man said, offering her an assortment of oddly-shaped gold pieces as payment. "Please, keep the change."

The girl nodded, took the munny, and hurried away before she swooned on the spot.

"Now that's just not fair," a different, coarser voice spoke up after she had left. It came from the other man at the table. Beneath the hood he had just removed was a long, graying ponytail and an eye patch. He hunched over his drink, looking moody.

"What's not fair?"

"You! You and your fancy talk… I can never get the ladies to look at me like that."

"Well, I do apologize for that, Xig—"

"There you go again!"

"Don't tell me you're jealous, Xigbar. You know what the Superior says about emotions, or rather our lack thereof."

"Jealousy isn't an emotion, it's a… wishing you had something… thing."

"Very eloquent."

Xigbar snorted. "Thanks, I guess."

"Anyway, there's no need to be jealous of me. Why, look at your trim physique, your handsomely chiseled face… Those scars—marks of your toughness. Any woman would be lucky to be with you."

"Now you're just makin' stuff up, Lux," the Freeshooter scoffed, but his tone of voice was more cheerful in spite of himself.

"And besides…"

The gray-haired man looked up from his drink, curiosity in his single, golden eye.

"…I don't really care what the ladies think of me. In fact, I'm rather curious to know what you think of me," Luxord finished, looking vaguely mischievous.


Luxord calmly sipped his drink as Xigbar experienced a rare moment of speechlessness.

"Dude, are you hittin' on me?"

"And if I am?"

Xigbar grinned unexpectedly, leaning in close to the Gambler of Fate. "That… would be awesome."

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